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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger To Miss Next Week of Games in Best Case

The Dodgers announced on Friday that they were placing Cody Bellinger on the IL for the left calf contusion he sustained against Oakland this past Monday. The injury hasn’t seemed extremely serious to this point, but the team is taking no chances with their All-Star center fielder less than ten games into the season.

After Friday’s home opener, manager Dave Roberts explained why the team decided it was best to place Cody on the injured list versus rushing him back into action.

I just think that we’re talking about Cody [with] the training staff, and he just wasn’t ready to play through the weekend. There’s an off day Monday and we can back date. So I just think that to put him in the best position to get back and stay healthy, it was sort of a no brainer.

As Roberts mentioned, the move can be backdated to April 6th. This would mean a short stint on the injured list for Cody, giving him time to heal properly and also giving Luke Raley an extended look on the major league roster. While the Dodgers could potentially extend his stint on the IL, Roberts believes that Bellinger will be good to go by the time he is eligible to return.

That’s the hope, but we’re not going to push him. You know how we kind of operate. So once we get the go ahead from the training staff… I know he’s eligible to return I think on Friday. So that would be the hope, but it’s not a hard date.

The Dodgers have gotten out to a fast start, going 6-2 to start the season. Cody has been right in the middle of the action, hitting a double, triple, and what should have been a home run on opening day. This team is deep enough to be able to keep winning without him in the lineup, but getting his bat back in the lineup sooner than later is definitely preferred.

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  1. So, Belli trying to beat the pitcher to first base in the 8th inning, while up 10-3, IIRC, and the reward for such a stupid play is he misses 10 games, give or take? This is the crap that makes a winning season a losing one.

  2. Running like his life depended on it in a 10-3 game in the 9th crashes into the pitcher and the team also challenged the play on top of all that. The whole situation was cringey. This injury should’ve never happened

  3. And how many of y’all would be bellie aching if he hadn’t hustled on the play?
    Answer; All of you!!!

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