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Dodgers: Corey Seager Surprised by Offseason Trade Rumors, Happy to be Healthy

For the first time since 2017, Corey Seager gets to start a season at full health. The Dodgers’ shortstop has experienced a myriad of devastating injuries over the last few years, so much so that Los Angeles looked outside of the organization for help. But Seager isn’t bothered that Francisco Lindor was an offseason pursuit, and he’s ready for 2020.

It didn’t bother me. Maybe surprise is a better word. You try to not look into it that much. Just prepare for the season with the team you’re with and if it happens, it happens. I tried to stay out of it as much as possible.

The Dodgers rumored attempts to land Lindor was certainly not a secret to anyone in the baseball world. Moreover, with LA kicking the tires on the Cleveland shortstop, the Cincinnati Reds came knocking and looking to acquire Corey.

Now, after coming back from elbow and hip operations in 2018, and a hamstring injury in 2019, Seager appears ready to resume being one of the top shortstops in baseball. Thankfully, the Dodgers as of now do not have him on any sort of limit. 

I actually get to prepare the way you would. I’m not on a rehab schedule. I don’t have somebody telling me I can only do this many or that many. It’s not — ‘How do I feel?’ after each swing and throw. I don’t have to ask myself, ‘Where am I at?’ — You can just do what you want. It’s not stressful.

Because of his injuries and subsequent reduced plying time, fans forget just how good Corey Seager can be. At his best, he was the Rookie of the Year and put up 5.9 wins above replacement. From 2015 to 2017, Seager had the second-highest wRC+ and wOBA of any shortstop in baseball. He also had the highest WAR of any shortstop in that period. 

Defensively, Seager had the third-best UZR in the National League in that same span. To say he has become the forgotten man in a loaded Dodgers’ lineup seems strange, but it has also become true. With a healthy season in front of him, Seager is ready to remind fans what he is capable of. 

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  1. Trading Seager would have been a big mistake. He was an all star prior to the TJ surgery. He has a lifetime BA around 300. He’s healthy, and has been sharp in ST. I wanted to get Lindor too, but not at the expense of giving up Seager. It would have been Lindor at short, Seager at third, Turner at first, Muncy at second, and adios Senor Lux. We would have been much stronger now, if a move like that had been made. But we’re still going to win it all this year with Betts, Treinen, Graterol, etc. It was a good off-season for the Dodgers. The bullpen weakness is now a strength. Betts gives right-handed power, speed, defense, and the rare ability (for the Dodgers) to play small ball, and manufacture runs against elite postseason pitchers.

  2. BETTS SAID IT BEST: GET A SENSE OF URGENCY OR GET THE HELL OUT! That’s my slant, of course, on what he said but the thrust of his point was solid. The Dodgers need to play every game this year like the world depends on it and quit the little kid goofing off during the season. Would be nice to see the Dodgers set the record for all time wins and go wire to wire, including the World Serious!

    What they’ve been doing sure as hell hasn’t got them there or any where close.

    1. Thanks Blue, I forgot to mention that one above. Betts brings a competitive winning attitude, that the Dodgers have been lacking. It’s time for this get it done attitude. It’s time to win it all, and know that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Any challengers should be viewed as standing on the tracks while the train is coming through.

  3. Dodgers got cheated otherwise they would have won 17 and 18.Betts too has to walk the walk cause he only hit 217 in world series.

  4. Good thing Dodgers didn’t trade Corey for steroids lindor.Corey will be our gold glove thridbaseman hitting and will win an mvp or more.Don’t expect Mookie to have a regular Mookie season he might have trouble first year in national league like Machado did with dodgers.

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