Dodgers: Will Smith Should Catch Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler Sometimes

The Dodgers are blessed with three major league-level catchers in Will Smith, Austin Barnes, and top prospect Keibert Ruiz, who is in the minors. What we have seen so far is a continuation of what we’ve seen in the past where Barnes catches whenever Clayton Kershaw starts and now Walker Buehler has worked into that mix. Smith mostly catches the other starters.

We’ll take a look at some possibilities the Dodgers should look at for mixing it up a bit and reasons why that would be a good idea. First, we’ll take a look at both catchers.

Compare and Contrast

Will Smith


  • Smith absolutely rakes. His power numbers since he was called up in 2019 rank near the top of all baseball.
  • In 2020, Smith was the 5th fastest Dodger in sprint speed at 27.8 feet per second. That is above average for all players and the 3rd fastest catcher in baseball.
  • Overall athleticism
  • Very good throwing arm


  • His pitch framing went downhill in 2020, being near the bottom of baseball.
  • Catching the ball at home plate on throws is inconsistent
  • He’s still learning about calling a game. That comes with time.
  • Clearly, Kershaw and Buehler prefer Barnes.

Austin Barnes


  • Barnes is an excellent pitch framer and seems to keep getting better.
  • He blocks dirt balls very well.
  • It seems that he is a team leader and has a lot of respect from the team.

Question Marks

  • His hitting has improved since early in the 2020 season when Mookie Betts worked with him. However, the fact he was so bad for over two years is a concern. If he keeps hitting like he has been then his hitting is neither a strength nor a weakness.


  • He doesn’t seem to have the strongest or most accurate throwing arm. Sometimes he gets in a good throw but too many seem to fade high and to the right.


Both Will Smith and Austin Barnes complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If you combine them they would be the perfect catcher. But we don’t have that technology…

The bottom line is that they both have strengths and weaknesses but any team would value them on their team. In the future, Keibert Ruiz may bring together more of the combined skillset on both offense and defense. He should be a big factor in 2022. Below is a video of Ruiz playing defense in 2017 when he was still just a teenager.

Why Make A Change Now?

The season is just starting so why not now? It is a very long season and we do not know what may happen? What if Austin Barnes gets hurt or reverts to hitting like it was 2019? Remember, Barnes did not even make the playoff roster in 2019 because his offense was so bad. If Kershaw and Buehler hardly pitch to Smith all season and Barnes goes down, do we want it to start at the end of the season? Same with the other starters like Dustin May, Julio Urias, and Trevor Bauer pitching to just Smith. If Smith goes down do we want Barnes to have to get used to them in the postseason?

Mix it up now.

A Plan

Dave Roberts has stated that Will Smith will start about 90 games or so. Given that then Smith should catch about four of every seven games. Notice in the title I use the word “sometimes”. How about Smith catches Buehler and Kershaw once every four of their starts? Barnes can do similar with the other starters.

Many catchers take a few years to develop and let’s not forget that both Barnes and Smith are converted from playing the infield. Barnes has had more time to develop as a catcher and it is evident in the way he works with the pitching staff. For Smith to get closer to Barnes as a catcher, he needs to play. I had no problem with Barnes catching a lot more in the postseason.


As much as possible I’d like to see the Dodgers use the first four months of the 2021 season to grow both of the catchers and get the starting staff to be comfortable with both catchers. This would combine the continued development that is needed and the need to have contingencies at the catching position for the post-season. The Dodgers have amazing depth at catcher throughout the organization and the “issues” we are talking about are issues almost any team would love to have.

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Tim Rogers

A fan of the Dodgers since 1973 since I got my first baseball cards while living in Long Beach. I came to San Diego for college and never left nor did I ever switch my Dodgers' allegiance. Some know me as the "sweater guy". #ProspectHugger


  1. Trade Barnes at the deadline and call up Ruiz permanently. Our catching core will be the envy of the league.

  2. One reason why I believe Dodger offense is not as good without the DH, Smith sits on days Barnes catches instead of being in middle of lineup. Roberts is stubborn and probably can’t comprehend the points well made on this page.

  3. It looks and sounds like Will is not yet strong enough defensively to catch the vast majority of the games. He’s further ahead offensively and is in the game as our #1 catcher (using the term loosely) because he hits well for his experience level and slots in the lineup well.
    What we should do about that? Keep rolling him out there in a way that keeps him fresh and Barnes’ bat decent. If a few pitchers prefer to pitch to Barnes then it’s on them to make up for the difference in offense between the two backstops.
    Big take-away for Doc is he can be a player’s manager if he wants to be but at some point when the game is on the line or the season, he needs to field his strongest team and park the sentimentality until he can afford it. We’re seeing some blend of sentimentality and stat driven decision making playing out. That balance will have to shift to results driven decisions as the season evolves. We are still in first place , so there’s that??

  4. Starting Barnes over Smith is like starting A.J. Ellis over Mike Piazza. Would you sit Piazza for 70 games? I don’t think so.

  5. Barnes is an average catcher. Smith is a potentially great catcher. It’s nice to have a capable backup guy like Barnes. Catchers take a beating over the course of a season. But Smith is the man. I suggest that Kershaw and Buehler work with him, instead of against him. If this pitch framing argument continues, I hope the league goes to computers. If an umpire is that easily fooled by a catcher moving his glove around, it’s time to use a better method of calling balls and strikes.

  6. Sounds like Will Smith needs to play 1st base or left field on his days off.
    He must learn those positions, I don’t think he will ever be a third baseman.

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