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MLB Insider Feels Padres Are Not Being Honest About Fernando Tatis Jr’s Injury

The injury to Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr is easily one of the worst things to happen in MLB this year. The superstar went down on a swing this week and had to undergo thorough testing to figure out what his year will look like. 

And while the Padres have said that Tatis will not require season-ending surgery, not everyone around MLB is so sure. An MRI on his shoulder revealed that he does have a partial tear of the labrum following a subluxation of his left shoulder, a reoccurring problem for him. 

MLB analyst David Samson has different thoughts on how the Padres are approaching the Tatis news. In his mind, there is no way that a labrum tear can heal on its own or that Tatis would be able to play through it. 

A.J. Preller wouldn’t know a non-surgical injury from a surgical injury if he hadn’t watched Grey’s Anatomy. Labrum tears are absolutely surgical injuries. Period. 

Samson didn’t stop there with tearing down the Padres’ approach. He even said that he though San Diego was trying to keep their potential trade position with the rest of MLB since they will need to replace the star shortstop for the year. 

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Well folks, that what we would always tell you because we don’t want anyone to know that we are in the market for a shortstop and that we need to make a trade and we are desperate,” Samson said. “We don’t want to release that a player’s out for the year until we’ve made calls and tried to trade for someone to replace that player.

What the Padres will actually end up doing should Tatis be out for the year is anyone’s guess. There are likely a few shortstops around MLB that will be available early, including the Rockies’ Trevor Story. 

But the hope remains that Tatis will be okay and will be able to play this year. Baseball is much more fun with the stars of the game are healthy and ready to go. Wishing him a very speedy and healthy recovery. 

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  1. Aren’t the pads pretty flush at SS? Kim, Croney, Profar, Marcano, Abrams. Why would they make a trade?

  2. They have a top 10 prospect in all of baseball who happens to play shortstop who has above average hit and field tools, and an 80 run tool. They also signed a korean to a 4 year 28M contract who can play short stop. Not sure what they gain by being dishonest about Tatis, how do you hide you are trying to trade for a short stop while trying to trade for a short stop, LOL, what an illogical concept. If Tatis is out for the year, too bad, so sad, shoulder instability with a torn labrum doesn’t bode well for him.

  3. It stinks for the Pads but at least it’s not his throwing shoulder. They should address it with surgery now so he can move past it.

  4. The Padres are being honest. Tatis Jr. is on the ten day IL and will then be reevaluated. They know surgery is inevitable, but it may not be necessary this season.

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