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Dodgers: Enrique Hernandez Shared Immediate Plans for After the MLB Bubble

While he’s now technically a former Dodgers utility man, Kiké Hernandez will always have a place in Dodger lore no doubt. Not only for his play and for being a key component on the club’s first title since 1988, but for his personality and antics around the team for 6 seasons.

Ahead of LA’s game 6 clincher, Hernandez was asked what exactly his plans might be post-bubble. His answer was so simple it was almost perfect.

Probably ordering Postmates just at the top of my head.

Of course, at that time, the Dodgers had been in the bubble or “secure zone,” as it was officially known, for close to a month. Their lives were hotel>ballpark>hotel>repeat. Not exactly glamourous, but one notable restriction was food choices. Teams in the secure zone weren’t able to eat out or order delivery. Day in and day out it was room service and food at the ballpark. While that’s certainly nothing to complain about, the idea of a Major League Baseball pining for Postmates food delivery is pretty funny when you think about it.

Understandably, Postmates wasn’t the only thing on his mind after giving it some thought.

Seeing my dogs again. Getting to see my dogs again would be great. Sleeping in my own bed, there’s a lot of things that I’m really, really looking forward to. I’m also having a baby soon, and that’s something that I’m really looking forward to.

As for the Hernandez family dogs and the Hernandez family bed, I’m sure that’s all well and good after a month away, but the Postmates… that’s huge. And definitely the baby. 

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  1. He’ll be relatively cheap to keep. So do it! The guy brings clutch performance, energy and attitude. Plus, versatility…

  2. see those dogs kika and wife got dogs from my grandaugher in bakersfield

    moo cow laberdodles

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