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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Talks About Failed Attempt to Stop Fans from Booing Manfred

Depending on how much you paid attention to MLB headlines over the last calendar year or so, you’d likely have a sour taste in your mouth when it comes to commissioner Rob Manfred. That taste is much worse for Dodgers fans after the league’s failure to effectively punish the Houston Astros for cheating like dirty cheating cheaters.

Thankfully, fans who were in attendance at World Series game 6 got a chance to do what most of us have only been dreaming of. They booed Manfred.

In one of the stranger moments after the game — and there were plenty of them — the commissioner was welcomed to the stage by a chorus of boos as he presented the Dodgers their piece of metal for the 2020 World Series. 

On a recent TV interview, outfielder Cody Bellinger told Jimmy Kimmel that he did his part to refocus the energy of the crowd.

No boos from us. I was going around trying to cheer the fans up, like, ‘it’s all good, we just won a championship! Let’s turn these boos into cheers!’

2020 has not been kind to Rob Manfred’s relationship with baseball fans. But unfortunately, it’s largely from his own doing. From the weak punishment for the Astros, to the very public battle with players and the MLB Players Association as the league was attempting to navigate to a re-start after being shut down by the coronavirus in March, things have often been tenuous for the commish.

Perhaps one day the great game of baseball will have a leader competent enough to understand that the game needs to be better for fans more than the team owners. But until then, when it comes to Rob Manfred, I say boo that man. Regardless of what Cody tells you to do.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. My only regret is that the Dodgers didn’t win it all at Dodger Stadium in front of a real capacity crowd. Manfred wouldn’t have been able to get an audible word out. The booing would have put the bronx cheer to shame. Why should Manfred stand there holding what he believes is a worthless piece metal, much less speak as if he has any real authority, other than to destroy the game of baseball. He got off light. Owners should fire him.

  2. Manfred deserves all the negativity he gets. A total phony and likely sociopathic, his lack of passion for baseball is so obvious.

    Although the baseball commissioner works for the owners, he/she should still love the game. This guy is a cliche-spewing android.

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