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Dodgers Reportedly Sign RHP Daniel Hudson to a Deal

The Dodgers had a pretty rough day on the market today. Fans in Los Angeles woke up to the news that Max Scherzer was signing with the New York Mets on a huge deal. The news got worse when it was later reported that Corey Seager was signing a 10-year deal to join up with the Texas Rangers.

But it’s not all bad news for the Dodgers. They reportedly signed RHP Daniel Hudson to a major league deal this afternoon. Hudson will join up with a bullpen that could use some decent arms should Kenley Jansen decide to move on in his free agency. 

The deal is for $7 million and one year between Hudson and the Dodgers. Hudson pitched in 54 games between the Nationals and the Padres in 2021. His season took a little bit of a turn for the worse in San Diego where he allowed 11 earned runs in just 19 innings and struggled with the long ball. 

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But Dodgers fans know that Hudson can be very effective out of the bullpen. He played with Los Angeles during the 2018 run and had some really hot stretches, though his overall numbers didn’t show it. His 2019 finish with the Nationals was by far his best mark when he posted a 3.53 FIP and closed out 10 games for them. 

Hudson will be joining a Dodgers bullpen that could be missing Kenley Jansen and Joe Kelly in 2022. 

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  1. Oh Boy. 7 Million for a lousy reliever with an ERA over 5. I am not sure how to consider this good or great news.

  2. Definitely a “deck chair on the Titanic”: sort of acquisition. I mean, on a day when you lose Scherzer and Seager, I’d probably not even officially announce this signing. It just makes the wound bleed more.

  3. Deck chair? Titanic? Dodgers season is SUNK in the pacific ocean. AND we all know who is at the helm. Only question is, would that captain actually go down with the team?!? Probably not

    1. Right on. I hope most readers pay no attn to all these naysayers. So blind! I mean Friedman puts together a great team that wins the division, goes to the WS etc, and they think he’s all of a sudden forgot how to put together a roster?!
      Just wait, Friedman is just getting started!

  4. Why? Look at his pathetic numbers. Meanwhile they let Scherzer and Seager leave for other teams. Seems to me Roberts may be the cancer on this team. Yes, I know, we have Trea Turner, but……. Corey has produced big time. So what we have here is no loyalty by players to teams or teams to players. Only the loyalty to $$$$

    1. If they truly loved the Dodgers they would take what was offered in the qualifying offers. But can you blame them? The manager blew too many big games. The Beaty scenario, the players finally cashed in. A lot of folks here keep saying how they won’t miss Seager ? So soon they all forget the NLCS MVP, and the World Series MVP Seager attained as he pretty much carried this team to it’s ONLY World Series Championship in 32 Flippin Years!!!!!!!!!! Those MVP’s are what EARNED him that big contract, ‘NOT BORAS”….. You would think the Dodgers would have appreciated him more and matched ANY offer made to him. Some players are loyal, like Brandon Crawford but the Vagiants appear to make players feel more welcomed than the Dodgers do.

      1. As Steven says, Drrrrrr could be part of the reason players sign elsewhere due to his constant game mis management. But ya know what I say
        That’s Drrrrrr for ya.

      2. Seager was 9 for 47 with two homers this post season. Sorry, but was never a big Seager fan, strikes out a lot and is a ‘B’ shortstop at best. Texas grossly overpaid in my book. Trea Turner is the better player in just about every metric.

  5. Scherzer signed for an insane deal as he is old and had a dead arm end of the year. Only the Met’s Cohen would throw that type of money at him. Seager is a great offensive player but defensively is mediocre at a key position for the defense SS! And he has been on the IL list every year.
    10-year deals rarely work out for the Team but are great for the player.
    The Dodgers can now plug in a better defensive SS in Trea Turner and use Lux or Muncy at 2nd. I am sure there are deals to follow.
    The Bad Deal for the Dodgers was the Bauer deal as there is $45 Million owed to him this year unless he gets suspended without pay. If not the rotation is Buehler, Urias, and Bauer and that is not bad. Gonsolin should be back to form after injuries last year and May might be back by August out of the bullpen. Lots of young arms that can fill in like Jackson, White, Miller Pepiot etc.
    Remember Kahnle is slated to be back in 2022. If there is a 2022 season….

  6. So the DODGERS offered Seager $250 mil over 8 years before the 2021 season and he turned it down..Now signs for $325 over 10….Basically the same contract….And he is a home grown kid…..They better look at at pitching as their offense will be just fine….I mean BETTS,MUNCY,SMITH.BELLI(he will come back to form),TURNER,TURNER,,,sounds like a solid lineup….and POLLOCK he was pretty solid also…Just baffles me what SEAGER was thinking,,,,

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