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Dodgers Remain Reluctant to Deal Gavin Lux to Indians for Francisco Lindor

The biggest superstar rumors surrounding the Dodgers continue to be those regarding Cleveland Indians star shortstop Francisco Lindor. The current front office of Los Angeles is one that has been reluctant to deal top flight prospects in the past and it would be a major surprise to see this trend change.

In the deal for Yu Darvish in 2017, the Dodgers dealt Willie Calhoun who they viewed as a future designated hitter — something that would not have fit in the National League with the Dodgers. In 2018, the biggest name sent to Baltimore for Manny Machado was Yusniel Diaz, a prospect who has seen his stock decline. Even back in the Rich Hill trade, Frankie Montas, now a serviceable starter, was the biggest piece. The Dodgers have not given up on top prospects like Corey Seager, Julio Urias, and recently-crowned MVP Cody Bellinger for upgrades. Say what you will, but the Dodgers have operated in smart fashion under Andrew Friedman.

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In a recent MLB Network segment, Indians beat reporter Mandy Bell discussed Los Angeles’s current pursuits and where they stand.

Lindor Unlikely to be Dealt

It appears that this is not just a Dodgers issue in terms of being unwilling to meet the demand. The Indians are simply reluctant to deal Francisco Lindor this offseason and rightfully so. The Indians could contend next season if they wanted to and Lindor is a huge part of that equation for them. When Bell was asked about where she saw the odds of him getting dealt at, she responded with:

“I still have it below 50 percent.”

Makes sense.

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Mike Clevinger Talks Might Depend on Gavin Lux

Mike Clevinger appears to even more unlikely to be dealt than Francisco Lindor:

“I know that those rumors started to happen with the Dodgers. Maybe Lindor and Clevinger get grouped together and that will be your way to pull [Gavin] Lux out of their system because they are hesitant to give him up, but it just does not seem like someone they would part ways with especially in a deal for both Lindor and Clevinger.”

Bell also continued on and stated that she would be under the assumption that Clevinger is more likely to be extended by the Indians as opposed to being dealt.

As it stands, if any blockbuster moves are coming for Los Angeles, they’re not happening until the new year. 

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Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. right handed bat, right handed bat…a third starter who is under 3.00 era and Hader
    If we don’t get switch hitting Lindor then we must get Donaldson, Betts or Kris Bryant
    To win the world series in my opinion we need Hader, right handed bat for middle of the order and that strong 2nd or third starter. So what if Lux becomes a star in Cleveland. LIndor already is and we need Clevinger.
    Break the bank, roll the dice.

    Besides If The Nats or Braves get Donaldson/Bryant we likely won’t get past them in playoffs. Ok save money and give rookies a chance but for how long?

    1. I think you nailed it. I just don’t think the Hader part will happen. The Dodgers should have got Betances so either Treinen or Betances would have been in position to to take Jansen’s closer spot if and when he falters. The additional proven starter is critical.

    2. Hey John, we won’t get past them if they don’t get Donaldson or Bryant either. We’ve got no answer to their #2 starters

    3. Bryant, IMO, is the best fit.
      Over rated Lindor is really not good from the right side.
      Forget trading Lux, his future upside is bigger.
      The Dodgers really have what they need, except for a good manager.

      1. Last 3 years 300 avg from right side. His defense is impressive and overlooked. Seager ranks low at the position. It won’t happen they want too much for 2 years. In a dream I would give them Pederson, Kiki, Pollock, Taylor which is 10 WAR. Fair enough for 2 years.

      2. Roberts needs to go for the Dodgers to get over the hump. The man goes to pieces in crunch situations, example Kershaw use in the last World Series.

  2. The Dodgers have a well-worn path to follow. Wait until July 31.Hope the Red Sox are 20 games behind the Evil Empire. Throw half a dozen lower level prospects at them and take Betts for two months. Note I said two, not three. It’s a low risk move the Dodgers have tried twice before. Didn’t work in 2017 and 2018, won’t work in 2020 either. If not now, when? The Dodgers answer will always be never.

  3. Your right wait until July, see where the Dodgers are , they should be in contention , then they should be able to make a trade at a reasonable price, everyone of the big boys are gone not knowing just how they will do, given the crazy price they went at. Again wait until July see how all pans out.

  4. But they won’t make a trade at deadline just like 2019 .. not sure what Friedman is paid to do..

  5. Dodgers need pitching and a right handed bat all season not just from trade deadline on wake up and do something. Do something or sell the team to someone who cares current ownership does not care.

    1. You’re right Harland. The ownership group is strictly a business venture. There are no “die hard” win it all at any cost Dodger fans in the ownership group. It’s all about ROI (return on investment) and staying below the salary cap. Only a noticeable drop in attendance or TV revenue will push them to make big moves.

  6. The Dodgers will probably make a trade to improve a position or two. But why trade Lux or May if you believe they are going to be elite players? Lux was Minor League Player of the Year! May throws 97-100 with control and movement!
    The Dodgers led the league in attendance, have the most lucrative TV deal in the MLB and have lowered their payroll as they plan to promote from the Farm System. Time is on their side.
    What blows my mind is that the Sportswriters, commentators and many fans seem to be intellectually unable to understand the business plan that Kasten,who is a minority owner, has used and continues to enumerate in interviews.
    They promote from within and trade for players without mega contracts unless they are planning to take a year hit and move on. Why is that so hard to understand? Its Amazing to many of us that the sports commentators don’t get it!!

    1. Tmaster, don’t let your mind be blown from sportswriters , commentators and the majority of savy baseball fans who understand the game of baseball. 9 innings, 2 half innings make a full inning with 3 outs per inning. The team with the most runs scored and the fewest allowed at the end of 9 innings is the declared winner, unless a tie, then extra innings . The teams that aquire the most top tier players 9 times out of 10 will win the last game of the season because they are only interested in accomplishing that goal of a championship at any cost! Some minority owners that are trying to make the most money for their own self interests, and promote from within, avoid these top tier players and mega contracts , and save tons of money on their car insurance at the expense of a championship, are not only understood intellectually from Davy group of Sports writers and fans, but we all enumerate it quite candidly as well, wouldn’t you say?

      1. That’s one year thinking. The Dodger brass is in it for the long haul. They are exceptional at what they do, that’s why they have rookies coming up every year and preforming like they’ve been here for 10 years. It’s a business. They run it like a business. You’ll still stay interested as long as they compete. That is their goal.

      2. Happy New year, Kirk.You are probably correct here on what most likely takes place in October. Donaldson will sign with either the Nats or Braves anyway, but as it stands now this roster is not enough or will not be enough to compete in October and for the one reason you mentioned.

        1. Happy New year Paul, so far this looks like a 90 win team even in a bad division! We don’t match up with starting pitching with the Nat’s,Braves, and now the Mets. The lack of contact hitters mixed with the either strike out or Home Run hitting group , then add on total bases being a problem, the team will perform like they always do! Great against mediocrity, and poorly against the teams that spend big all in philosophy!

    2. It’s not that people don’t get it…it’s that they don’t like it. Why should we just sit back and continue to watch them fail year in and year out without holding the FOs feet to the fire? That’s what makes no sense. People like you who just think we should all agree with whatever the hell the ownership and the front office wants. Kasten and Friedman have been presidents/GM’s of MLB franchises for a combined 43 seasons. They are a combined ONE FOR FORTY THREE when it comes to winning a World Series. Leave out their time with the Dodgers and they’re 1-29. Their business model does not win World Series’ period.

      1. Rob I didn’t realise it was 1 for 43. I guess if we want to throw Billy Bean in the mix who has the exact business model , that number would be around 1 for 63 . Although Bean has half the attendance of the Dodgers! Also now Zaidi has infiltrated the Giants who have joined the money ball group so 1 for 64. Not a bad model, unless your the fan that funds it all. Not this fan any longer, not paying my money to Capitalists that run the org as Socialists.

  7. I don’t know if ownership cares about winning the World Series. The owner is Mark Walter who founded Guggenheim Investments. Guggenheim has 275 Billion under management. The Dodgers are just a pebble in Guggenheim’s pond. In 2018 Dodger revenue was 550M. Player salaries were 200M. So that left 350M to pay everything else. Had to be less than 150M, right? So Walter “made” 200M on a 2B investment. Not bad at all. And the Dodgers are now worth 3.3B. Why should he throw down for Cole or Strasburg or Rendon when we fans will lead the league in attendance without those guys? Friedman’s strategy for keeping us at the top of the West is brilliant. Not so much for assuring a WS. Cubs threw down for Chapman = WS. Astros threw down for Verlander = WS. Dodgers threw down for Pollack and Kelly = 0.

    Gavin Lux could be the next coming of Jose Altuve. Could be. Lindor is the real deal right now. The best reason not to trade Lux for Lindor is team control over Lux for 4-5 years whereas Lindor cashes in in 2021. Same analysis for trading May for Clevinger. Dodgers are about the money, not the WS.

  8. You da man Kirk
    Laid it all out there so even the slowest of minds can chew on that information.

  9. Tmaxster, they all seem to be against you but I am with you. Us savvy fans know there are 8 1/2 or 9 innings in a game that does not go into extra innings, 2 half innings make a full inning, and there are 3 outs in a half inning and 6 outs in a full inning.

  10. What a bunch if idiots!Dodgers Don’t need to spend on top tier players you morons.We have our own top tier stars but still at cheaper price.Bellinger,Cody,Julio,Lux,May,Will Smith,Buhler they will make more money than your so called top tier players rendon,strassburg,cole,betts,Lindor and so on.You idiots don’t even watch dodger games so you can’t tell about our talent or our dumb coach making dumb decisions.It takes top tier players to win 7 straight division titles play in 2 consecutive world series lost 1 by other team cheating.And forget about saying West is weak cause West had team of the decade GIANTS.Yes they won 3 world series with hardly any top tier ballplayers but had a great manager in Bochy.Only 1 top tier player their catcher.As you can see,you idiots!Your stupid theory goes out the window.

  11. Luis, so Pagan, Vogelsong, Pentz Panda Cain, Lincecum Bumgarner were not Top Tier players! lLMAO! No All Stars here! Your killing me dude!

  12. How about moving surplus with no place to play. Maybe a Dj Peters, Chris Taylor, etc for Matt Boyd from Detroit.
    Boyd is a very nice arm and we need to free up playing time for guys on roster. Can’t play Lux, Muncy, Kike, Taylor, all at second base. Hard for Verdugo, Joc to get in stride sharing time with Kike, Taylor, Pollack, Belli, Rios, Beatty.
    I’d rather see a little more stable line up where guys can get in rhythm without the penalty of sitting in the middle of a hot streak because of lefty/righty match ups.
    All those guys deserve their shots to get more full time playing opportunities. Poor mouth A’s should be getting close to not keeping Chapman maybe, a low cost option like Taylor, Peters, Conor Wong, keibert (maybe) and we could get that beast 3B of future and maybe steal back Frankie Montas.
    We need to find an effective post season #2 behind Buehler. If that winds up being May, Urias, or Gonsolin, then awesome let’s look for a #3 eventhough I think Kershaw has enough to be a #3 (less expectation/pressure) more relaxed situation. I think there are options outside of a Clevenger/Lindor deal that would cost us major prospects with opportunities to keep under team control cheap for the next 5-6 years.
    Muncy, Belli, Turner, Seager, Smith, and hopefully Verdugo and Lux need to be out there every day to get and stay in rhythm. We can work Joc, Pollack, Beatty in the open OF spot and Kike, Barnes, Rios, to fill in where the playing time is.
    The rotation needs some help but not sacrificing the future we really need. Lindor just complicates this whole deal unless it’s Seager that goes in the deal. Indians aren’t giving up the best shortstop in baseball for one with concerns. Even if that includes a stud catching prospect like Keibert and some other prospects. They still have control with him and are still contenders. They want an equally great future guy in Lux and that’s not worth the risk. Arenado might be or potentially Betts but this management does not want anything over a 4 year deal or so. Betts will command a 7-9 year Cole type deal in a year and they would already be looking at how they afford that while eating Pollacks deal, and getting ready for the Bellinger, Buehler, Muncy, Verdugo, etc deals while riding out Kershaws last 2, 31 million dollar years. Otherwise Betts walks and you are still out all those prospects who take Boston to 2024/2025 World Series. And Betts doesn’t pitch and costs too much to get that big game changer arm.
    Think it’s time to look at guys a little more available like Matt Boyd, Frankie Montas, maybe Freeland, and use the surplus of low cost talent that isn’t getting playing time or who are logjammed in the minors with all the locked up spots above.

  13. You’re right Harland. The ownership group is strictly a business venture. Only a noticeable drop in attendance or TV revenue will push them to make big moves.

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