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Dodgers: Cody Bellinger’s Interesting Answer About His Sobriety Breaks the Internet

Look… Dodgers slugger Cody Bellinger is a former MVP, a former Rookie of the Year, and is now a World Champion. But the question most asked of the LA outfielder often has nothing to do with baseball…

Is that dude high?

Well, on Thursday night in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the talk show host was blunt (if you will) in asking Belli about his headspace.

In a car parked at Subway restaurant on his way home to Arizona, Cody was asked by Kimmel, “do people think you’re high all the time?” Almost perfectly, his video froze, but his eventual answer was… interesting.

“I am not high during the games, OK?” he said with a hand gesture. “If you look at me in the Little League World Series at 12 years old, I look faded! I was not smoking when I was 12 either! I’m not high, that’s just how my face looks.”

At this point in the interview, I’m honestly not sure which is the bigger story, Cody’s revelation or teammate Clayton Kershaw’s reaction throughout the question and answer.

But perhaps the most important story to come out of this World Series and ensuing days of celebration was a firm but not so definitive answer from Cody Bellinger about his general sobriety. At least we know he guarantees it’s not during the games! 


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  1. Wouldn’t watch that worthless POS if he was the last show on tv. I would crank my 70’s Rock and Roll.

      1. That guy is a comedian. He’s trying to boost his ratings, trying to be funny. Just watching Cody at the plate should be an answer to that. He is totally locked in. Watch him in the field and he has the 5th best outfield rating this season. Can’t get the jumps he gets if he’s been smoking weed.

        1. You sure about that? You’ve obviously never smoked weed before, at least not the good stuff…

          “Why drink and drive when you can get high and fly?”

  2. Don’t the teams, or MLB itself, test for doping in general, but certainly for weed? My opinion is: you fail a doping test and suffer whatever consequences MLB has set out for that result. Suspensions of various lengths for first and second positives. Worse for third one. There is no such thing as not being high only “for the game”. I love Cody as player, but he is a strong “influencer” and role model for youth. Can’t let our kids down, period.

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