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Dodgers: Corey Seager Reportedly Turned Down Massive Contract Extension Last Spring

After seven years with the Dodgers, Corey Seager is trading Dodger blue for a whole lot of green. A big, Texas-sized pile of green. Seager agreed to a 10-year, $325 million deal with the Texas Rangers on Wednesday, leaving LA in his rearview mirror.

In the wake of Seager’s signing with Texas, AM570’s David Vassegh revealed a bit of inside information he had been holding on to for quite some time. It seems that Seager turned down an eight year, $250 million contract extension from the Dodgers before the 2021 season began.

“The Dodgers were pursuing Seager all the back to Spring Training. Corey Seager turned down an eight year, $250M extension in spring training.”

It’s easy to understand why Texas forked over the cash. Seager owns the second highest OPS since 2015 (.870) among qualified shortstops behind only Fernando Tatis Jr. The new shortstop for the Rangers also trails Tatis, and Tatis only, in wOBA (.368) and wRC+ (132). One could easily make the argument that the longtime Dodger is the best hitting shortstop not named Tatis.

WATCH: Corey Seager Signing With Rangers! What’s Next For Dodgers? Should LA Have Offered More?

In a separate appearance on AM570, Vassegh stated that the Dodgers’ inability to re-sign the 2020 World Series MVP wasn’t due to lack of trying.

“Sources close the Seager camp had indicated to me that the Rangers were being extremely aggressive in their pursuit…the Dodgers were in there as well. Just not to the point that the Rangers eventually went to pry him away from Los Angeles.”

Losing players of Corey Seager’s caliber is never easy, even for a franchise like the Dodgers. Homegrown talent has laid the foundation for the team’s run of success. Despite whatever the national media tries to tell Dodgers fans.

Barring any surprises this winter, Trea Turner should move back to his natural shortstop position. Sometimes that expensive insurance policy pays off.

The goal for Turner is simple, replace another great hitting shortstop who will be dearly missed by Dodgers fans.

No pressure.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. !0 years for $325 = $32.50 per.
    8 years for $250 = $31.25 per.

    I cannot help but feel Seager hired Boras to make sure he didn’t remain in LA. One million more a year shouldn’t make someone leave when offered $31 million per to stay. Never believe a player when they said how much they love and want to stay in the ORG they claim is great and then leave for a few Judas coins. The money offered by LA is life comfort guarantee money. He was willing to help burn down the house that made him for what makes a little to no difference to that life guarantee offered.

    1. Laughable. You’re angry at Seager for taking more money and a longer contract? Wouldn’t you take a new job if offered a million dollar annual raise?

      Seager was a terrific player for them, one of my favorite Dodgers over the last few decades, and my heart is heavy that he has left. But don’t call the guy a turncoat for choosing door number 2.

      1. ” Wouldn’t you take a new job if offered a million dollar annual raise?”

        OOORRR a 4% raise. And yes, a million bucks extra to ME is life changing.

        It is NOT, to someone getting 31 million per YEAR.
        That said, I don’t be grudge any player getting all he can get. And on the flip side, my hearts not broken we any of them leave.

        The FO is why we contend for a ring every year. The players are pieces

        They know it .
        I know it.
        I root for the uni.
        GO DODGERS.

    2. 75M more from Texas. That’s a bit more than a few Judas coins but I get your meaning and agree. Players always go for the most money regardless of what they say. Only Geinke had the nads to admit it.

    3. Outstanding response to this…..What difference does $1 million more per year make when you have enough money for 40 or 50 lifetimes? It is never a good sign at all when Boras becomes someone’s agent. The minute I heard Boras had become Seager’s agent, I figured he would be gone in free agency.

      As we all know, the winners of the off-season rarely are the winners of the real season, when it counts. (Hello, Padres.) This goes for both the Mets and Rangers. They may be crowing now about their hauls, but I predict a 2nd and 3rd place finish for both, respectively.

      Aside from the siren call of $325 million, maybe Seager really loved playing at the stadium in Arlington in 2020 and thought it helped him with his postseason success. I am not saying that is the main reason, because he was going for top dollar. Maybe that whet his whistle.

    4. Like the saying goes: if you want loyalty buy a dog.
      They all lie. Specially if the player is from a small town in the mid west or back east. They want to go back. The big city is too much for them and most just want to secure their future just in case. Baseball is just a job for them. Screw the fans and Seager was no different.

    5. Taryn, you’re looking at it wrong.

      Seager, by moving to Texas,

      Got $75 MILLION MORE Dollars than the Dodgers offered,

      Not only that: Texas has NO STATE INCOME TAX.

      California state income tax on $32.5 million is 12.3%. Rounded up, that’s $4 million/year

      10 years savings on tax ALONE is $40 MILLION DOLLARS

      Now do the math. $75 Million more GUARANTEED iñ salary, plus $40 million saved in Taxes makes the Rangers offer $115 MILLION better than the Dodgers offer.

      Ñow…tell me what you WOULDN’T do, for $115 million dollars

    6. this to rangers- good luck keeping him on the field. also, including his 2020 playoff, pinch me, moments, his lifetime playoff BA over 250 plate appearances is .238 !! oh well, Texas won’t have to worry about his pedestrian playoff performance, they will have precious few appearances in the next 10 years.

    7. If I were a gm I would boycott Boras. Any player that signs with him couldn’t care less about team, city culture, loyalty etc. every and I mean every player who signs with boras is saying, I want every last dollar and I couldn’t care about anything else.

  2. It’s clear he didn’t want to be a Dodger. That’s fine, he’s overrated in my book, a good player but not a super star caliber like say that guy down in San Diego.

    1. You mean Tatis who has no rings….no post season heroics…probably will never get a ring….it’s a business…115 mil more…shows corey is smart and can count

  3. Do you know if he liked being in LA…maybe he likes the Arlington area…maybe he liked the big outfield which will make him even more of a doubles machine…he owes us as fans nothing…he got a pay raise which in all our jobs we seek…maybe they should have locked him up in 2020…a week after the world series…Dodgers trying to save face…because he got away…did they treat him like they wanted him…bringing in Turner?…these players are allowed to make decisions that best suit them…wishing corey the best…he put LA on his back…and was a big reason why LA got a ring….class act representative while here

    1. Had the Dodgers retained Scherzer and Seager they would been just like the lakers. 3 overpaid stars, and a bunch of spare parts.

  4. Dodgers don’t do anything without a purpose.They knew Boras would never let Seager sign for 250 mil pre-season when a bigger paycheck awaited in the off season. This way they can claim to have tried to sign Seager but his mean old agent wouldn’t let him. And I don’t want to hear about player loyalty.Are you seriously saying YOU wouldn’t take an extra 75 mil by changing uniforms? Of course you would.You get one shot,maybe two, at free agency and I say take the money and run. Do you think an owner would still pay you if you got hurt or had Tommy John? The road to the Majors is strewn with players who fell by the wayside for one reason or another. Take the biggest payday you can and let the fans boo. Dodgers didn’t want Seager at market value so their purpose becomes evident.

    1. Completely agree with you. Besides, many of us thought that Seager was likely on his way out when the Dodgers acquired Shortstop T. Turner (even though his contract is only for a few years.) In fact, its reasonable to assert that this particular move by the franchise was a preemptive strike. Although I wish Seager well, quite frankly, I am more concerned about what the Dodgers are going to do to keep Chris Taylor.

    2. The dodgers didn’t want to overpay for him; 250M is nothing to sneeze at. And they paid him through 2 years of injury. This isn’t bad vs good; it just didn’t work out. Everyone will move on.

  5. Need an ex Dodger, and MLB will be crawling with them shortly, to publicly acknowledge Roberts was a major factor for them leaving. Or a still imprisoned one like Beaty. Are both Kasten and Friedman so oblivious not to recognize how this guy’s mismanaged this entire team. They’ve won in spite of him in the regular season and won only once in a shortened year because he couldn’t singlehandedly destroy the pitching staff in only 60 games. Max, have an off the record convo with the NY Post. They won’t leak it LOL

      1. Kirk. It’s hope that Dodgrr FO comes to realize that Drrrrrr is a culprit here. Both you and I as well as others would definitely move on to another team based on what this manager has done to totally mis manage and undermine this team. Dodgers again win 106 games in 2019 and 2021 and fail to reach WS. Outlook for this team is bleak because most if not all the Dodger free agents will go elsewhere.

        1. It amazes me Paul how the big 106 wins crowd always lies awaiting to pounce on the ” We want Championships crowd”. The way i was taught with Any sport was you ONLY play to win it all! Nobody remembers who comes in 2nd, Except ” the 106 win crowd”. If you look around the league, the Cardinals, Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs complete historical franchises. They replace managers every 5 yrs or so if they don’t win Championships. The Red Sox, Cubs and Cardinals aren’t consumed with Affirmative action employees as it appears the Dodgers are. I’d rather have the Dodgers be the 1st org to have a female manager than Drrrrrrrrr. He is better suited for a upper P.R. position than blundering 280 million dollar line ups.

    1. Finally someone else besides me said it. Roberts had a good 2020 because him and Friedman didn’t have enough games to destroy the pitching staff. Look what they’ve done to it in full seasons most recently in2021

    2. as much as i dislike davey roberts both Max and Corey signed for massive money
      43 million per for a 37 year old starter?
      and Seagers extension offer looks pretty close to what he took in Texas until you factor in state taxes
      then its a $75 million dollar difference
      i want douchebag dave gone as much as anyone but that’s not why they left
      at least not the number one reason

  6. Greedy SOB. Enjoy Texas! Get your October 1st tee time for 2022. No loyalty left in baseball. Let’s see what happens with CK!

  7. No state income tax in Texas makes that money last way longer than in LA plus it is still 75mm more than we offered. No ill-will towards Corey and wish him the best!

    1. The only difference in money was 1 million, the rest is in the extra two years which likely will be unfulfilled as there’s bound to be options installed.

  8. Seager didn’t get an “extra $75m” because you’re comparing 8-yr to 10-yr contract, and barring injury, he would have made up most of the difference in a contract for ages 35-37. He’ll never spend the difference, but his grandchildren may get to drive Lamborghinis instead of mere Ferraris. He’s still in a big city, now with a losing team, and you wonder what it was about the Dodger team or management that made him want to leave. It is disappointing that players we cheer for turn out to make money the sole or main factor in changing teams. Of course, now we hope Freddie Freeman is just the same!!!

    1. Who is going to sign a 35 year old corner infielder to a $30M+ contract his last two years?

  9. Last time the Rangers spent big on a shortstop it didn’t turn out so well, team wise. Now they are betting $500 million that Seager stays healthy and Semien ages well. Gotta give them credit for going for it, but that’s a lot of money for two players for a team that still needs a lot of other parts to compete. Not going to fault Seager for going for the money, each of us would have made the same decision. Just not convinced he’s going to be worth it to the Rangers long term.

      1. He is the reason we lost our players to other teams. They don’t want to deal with his BS anymore. I cannot wait for him to be fired or gone after this season.

      1. The Drrrrrrrr factor. If it was only 1 or 2 flubs it wouldn’t make sense that all of these guys don’t want to be around, but 50 to one hundred flubs like drrrrrrr commits each year I can relate to Seager, Scherzer, Joc, Kike’ and who’s next.

  10. Cannot fully believe he turned down the extension.A few more dollars will not buy him a world series championship with Texas.Stsying put in LA has major advantages too bad he will never see the benefit. Ridiculous actually on his part.

  11. Seager is now the enemy. I hope he breaks a leg. I see wanting to get a big payday but when is enough, enough? And going to Texas? They have a less than zero % chance of making it to the WS in the next 10 years of his contract.

  12. Looking forward to “OUR SILVER SLUGGER” playing in the position he was meant for. Took it like a true Champion to play a new position and not complain. Also, for those who think the players hate their Manager for some of his move choices. I was at the Oct.16, 1985 NLCS game. I remember game 6, Tom Niedenfuer talked Tommy into staying in. Jack Clark at bat. One pitch, gone. The end of the NLCS for the Dodgers. I remember watching Pedro Guerreo throwing his glove on the ground as the ball sailed over the left field fence. Managers make choices, not thinking for the worst. Get over it, boys.

    1. Agreed. A bunch of know-nothing Roberts haters in this site for some reason.

      The guy ties a franchise record for wins, despite countless injuries and huge clubhouse drama (Bauer), and is known as being a players manager that players love to play for and…

      … he’s no good, and people are leaving because of him.

      This is a small example of why America is failing. Exceptionally poor reasoning ability.

        1. Lol Beth and John must fall over themselves to listen to that ball washer David Vassegh so that can hear him say how Roberts deserves full respect. Vassegh doesn’t get my respect either, for thinking Kiké Hernandez (who finally got more playing time yet did less with it per PA) was the greatest thing since sliced bread also.
          You two are pathetic.

          1. Drrrrr was so good, with the 106 wins that Gabe Kapler got manager of the year! They all know….As far as Beth or alias DF4L goes, does she realize she just called her fellow Dodgers fans comparable to Al Bundy? Beth ” LET’s ROCK”

    2. Let’s not compare a decision made 36 years ago to the bone head decisions Roberts makes every game

    3. Beth, would you really like us to bring up the 20 to 30 Drrrrrrrrr blunders? I have all day, this is going to be fun. Tommy had a couple instances in his HOF career like all managers do. How about we bring up the Gibson scenario and home run? How Tommy Dealt that moment? Tommy got everything out of his players because he didn’t play favorites, he didn’t even allow a guy on his team if he couldn’t hit and run, sac bunt or move guys up. You give Tommy the team Drrrrrrr was blessed with and we win at least 3 probably 4 or 5 Championships.

        1. Garvey, Lopes, Russell, Cey in the infield alone is more talented than the recent Dodger teams under Roberts. Toss in Yeager/Scosia, a dash of Valenzuela, Hershiser etc.
          I will say this, Roberts couldn’t hold Lasordas’ laundry when it came to managing, even when Lasorda was the 3rd base coach as he told Pete Rose he won the ugly contest.

          1. Sure but the ‘Stunt men” ? Mickey Hatcher, Dave Anderson, Mike Davis. Tommy won a World Series on sheer managing. He used Costas utilizing EVERY angle possible to motivate his teams. It’s insulting to even mention Drrrrrr in the same sentence as Tommy.

      1. With fans like you Kirk, (Al), who needs enemies? Sounds like you need some Orange and Black to your shelf of hats. Dave already won the Manager of the Year. It was Gabe’s turn.
        He did a great job. Won one more than the Dodgers.

  13. Espero que le vaya bien, a pesar que nunca tuvo la intención de tratar de quedarse en Los Ángeles, simplemente cuando la plata entra por la puerta, la lealtad sale por la ventana….

  14. You think Seager cares about some Championship? The man is being paid a Kings Ransom, he just robbed Fort Knox.
    He has no pressure in Texas. They stink. He’s the king of the schoolyard at lunchtime.
    Win or Lose , he’s making Bank.

    1. Exactly, Seager could stay in L.A. for 100 million less and be managed into 2nd place , or Bank in Texas and come in 12th….He’s going to be extremely missed , especially when Trea Turner Chokes up the Post seasons ahead.

      1. U would be correct re turner’s playoff performance, but let me remind u of one stat. u may not be aware of, Seager has has 250 playoff at bats during his 7 yrs with the dodgers, care to guess his batting average with about half a seasons worth of at bats ??? how bout .238.

  15. Go to hell Corey, and may you be relegated to the same relative ho-hum-serviceable obscurity as your brother. Rangers are going nowhere fast and are the AL’s version of Completely Useless By September, and haven’t won a playoff game since 2015, or a meaningful season since 2016.

  16. We’ll miss Seager but I’m tired of paying guys big contracts. Seager is a good hitter but he’s average defensively at best at SS. He couldn’t handle a few hot ones at him and that caused us the Atlanta series. I mean if he turns down $1.5M less than what he got from the Rangers, that’s not a player who wants to stay Dodger blue. Good luck Seager but we need the money to pay Buehler and Urias coming up soon. Same goes for Scherzer, he was bad the last 3 or 4 games of the season; barely made it through the WC game and was only good one game during the Giants. Then the dead arm. Mets are paying an old guy who at this point may have been damaged goods with the dead arm. Rebuild the farm system and start again.

  17. maybe andrews not so good. he was dumb enough to hire dave. and hes not smart enough to know when to get rid of him. the dodgers are a very shameful team. they should have won this year with the talent they had but they couldnt stop chasing frisco for the division lead. a meaningless objective vs winning the title. and dave ran the team into the ground, cost pollock millions in free agency, ran the pitching staff into the ground, injured alot of major players along the way. once the wildcard was close to being secured the team shouldve rested an obviously weary team for the postseason. where it counts. it looked like dave knew the ax was coming. thats when he asked for an extension. now all the other players are stuck in la ,and all the pitchers are going to worry is dave going to destroy their careers with his inability to manage a pitching staff? what about max’s arm or j turners health? if they werent overworked those injuries dont happen. as well compensated players theyre going to tow the line and not tell the truth always. but as players it always is going to be on the back of their minds that they cant count on their manager in the clutch
    . and that hasnt changed since day one.

    1. Settling for the WC is never an option for a team, nor its players. There are two goals the players work for: Winning the division is one, winning the WS is ultimate. Players never go through a 162-game season with the mantra of “I hope we can manage to win a wild card berth!”.

    2. Mike, nice to hear someone that watched the entire season and couldn’t agree with you more. As you recall, Drrrrrrr mentioned several times the team needed to play with more “Urgency”. Hard to do when the best available options were rotting in Triple A while the 4 150 hitters were leaving more runners on base than their batting avg’s. People fail to realize that scoring runs is how you rest the pitching staff. Scoring 7-10 runs a game allows guys to throw 5 plus innings and rest half of the staff. Drrrrrrrrr had this ultra computer model that he followedthat didn’t matter the score, didn’t matter what inning, that these guys would throw 1 inning or 2 whether they were doing well or not. Pulling starters after 4 and 1/3 innings after allowing 2 runs because the manager didn’t have the confidence in his offense to score because “He had 4 150 hitters in the line ups” Who’s fault is all of that? All of it comes back to playing Mckinney while Beaty and Lux sat in Triple A. All the pitchers suffered, as well as myself an many others watching it. Drrrrrr has got to go.

      1. Lux was booted down to AAA because he SUCKED. He was proving himself an absolute draft bust. It wasn’t until he got a huge dose of reality by being kicked out that he made himself a better player overall.

        1. Yeah he had a hamstring injury Dave. When he was healthy Drrrrrrrrr left he and Beaty in OKC, while trotting 111 Mckinney, 150 Bellinger, 150 Souza very night in a heated divisional race against the rival Vagiants. Then we finally learn the truth, Beaty was held down so they wouldn’t have to pay him his dues. So Lux was hitting around 230 when he went down, does your definition of suck say those other 3 options were better than Lux or BEaty at the time?

  18. dont blame corey and scherzer for leaving. corey couldnt wait to get out of town even before the playoffs were over. i knew he was lying when he said he wanted to stay. he had the look of a guy who couldnt stand it anymore. and it wouldnt have been a surprise if he wanted to get away from dave’s managerial style which sucks all the way. and dont think scherzer wanted to stick around for another round of dave making the dodgers lose titles every single year except for 2020 when he didnt have enough time to drive the dodgers into the ground before the world series was over. they were running out of gas too at the end of the 2020 season and barely finished. if they keep dave around the team will just lose respect around the league. they probably wont say much about it though because of all the cash on the line. they have to fake it and lie or else they dont get paid as much.

    1. Yeah Corey looked like he wasn’t happy. Even in the round tables with Kersh,JT,Corey, Mookie during the Covid winter following the Championship Seager looked like he was dreading something. I wish him the best and will be rooting for him and the rangers to kick some Astro’s fannies. Now with everyone leaving and Friedman on his Dumpster dive routine, I’m sure the Rangers will be seeing just as much success as the Dodgers ESPECIALLY since the Dodgers have the Drrrrrrr factor to deal with.

  19. Either he had no choice in his contract or he just didn’t love things in LA. Is what it is. Hurts but I’ll get over it.

  20. youre trying to win the title david. so settling for the wildcard was the only option because of the circumstances. your chasing frisco with no guarantees that youll catch them, and the team was totally worn out at that time. you need to reexamine youre reasoning abilities . maybe you should get together with dr and then you could agree on everything and still not make a lick of sense. and the dodgers were supposed to rest the entire team in september and tank every game to prepare for combat . its about generalship. not everybody can do it. but everybody thinks they can. especially when they get rich. but they still cant. but that doesnt stop them from believing that they could. but they still cant do it. like dave.r.

    1. “and the dodgers were supposed to rest the entire team in september and tank every game to prepare for combat” (sic)

      You are absolutely insane and incredibly stupid. Tank all of September? The Cardinals finished with 90 wins and Cincinnati with 83. Tanking all of September would have meant no playoffs at all if Cincy had just won a mere handful more. Not to mention, a tanking team never backs into the playoffs and wins. You just voided every single argument you had and will ever have.

  21. “It’s easy to understand why Texas forked over the cash.”

    Umm A third of a BILLION. TEN years? Not so easy to me.

    Though, its not really, (as you put it)…’cash’.
    EVERY player has a cost ceiling. LA’s FO has been good at managing this and making DR’s job, relativel easy with superior talent.

    This off season will be a good test for them.


  22. I don’t know how many times I said to myself, “here comes a demoralizer” when in would come one of those McKinney 150 boys. I don’t know enough to really discuss whose fault it was but I just know it stunk like hell coming from somewhere in the organization, be it the bench or FO.
    What a shame!
    As far as Cory, hey it’s a biz BUT….if everyone goes, then I refer back to my first paragraph.

  23. I hate to say it, but if I were a young man like Seager thinking of raising a family, I’d sure as heck want to do that in Texas and not SoCal.

    1. The more Californians who flee the worse Texas gets. They think they’re creating a utopia but the California effect is already slowly happening and soon Texas will be ruined as well

      1. Texas is already a garbage state where people allow electricity bills spiking to $10,000 after a crisis, and vote for incredibly stupid people like Ted Cruz, who would rather flee the state during such a crisis. Then again, with no state income tax at all, it’s no wonder Texas is in the bottom half of education quality, and down amongst the worst states in funding it.

  24. you missed the point david. once the wildcard was secured and especially home court was secured in the wildcard game then the rest of the regular season games are a moot point. your players were so tired and and you could tell by the way muncy and jt and pollock were dragging their schlongs around the ground by the way their averages were falling off a cliff and the way the pitching staff was overworked and how frisco was winning and not tired because their team was being run with far more actual intelligence , that there was only one course of action. and that was to rest the entire team so they might recover enough intrinsic energy to handle the intensity expected in postseason play and be able to finish and vanquish all opponents. and it would have been a cakewalk this year in a soft field if the dodgers wouldve managed the game right. its all about the level of intelligence every time. and the dodgers dont operate on that level for certain.

    1. The WC was not secured at the end of August. Bottom line. Think before you blab. What needed to be done was pull starters sooner in games where it was clear a win was secured, i.e. blowouts, playing weak teams.
      Nobody expected the Giants to have 107 wins. They were pegged for 90. You also never assume a team like the Cardinals won’t go on a huge winning streak.

      In 2007, the Rockies go to the WS, they went on a tear through the last TWO months of the season. They stole the WC berth away from the Mets (before there was this stupid WC game), and swept the NLDS and CS before getting absolutely decimated by Boston.

      The Dodgers this year were forced to play 1 extra game against a Cardinals team that, by all rights, were fully capable of winning the game until a certain 2-run magic shot by someone in a horrible slump with neck pain issues pulled a Gibson with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th. That’s why you don’t tank ANYTHING. Ensuring securing home WC not only is illogical, but it’s NOT SOMETHING YOU PLAY FOR.

  25. Writing on the wall Urias and Bellinger will sign somewhere else cause this Friedman will give the huge contract to somebody from outside but not to one homegrowned.

    1. Urias and Bellinger will leave because they’re both represented by Boras. Anyone signing with Boras has already said I’m not extending and will take the biggest offer when I become a FA. I’m not bashing them for doing what is entirely their right to do but don’t put it on Friedman for having the discipline to stay away from overpaying players with franchise crushing contracts. Friedman and Kasten said on day one pitchers break and we will rebuild the farm. Translation: we’ll stock a boatload of young pitchers and continually infuse youth in the lineup. That’s the roadmap. Any player represented by Boras will never resign with the dodgers and I applaud dodger management for holding that line.

  26. With the Dodgers, he was going to move to third base which he did not want to do. He will now pay zero state income tax, that will be worth north of 50 more in take home by playing for Texas. It is a business decision. It was also a business decision NOT to resign him.

  27. Seager heading to Texas for 10 years/$325 m really reminds me when we were living in Seattle and lost Arod to the Rangers for also a 10 year/$265 m contract. Very similar as both players were in their prime, Arod had average numbers but only lasted 3 years before he was shipped off to NY, Texas ended up eating about $65m of the contract, you would think they would learn a lesson!

  28. Well a lot of great comments here…I would say knowing that Seager didn’t want to resign with the Dodgers at the beginning of the season makes getting Trey Turner all the more important. As a Dodger fan for over 50 years, I confess I really wanted to see Seager resigned. I grew up watching the same infield for about eight years and really like keeping home grown talent. But that doesn’t mean Corey wanted to stay in L.A. Many people leave California for a lot less than $1 million dollars per year…I really hope we can keep CT3, and I have to trust the front office that got us our first ‘bleeping’ championship since 1988. For Pete’s sake, who knew Trevor B. was going to go off the deep end…Maybe with another legitimate starter we repeat. Now that’s a player I would not miss. And don’t really ever expect/want him to pitch for the Dodgers again.
    Let’s go Dodgers!!!

  29. Seager has a history of getting hurt. He never seems to play the full season, for reasons that aren’t always his fault, but he doesn’t. You think he doesn’t know that? IMO he’s fearing he won’t be healthy or productive enough to get another big contract in 8 years over 75M. And he likely won’t be. As far as if he needs 75M more? Of course he doesn’t, but his ego needs it not his wallet. Rickey Henderson was the worst at that. One time he signed the biggest contract in Baseball, and he was happy. Until someone else signed a bigger one. He didn’t need more money, he just wanted to be the highest priced. Similar with Seager, and lots of players.

  30. Thank you Corey for your contribution as a Dodger. I know that you are going to tear up the American league and that is what is going to suck as all Dodger fans are going to miss the greatness that is in store for you. The injuries have held you back from putting the numbers up that you are capable of putting up. You will be a MVP.

  31. I think we all might be missing a BIG factor here. Has anyone thought that Seager flat out didn’t want to play for Roberts anymore ?

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