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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger’s Favorite Postmates Order Revealed

Dodgers fans have come to know Cody Bellinger for being a lot of different things. He’s hilarious, he’s incredibly talented, and he loves his video games. As expected, the kid also just really loves to eat. 

The first time Cody Bellinger hopped on the popular food delivery app Postmates, he ordered chicken and waffles. The Dodgers former MVP then ordered it once again the following day, because apparently he really liked it. 

Since then, Bellinger has reportedly ordered 700 different menu items from the app. That’s over 700 items in less than 3 years! We knew the Dodgers were hungry for another World Series win, but Cody is hungry for even more. 

So what does the Dodgers outfielder like to eat? Chipotle is a favorite, something he orders on a regular basis. His go-to order being a burrito bowl with double steak, white rice, sour cream, cheese, and tomato salsa. He also likes to add in chips and queso, so safe to say he has not jumped on the dairy-free train, 

Bellinger is also a big fan of Shake Shack burgers, which the Dodgers will now have at the stadium starting in 2021. It’s his second-most ordered item, using Postmates to deliver a whopping 25 times since the Summer of 2018. He’s also ordered Impossible burgers on the app, something he eas pleasantly surprised by.

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On Opening Day in 2020, Belli ordered from Urth Cafe and got a Panini El Diablo and Green Tea Boba. which is apparently a favorite of his. The Dodgers went on to win 8-1 so we can chalk that W up to Urth and Postmates.

Getting back to the fried chicken, Cody can’t get enough. His favorite chicken sandwich comes from Popeyes and has ordered it 7 times. He does also like Chick-fil-A, ordering it 20 times, but doesn’t always go for the chicken sandwich there. The Dodgers’ bopper has ordered 15 different items from the popular chain. Who even knew they had that many? 

Cody also loves ordering sushi and ice cream on the app as well, just to show how well-rounded of a pallette the young star has. Do you want to eat like a Dodgers player? Well, hopefully you can find a way to order from Postmates 700(!) times. 

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