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Dodgers: Craig Kimbrel Blows His First Game of the Season

Dodgers fans knew it would be coming at some point this season. After letting Kenley Jansen walk in free agency, any minor slip-ups by Craig Kimbrel were sure to draw the ire of fans. So it’s not surprising that his first blown save of the season on Monday night brought out the worst reactions online. 

The Dodgers jumped out ahead of the Pirates late last night. A double in the 8th inning by Justin Turner and a base hit by Chris Taylor tied up the game and then put them ahead. That set the stage for Kimbrel to come in and lock down his 11th save of the season. 

Instead, he allowed a walk and a double to tie the game. Freddie Freeman booted a ball at first base in the following play and the Pirates took the lead from the Dodgers for good. It was the first blown save of the year for Kimbrel in his 11th opportunity. 

And while it’s normal to expect the occasional blown save, Dodgers fans just expect more. Kimbrel has been tagged for 7 earned runs across 10 innings this month. That puts him at a 6.30 ERA for the month, though he has locked down 7 saves in that time as well. 

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Still, it is a bit of a concern for the Dodgers. They need consistency there in the 9th inning, and Kimbrel can definitely be the guy to give it to them. So while this blown save is a bummer, let’s hope that was the last one. 

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  1. Total bummer last night. I got an immediate bad feeling when Kimbrel walked the weak hitting #8 hitter. Tying run is on Kimbrel, winning run is on Freeman.

    1. It’s all on Kimbrel. If he did his job, and didn’t give up a walk and double, the Freeman error wouldn’t have mattered. Why can’t we just get a 1-2-3 inning from Kimbrel? He’s a major concern imo, and I don’t have much confidence. I hope he proves me wrong.

  2. In Kimbrel’s last few outings, he has given up runs. But when he goes in with a 2-3 run cushion there is room to serve up a homer. We learned ;last eve he cannot be depended upon to pitching an inning of shutout ball

    There appears to be little difference tho between Knebel and him. Cory K has been coughing up more leads for the Phillies spinning he Phils on a big time downward spiral so nothing was lost giving him up

    Guess we are missing Treinen pretty big time

  3. Get ready, you will see more of this coming. 16 mil was a huge waste on this guy. Rather see Almonte closing games.

  4. And to think we gave up a reliable A J Pollack for this. Hope it see Treinen real soon.

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