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Dodgers: Mookie Betts Named Finalist for NL MVP Award

The Dodgers knew exactly what they were getting out of Mookie Betts when they traded away some young talent for him in February. They knew that they were getting a leader, and they certainly knew that they were getting a guy to build a dynasty around. 

While acquiring him ultimately helped in earning the Dodgers their first World Series in 32 years, Mookie is now being recognized for his individual talents. The Baseball Writers Association of America made it official by nominating Betts as 1 of 3 finalists for the National League Most Valuable Players on Monday evening. That nomination was announced on MLB Network’s award finalists show. 

For Dodgers fans, the nomination comes as no surprise at all. Betts was easily the team MVP all year long, leading in plenty of categories and being the sparkplug all season long. To win, he will likely have to convince the writers that he was more valuable to his team than Freddie Freeman. Betts finished just behind Freeman in fWAR with a 3 mark compared to Freeman’s 3.4 mark. 

Manny Machado was the other nomination for the MVP, though many feel that this is a 2-man race. The Dodgers’ Betts and the Braves’ Freeman remain as the two likely candidates to walk away with the award. For Mookie, this would be the second MVP of his career. He would join Frank Robinson as the only players to win an MVP in both leagues. 

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  1. I know that a lot of Brave fans are pulling for Freeman. But the sheer impact Mookie has had on us is astronomical. His hitting and fielding and running in themselves should put him a bit better than Freeman. But his dugout presence takes him up another level. THAT is the ace in the hole. Just take Austin Barnes as a.single example. Exhibit A. Mookie MVP.

  2. Of these three, Mookie IS the definite MVP of the bunch. Freeman would be a close second and machado doesn’t deserve to be on the list as his sportsmanship qualities do not make him a MVP quality player. His antics against the Dodgers proved it. I don’t care if it was that one game. I am sure there were others I did not see. Mookie just plain showed his Value on and off the field day in and day out, with the community and his team. His outstanding pays throughout the season prove he is deserving of this MVP trophy and accolades.

  3. Mookie is Mr. Baseball. The numbers game will never fully capture everything this guy does. He will be the Dodgers MVP for many years to come. It can be summed up in one word, “WINNER”.

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