Dodgers Contract Offer to Corey Seager, How Big Will it be & Why Yankees Will Be a Big Threat

It seems like it was yesterday when Corey Seager was named the unanimous winner of the National League Rookie of the Year award back in 2016. But here we are 5 years later and believe it or not, this could be Corey Seager’s final regular season week with the Dodgers.

The reigning World Series MVP will enter the offseason as one of baseball’s most sought-after marquee free agents, with big market teams such as the Yankees and Dodgers both vying to lock him up long-term. Seager’s stock continues to rise again, as he’s returned from injury to lead the Dodgers with a 150 wRC+ and 2.1 fWAR over the last two months of the season.

With the MLB Postseason just over a week away, If he’s able to come close to replicating the same level of production that he did during last fall’s historic postseason, Seager could become MLB’s next $300 million man. We discuss some of the many factors that will determine Seager’s future and how much it could cost to make him a Dodger for life. Plus, why the Yankees will be a big threat to sign Seager and should the Dodgers try to sign both him and Trea Turner to long-term deals?


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. Because of injuries Seager has only been played “full” seasons four of his first six+ seasons. It’s hard to imagine the Dodgers going all in enough to retain him, especially with Turner as a really good fallback position. Given their other needs – and free agents – the Dodgers will probably have to walk away if the bidding gets above $250 million.

  2. They’ll at least tender him so they get draft capital if he leaves. Friedman will likely be in the 5-year range for a contract. Unfortunately, Boras wants 10 years and $300-350 mil. Friedman likely beats the Yanks on AAV, so we’ll see.

    You hope that the relationships Seager has had with his teammates, some from High-A on, plays a role. However, Seager is going to be under tremendous pressure from the MLBPA to accept a Boras deal.

    With Arenado able to opt out and, ironically, it was Seager that told the press that Arenado really, really wants to play for the Dodgers, my bet is on Arenado for 4-5 years, extend T Turner (SS), and re-sign Kershaw, and Sherzer. I think Taylor gets an offer that is just too much for a utility player.

    The NL will have a DH, and J Turner can fill that plus give Arenado an occasional day off. The Dodgers still have a lot of young talent in the farm system that they can bring up for various roles.

    1. I don’t disagree will much of what you shared except that both Seager and Taylor are low key guys that shun the spotlight. There’s a sliver of a chance that Seager will prefer to play for championships under the radar but more likely will go to NY. Taylor will stay.

  3. After looking at my Dodgers depth chart, if Taylor goes elsewhere, and Busch is ready for the majors, Lux becomes the “Taylor guy”. He can play 2B, SS, and all three OF spots.

  4. I spoke with a Dodger scout who said they offered Seager a generous extension last spring and he turned them down, end of discussion. They may have hoped that another championship would persuade him to stay, but he’d contend with the Yankees, too, and that’s his likely destination. The fact that the Dodgers acquired Trea is more writing on the wall. As rich as the team is, they simply can’t afford to pay all the stars whose contracts are coming up in the next three years. The most likely scenario is Lux & Trea as middle infielders for the foreseeable future.

    1. Personally- I feel it’ll be a mistake for
      Seager to sign with the YANKEES- their
      fans can be ‘relentless’ on a new player that
      underperforms & Seager despite being a hot & cold player
      doesn’t impress me as someone who can ‘take the heat.’ &
      this second half- he’s actually surprised me with his ‘better than usual’
      defense. Me thins that’s ’cause Turner’s breathing down his neck!

  5. Seager will be gone after this season. Trea Turner will be the everyday shortstop for the forseable future.

  6. One main reason Seager will be a Yankee most likely in 2022 and his name is Scott Boras. I don’t see how Dodgers can re- sign him if he already has turned a generous off down earlier last Spring Trea Turner then must be extended and give him the SS spot out right. By 2023 we don’t want to have lost both of those players.

  7. Why would anyone want to stay with the dodgers and have to deal with our bozo manager? Of course, why would anyone want to go to the Yankees or Red Sox? Their fans are brutal. Pablo Sandoval sure felt the wrath of Boston.

    1. Dodgerglenn, good point and not every player., including perhaps Seager would want to stay with Dodgers due to Roberts mis management of the team. Kike and Joc are prime examples of that. They wanted a better chance for consistent playing time and knew they weren’t going to get that with Roberts and his ever changing lefty righty obsession. But most players also know that Roberts is a puppet anyway and those strings behind his head are worked by Freidman. Players under performed but Roberts is also a huge reason for Dodgers being 2 games out with 6 to play. And rest assured Roberts will make sure Bellinger starts in CF in that one and done game.

      1. Wow, just saw where Cody has been reactivated and Pujols placed on IL. Wonder how soon Dave will put his son in the starting lineup. It will be a one and done game now.

        1. I don’t think it’s possible to mismanage your way to 105 wins. The Giants have just had a ridiculous season. I think the Dodgers would be totally insane to let Roberts go– they’ve had the most success I’ve ever experienced as a Dodgers fan under Roberts. He certainly has made some goofs in big moments, but overall he does a great job. I think the heavy rotations help keep the roster fresh for October. I have no problems with that personally. I loved Kike and appreciated Joc, but I didn’t see it as a big issue when they left. Frankly, there is a factory line of talent in the minors that is more talented than those guys and significantly cheaper.

          On the Seager thing– I’m in agreement that Boras is the main factor here, unfortunately. He’s going to make sure that his % is the biggest it can be– and that’s probably 10 years in New York.

  8. Not to be a name dropper but years ago having dinner with duke snider, I recall his bemoaning the fact that the old loyalty , player to team and team to player was totally gone, and he didn’t see it as a good thing
    As a fan it’s terrible
    As a dodger fan the trade of Jackie Robinson to the giants was a dagger to the heart

  9. I don’t believe any scout told anyone anything about a contract extension , period . However , I suspect they got Trea Turner to replace Seager . They will not pay him what Boras will want . Boras will look for the first $ 400 million contract . He could go to the Yankees or Braves ?

    You cannot pay everyone what they want . Success causes this dilemma . They have others who will want plenty of cash . This is the challenge these days . Sherzer and Turner are important to sign . Even Kershaw may be gone . You cannot pay him for part time work .

    1. You got that right ! I believe he will go to the Yankees . He looks indifferent to his teammates if you watch him closely .

  10. I’m not so sure Seaver is going to the Yankees-they can get Story for less and reunite him with LeMahieu. That makes more sense to me

    1. Seager was a die hard Yankee fan growing up and he idolized Derek Jeter. It would make the most sense for him.

  11. Whatever happens I know that management will make another big mistake.

    The dodgers need hitters.

    They will either let him go and the dodgers will be worse for it. OR they will way over pay like they did with betts and have a player who for years will never measure up to the money they are paying him.

    Why they never offer Harper the big long contract like did to betts I will never understand. Maybe they just felt the need to trade away some good prospects and money first.

  12. if dodgers can’t get Seager for 30m, for like 5-6 yrs, let him go. T. turner is a better all around player. re-sign sc
    herzer, he’s aging well, time for Kershaw to go if he wants 25m plus. he’s about a #4 starter now.

  13. My guess is if Dodgers sign Seager , he will mysteriously get hurt , miss about 50-75 games . I can’t get past Boras . He will portray Seager as a $400 million man and not talk about his sometimes part time playing . I think Bellinger has Boras as well . With losing Seager they need to sign Taylor . I think Kelly can replace Jansen . Kershaw needs to be paid like a part time # 4 starter . Contracts get tough . Sign Trea Turner long term . Sign Pollock if his contract is ending . Could be that Lux is coming around and can play 2B . Friedman undoubtedly will find help and they have a couple of good minor leaguers . I think Bellinger gets one more chance next year .

  14. The Dodgers are not Corey Seagar fans, nor are they (Boras & Seagar) fans of the Dodgers. Seagar might as well already have a Giants cap on, as he wants to be a Giant and the Giants want him badly. Wait until Seagar is gone, and the ugliness will come out. Ever notice how nobody hangs out with Seagar? Nobody on the team can stand the guy. The Team hates him. The team has a plan, to wear down pitchers, get into their bullpen. Muncy and Turner are experts at taking pitches, fouling off pitches, that is the teams philosophy. Everybody except SEAGAR is on board. Seagar REFUSES to go along with the game plan, and swings away. Plus, Lasorda said that Seagar is dumber than Steve Sax, whom Lasorda coined “The Dumbest Person on the Planet” when he was coaching Sax. That coupled with the fact that Seagar is a walking injury, his past is what is going to come out. The Dodgers win probably 2 world series if they would have kept Seagar benched during the WS.. Remember Charlie Culberson? He filled in for Corey when he was a walking injury and he did a great job. Then miraculously Seagar was “better” and insisted he play during the World Series. Seagar was a guaranteed out, every at bat. Culberson wasn’t even on the roster. Then immediately after the World Series, Seagar had not ONE but TWO Major Surgeries to repair his hip and Tommy John! Seagar obviously LIED about his injuries, just so he could play in the WS. This cost the Dodgers the WS that year. Seagar is not even on the Dodgers radar. They will only offer him a contract to drive the price up on the Giants, Seagar wants to play for the Giants, because his reputation is going to get trashed the second the door hits him in the ass when the Dodgers send him packing and disclose what a loser he is. Good Riddance!

    1. Certainly cannot disagree with anything you say . They purposely got Trea Turner for the SS position . You can see that Seager does not fit in . Let him go . They have it covered . I would have kept Culverson .

    2. I can disagree and do. Are you really comparing Culberson to Seager? Seriously? I was a fan of Culberson but come on. Scherzer doesn’t want anyone to touch him or even speak to him when he’s pitching. Does that mean the team hates him? Seager’s in the mold of Chase Utley – all about the business of baseball who seeks none of the spotlight. I respect it and I’m sure the team does as well. He will stay or go based on a number of things and he’s earned the right to make that decision. I hope he stays but he will probably leave, because with all the players they have to pay, the Dodgers will have a hard time coming close to the exorbitant offer made by the Yankees.

  15. Seager will enjoy winning another WS this year with his mates, plus he and Turner are a great team, feed each other. He can be part of the dynasty ahead or he can be part of the misfit collection at the Yankees.

  16. Seager is the most consistent and dangerous hitter in a deep lineup, to let him just walk is insane especially at his age and future.

  17. Well, based on recent events (the Kershaw injury) I think the Dodgers chances of signing Seager improved. I think now, Kershaw resigns only on a “thank you” incentive contract or else he goes and clowns-around for his horrible hometown Texas Rangers. I would maybe even let Kenley walk, give the closer role to Treinen for a year and kick-that-can down the road to find a new closer after 2022. Seager and Trea Turner are dynamic and Dodgers need to hold-on to them both but, the causalities will have to be Kershaw and Jansen. In my humble opinion, Chris Taylor is equally if not more important in locking-up Seager as Taylor is clutch and doesn’t go on the DL. It would be nice to lock them both up but, at least keep one of them. Of course, we also need Scherzer to sign. I think we need to trade Bellinger right-now as he is on a somewhat favorable deal that ends in 2024. The Yankees or, Arizona would be good partners or, whoever offers the best prospects. Lastly, if Seager signs anywhere, it should be with the Yankees. DO NOT sign with the Giants!

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