Dodgers Could Become Player In Nolan Arenado Sweepstakes

First and foremost, a large ‘if’ hangs in the balance in regards to the possibility of Nolan Arenado becoming a Los Angeles Dodger. Indeed, Arenado is from Huntington Beach. Still – the factor that looms large – is if the Colorado Rockies would make the slugger available in the short-term. Remember, Colorado signed Arenado to $260 million dollar contract that runs through 2026 this past offseason.

However, as Ken Rosenthal writes over at The Athletic MLB; Arenado being made available as preposterous as one might think.

For instance, the Boston Red Sox recently fired president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski just 10 months after winning a title. Now, Boston is believed to be at a crossroads that could see them trade Mookie Betts. This would be done to re-stock their assets and rebuild a little.

While the only thing in baseball from season to season is uncertainty. Equally important – there are factors in play that could make the Los Angeles Dodgers a major player – if there are Nolan Arenado sweepstakes to be had.

The Elephant In The Room: Justin Turner

For there is one foe that no player can win against, and that is Father Time. While Justin Turner remains as solid a presence in the Dodgers’ lineup as ever, the fact is he will be 35 years old in 2020.

At the current time, Turner is battling to stay healthy for one more postseason run. Without question, he’s shown little sign of slowing down in 2019; already tying a career-high with 27 home runs. Still, Turner is approaching an age where an organization begins to think about the incumbent by responsible nature.

For instance, the Dodgers selected a third baseman in the first round of the 2019 MLB Draft (Kody Hoese). At some point, Turner will no longer be the Dodgers’ man at the hot corner. Moreover, the great organizations like Los Angeles move forward with a contingency plan a year early rather than a year late. This is just the sad reality of this conversation – bringing Arenado aboard would likely spell the end of Turner – or at least be the catalyst for such negotiations beginning.

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The Package For Arenado

First, let’s look at what Rosenthal says in the article in regards to how the Rockies conduct business.

The Rockies rely heavily on young, inexpensive players. After last season, they did not add a veteran starter to a rotation that lacked pitchers with established track records.

Therefore, who do the Dodgers have that could lure home the prodigal son from Huntington Beach? Let’s take a look at what a potential package could be.

  • Gavin Lux (2B/MI)
  • Dustin May (SP)
  • Josiah Gray (SP)

Certainly, any potential package would likely include two or all three of those names above. While some might scoff at this, let’s review what the Dodgers would be getting in return.

Los Angeles would be getting an elite offensive player in his age-29 season. Furthermore, a player in his prime without any significant injury history on his medical files. On one hand, Arenado has played in 157 games or greater since 2015; a sign of great durability. With that being said, some might also view him as a player who has extensive mileage on him.

While Arenado has carved out close to Hall of Fame offensive numbers with plus-defense throughout he first 1,000-plus games of his career, my concern lies elsewhere. Indeed – I would have concerns that his best years are behind him offensively – and Los Angeles would be paying the price for numbers earned in the past.

Beyond that premise – and the package Colorado may command – there are other concerns.

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Concerns With Bringing Arenado to Los Angeles

While all that I have listed can be hashed out by many of you in the comments section, I would not hesitate to make this deal if Arenado was a 25-year old player (or somewhere in that age range). With that being said, I personally have pause for concern on giving up three cornerstone players or more for a player who will soon be over 30 years of age. All of this with significant dollars remaining over the life of the contract, which could hamper the ability to extend members of the young core.

Of course, much has been made of the ‘Coors Effect’ in regards to Rockies’ offensive players. And Arenado definitely has a boost from playing half of his career in the Mile High City. Undeniably, he’s been a better hitter in Colorado by a landslide.

Just a quick browse of the overall numbers show that outside Coors, Arenado is just a solid offensive player. Furthermore, he has a .258/.324/.493 lifetime slash line at Dodger Stadium in 58 career games played at Chavez; good for an .817 OPS.

While many claim the fit of Arenado returning to California to play out his days and chase a title is undeniable, the fact is that he’s offered only semi-decent production outside of Coors. Equally important, the Dodgers could hang onto their young nucleus of talent and find that type of production at a cheaper dollar amount fairly easily.

Conclusion – With Your Opinion Wanted

If the Colorado Rockies deem that moving Arenado in a trade is necessary for them to move forward as an organization, would you want the Dodgers to make this move? Simply, the key question to ask yourself is do you believe that Arenado is the missing piece to put the current Dodgers’ over the top?

Furthermore, if your answer rhetorically to that question was a resounding ‘yes’; you must determine what you would be willing to part ways with to bring Arenado to Los Angeles through the 2026 season. Let us know your full thoughts in the comments section, no matter which side of this debate you sit.

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  1. Not going to happen. Tearing apart the organizational prospect depth for one superstar is not the MO of Friedman, and he is not going to change for Arenado. IF the Dodgers trade for a third baseman I think Kris Bryant might be available for a much smaller package of players considering he will be a FA after the 2021 season.

    1. Good day SocalBum. I agree, this is just someone’s pipe dream at best. I would not do this deal because we all know he Rockies or any other team won’t do any deals with Dodgers without the inclusion of Lux, May and a couple of other top prospects.

      1. AZUL, I bid you and PD Jr. a good day!!!! Dealing for Arenado is a waste of money IMHO. First, we need to go all on Ryu, whose contract ends when our season ends. Second, we might wish to pursue Garret Cole, who will be a free agent this off season, and who would add significant impact to our squad.Third, Rendon might be a better acquisition for us as he is a right handed bat. Fourth, as you correctly state, any team we deal with will want a full compliment of only our best players. Go Blue!!! Hi PD Jr.!!!

  2. History has shown that these star long term deals well into their into their thirties rarely work out. I’d be hesitant signing him as a free agent now ar rhose numbers outside of Coors field much less giving up,Lux, May and Gray! AF would never do the deal and I agree!

    1. DJ leMahieu couldn’t hit away from Coors field either….oh wait I guess he could!!

  3. The Dodgers won’t be players should the Rockies decide to move Arenado. A package of Lux, May and Gray? Friedman would be the laughingstock of baseball if he made such a deal. As AF himself stated prior to the recent trade deadline, he’s not interested in making stupid trades. That’s why he didn’t trade Lux and May for a one-inning pitcher. This article is much ado about nothing. Arenado to Los Angeles is not happening nor should it. As a Dodger fan, I am thrilled with the direction of the team during the Kasten, Friedman and Roberts era. This team will be annually competing for championships for a long time.

    1. Annually competing but never winning because they’re choke artists. Trading for big names isn’t going to solve the choking problem so might as well keep the prospects and I agree Friedman would never do it anyway

      1. Choke artists? The playoffs are a crapshoot. The Friedman/Roberts Dodgers have won five playoff series in three years. That’s the same amount that Walter Alston won in his entire career. And they are just getting started with an incredibly young nucleus. There is no downside to what these guys have accomplished. They are onto something special. Why are you so negative?

        1. Crapshoot is an excuse and any pro athlete will tell you that. Those 5 playoff series none of them the World Series I don’t know about you but we don’t get excited about division series or championship series those are just a means to an end they aren’t onto something special until they win it all and the players aren’t satisfied without it nor is any team.

          1. He didn’t say they were “satisfied” with division titles. His point is that we are in position to compete for a title every year. Of course the ultimate goal is a WS.

            According to you, it doesn’t make a difference whether they trade for players or not, because they will “choke”. What’s the point of following the team if that’s you you feel? You’re not a fan, you’re a troll. So I hope everyone stops feeding you from this point.

        2. You are correct, Patient Zero, and MasterBates’ comment is simply him doing what his name suggests.

  4. Arenado’s stats are largely from playing in Colorado. I always thought the contract was only good for Colorado. I would give them Pederson and 1 second tier prospect Maybe Rios. Then just forget about it. Betts is another story, would glove to see him in LA.

  5. Biggest shock of this article… Turner is 35???!!! As for Arenado, not going to happen. As much as I love bringing home players who grew up dreaming of wearing Dodger Blue (Chase Utley) the lineup is not where the hole in the World Series picture needs to be filled. Everyone knows it’s the bullpen, and hopefully with Kelly finally finding his groove in September, that gap will be filled. The True Blue have always been faithful to our Farm system and it has really been pumping out some great talent lately. Why take the big dollar risk and handcuff the future?

    1. It’s the pitching that may get it done and it must be stellar and lights out (both starting and relief) in the WS because offensively we won’t match what the Yankees or Astros have as far as offense is concerned.

      1. Huh? The Dodgers have matched the Yankees and Astros for offense all season long despite not being in a DH league. Run scored for the year are Yankees 848, Astros 839, Dodgers 802. No difference when you consider the AL gets the DH for 152 games and the NL for 10 games. The Dodgers have also given up far fewer HR than either by a huge margin; the third fewest in MLB. What’s going to happen in a World Series matchup when the Yankes or Astros lose their DH at Dodger Stadium and the Dodgers get to add one on the road? The Dodgers also do a better job of turning batter balls into outs. I don’t see either of these teams having an edge in personnel. LHP in the bullpen is virtually non-existent in Houston; only lefty to make a decent contribution is starter Wade Miley who in his two September starts has gotten exactly one out while giving up 12 earned runs. That’s one out, 12 earned runs in home starts against Seattle an Oakland. An ERA of 324.00.

        1. Huh? One thing for sure is that although DS is more on a pitcher friendly side, more HR’s have been hit everywhere. of course Dodgers have given up fewer HR’s than those teams because the Yankees and the Astros play in more HR friendly parks. I say they don’t match up offensively in abig part because of how the lineups are managed and how dodgers feel they have to shuffle around players based upon tha handedness of the opposing pitcher. do you recall last year’s WS? Dodgers feel shor among other things because like the previous year, even though the pitching may have allowed fewer HR’s in the regular season, when it mattered the mostour pitchers gave up 8 HR’s in 5 games to Boston and 15 HR’s to the Astros in the previous WS. So there’s that, along with the Yankees and or Astros will have more consistent lineup that does not have to platoon guys because of bad splits against one hand of the opposing pitcher. That is why I feel they won’t match up. All those AL teams have to do in the WS is throw a LHP at the Dodgers which will keep Joc’s 32+ HR’s on the bench. And BTW, when Yankees played Dodgers recently, they hit 9 HR’s off Dodger pitching , which was MORE than the total runs Dodgers scored in those 3 games, which was 5.

  6. I was all for the trade initially but your article really gave me pause to think about it more. Now I say no. With the players coming up we have a great opportunity to be so good for so many years. And have great payroll flexibility.

  7. No thanks. What the Dodgers are doing in terms of player development will soon be the model throughout baseball. Being a major market franchise doesn’t mean you have to overspend to attract stars. Not only will the Dodgers not be trading for Nolan Arenado, but they will not be pursuing Gerrit Cole in free agency or Mookie Betts in a trade with the Red Sox. The organization is doing just fine drafting and developing its own players. If anything happens this off-season, it will be trades similar to last winter’s deal with Cincinnati that netted them, Josiah Gray and Jeter Downs: trading a few old favorites for prospects who can be developed into future major leaguers. The Dodgers can do this since big-league ready replacements for the players being traded are already in-house. This is an exciting time to be a Dodger fan.

    1. An exciting time except seeing them fall short year after year after year because of some of the duds Friedman brings on board,i.e. Yu Darvish, Manny Machado, Josh Reddick, Brian Dozier etc. etc.

    2. Dolgen66, those FA’s that may be available also may not be inclined to sign here with Dodgers if they are everyday starters and thus won’t take kindly for being in and out of the lineup often just because of match ups. And as I see it, teams won’t trade with Dodgers if Lux, May, Gray, or other top prospects are not part of any deal.

      1. Because of matchups? Proof? The only platoon player on the Dodgers is Joc Pederson, which is understandable. No one else platoons. Players just sit now and then because of the correct philosophy that everyone plays. Having guys waste away on the bench makes no sense when they are talented players.

        Those players won’t sign with L.A. because the Dodgers are set at those positions. Why give big money to older FA’s when you have younger, talented players in house? The Dodgers won’t have to pursue a FA starting pitcher for a long time. Buehler, Urias, May, Gonsolin, Gray and Ferguson is a formidable group for the future, all with years of team control. Some observers believe Gray will be better than May or Gonsolin. Kershaw also has a couple years left on his contract; Stripling and Maeda still available if not traded. If Ryu and Hill both walk, it is not a huge deal. What other teams can say that? Houston will be thin in starting pitching when Cole leaves. It’ll be Forest Whitley and a bunch of guys who are long in the tooth.

        1. Maybe they don’t platoon they way they did throughout all of last year. I never said I expect any starting player to play in all 162 games. But let me ask ya this…how did Dodgers ‘match up’ with the Red Sox last year? There was a page on this blog that talks about that very same thing. Bottom line is, how the pitching and lineups are managed in the regular season has worked well for the most part BUT when it matters the most in the PS and WS, many have indicated that a team has to adjust accordingly, and most fans are referring to how the team performs in the WS, one that hasn’t been won in 31 years. When I speak of match ups I am referring to those shuffling around of players on a daily basis. especially when a LHP goes against them.

  8. Not a wise move. In trading top prospects for one huge salary you would then handcuff the franchise when trying to extend the contracts of the young players we have now.

  9. Definitely a bad move. Turner is far more important to the Dodgers than his numbers would suggest–and those numbers are solid. He will play for LA as long as he is at all productive. When that changes, LA has lots of potential replacements, including Seager. This is a future problem and circumstances will change.

  10. Not sure mortgaging any part of a very bright future is worth any 29-year old player. The Dodgers have many options at 3B beyond JT right now while they wait on the pipeline to bring them a replacement. Thinking out of the box and noting players like C. Ripkin, Jr., M. Machado, A. Rodriguez have successfully moved back an forth betwee SS and 3B, when the time comes, why not move Seager to 3B and Lux to SS. They could start that transition next season when they need to rest JT. Such a move would allow Muncy, Hernandez and Taylor at 2B. The vesatility and depth of talent on this team and in its pipeline provides so many options going forward.

  11. IF the Dodger are thinking along those lines, I think they would go after Rendon from Washington and save the prospects, they are the future!

  12. Arredondo is not the piece that would put the Dodgers over the top it’s way too much to pay for a 29 year-old player who hasn’t produced much out of Coors Field. Pitching will help to reach are ultimate goal which is the world champions.

  13. Arenando is a great player and like Adrian Gonzalez in the past, I always wanted to see him in Dodger Blue. But it is now too late. We are set at third. And next year ,also. I think a move to trade for him This off season would tear into our chemistry. JT is the lynchpin of our infield/lineup. After 2020, JT could become the next Chase Utley. Sign him for 2 years with an understanding. He will be 36. He can have a heavy incentive laden contract; with us working Max in a bit more at third than he has. Or one of our youngsters. But to trade our future is counterproductive. We need to stay the course.

  14. I will add to the unanimity of a no to Arenado. I see the greatest weakness in the team as starting pitching for next year. For years we knew that Kershaw given a two ru lead or less was a likely dependable winner. Now, one home run pitch has influence on that outlook. Ryu may be gone to FA. Buehler is great most starts but one never knows if the wrong Buehler will show up for a must win game. Hill may be over the “hill” We will have a better idea on that after his start tonite against one of the three worst teams in the leagues this year. To depend on Maeda and Stripling as a number 2 or 3 starter does not speak of strength, Maybe Gonsolin, Urias and/or May will have a breakout year in 202. Ferguson, my guess will be trade dangled. In my judgment Pollock is a disappointment but Mookie could easily be a batting champ at Chavez Ravine. No one yet has mentioned Beatty. He has been pretty consistent in his limited action. Gyorko and Negron will probably quietly disappear and Freese may well retire. Will the continuously hot or cold Joc Peterson still be wearing Dodger blue next year or be part of a trade for a Betts or similar quality talent? ( if not Betts hopefully better than an oft injured Pollock). Will Cole, part of the best one-two right now be truly desirous of leaving the Astros? We can talk about it but Friedman will make the final decisions. Let it be noted, tho, there is a plethora of talent in the minors. My thoughts

  15. Leave Nolan alone. All he has done is win 6 Gold Gloves and hit either the most HRs or the most RBIs in the NL in most years. That’s certainly not good enough for the Dodgers. But if he goes, could we throw in the GM, Jeff Bridich, too?

  16. Not going to happen and should not happen. Agree with everybody here that we have a solid future with guys like Lux and May along with others. Real need is pitching, although another bat never hurts. AJ has been a mixed bag (better lately), so maybe someone a bit more consistent, but not for the price of our best young players.

  17. That would be a “No-No” to Nolan. Although I have much respect for Arenado as a player, especially defensively, we need to stay focused on where the Dodgers really need improvement. And it ‘aint at 3rd base.

  18. Keep Nolan in Colorado.. its bad enough Dodger fans have to stomach way too many games against the Rockies as it is. I would dread those games even worse if Nolan wasn’t there.

  19. I actually like the idea of signing Arenado. Not only is he solid with the bat, but, like Turner, he has a golden glove. The Dodgers can still keep the strong nucleus of young arms they have and trade other position players for Arenado, who will be entering his prime (ages 30-35). Turner is my favorite Dodger on the current team. He is such a great leader and produces in the clutch. Love this guy, but he cannot play forever.

  20. NO l don’t thlnk that move would be good for the Dodgers… Give several young talent for just an old talent guy doesn’t make sense young ones have a long future ahead while the old ones have the years counted and in the long run dodgers might regret it dearly

  21. If Turner’s season had shown a marked downturn from last year, maybe it would be worth looking into, and if Arenado was maybe 27 instead of 29. Though it may not be a completely equal comparison, Tulowitzki’s mediocre offensive production was exposed when he left Coors Field. I just don’t see this FO giving up 3 top prospects AND committing to that type of contract.

  22. Negative, too old coupled with giving up young players that will start. Dodgers need to focus on pitching which will once again be there downfall. Unless of course they can put up 5-10 runs s game in the post season. Even that might not be enough.

  23. Spend the whole off-season practicing on how to hit where the infielders are not. When the opposition shifts on you, and gives you half the field to hit to and you can’t, that shows a problem with training. Pitching is their need.

  24. Look at D.J. LeMahieu. He’s not struggling outside of Coors Field. Yes, he has a great lineup to play in and that helps. Go back and look at Andres Galarraga’s first year after Colorado, playing in Atlanta. He mashed.

    Nolan will not tail off anytime soon. Plus, you’d love him as a defender and competitor.

    Now, having said all that, as a Rockies follower, no way do I want Colorado to trade him and honestly, I don’t think they will unless Arenado says he will opt out, sick and tired of the losing.

    In that case, LA certainly has attractive chips but it would take 3 quality ones, not one good one or two.

    I think Arenado stays in Colorado.

  25. I say sign our young team and do not trade for Nolan Arenado. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have the hometown boy, but if we didnt trade for Verlander to win that first one in 2017 then why now. Try to keep our team the way it is now.

  26. An organization that hasn’t won a WS since 1988 should not be referred to as Great.
    I am a live long Dodgers fan. The boys of summer in the 50’s were great. The team of Koufax,Drysdale,Osteen, Wills was great. The team with the stable infield of Cey,Russel,Lopes,Garvey was great.

  27. Dodges will lose in playoff’s..either 1st or 2nd round. Most of their lineup at bats are all or nothing. They just have trouble getting runs when they have men on base with no outs or 1 out. Most have the upper cut swing hoping for the HR. No bunts or small ball. Besides Roberts can’t stop tinkering with lineup and burns through bull pen.
    Muncy,Bellinger,Pederson,Taylor, Hernandez can’t lay off the low inside & out side pitch,
    Pollock is a $ 50mill bust and a defensive liability. Didn’t need him. If you noticed they haven’t played as well since he has come back from the elbow infection.

    Would not make the trade unless you can steal him. Turner is getting up there and heath is becoming a issue.

  28. There’s no Coors effect when it comes to Arenado. Half of his home runs this year were hit on the road. No matter where Nolan is geographically, he’s an elite player. All this BS of him getting an offensive boost at Coors field is ridiculous. He keeps his strikeout totals down. Trout, Bellinger, and Yelich strike out more than Nolan. It is completely absurd that Arenado isn’t appreciated as much as he should be. He plays for a small market team, he hasn’t won an MVP or a World Series, so he becomes an after thought. Mike Schmidt himself said that Arenado will go down as the greatest third baseman to ever play the game.

  29. I like the idea about Nolan Arenado becoming a Dodger because of Chris Turner’s age depending upon what Colorado wants for a trade. They need pitching more than anything else and so does every MLB team. I always believe that great pitching beats great hitting and there has been no MLB player had a BA greater than .500.

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