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Dodgers: Special Bond Forming With Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman

When the Dodgers signed Freddie Freeman to a 6-year deal this offseason, they cemented the top of their order. Mookie Betts and Freddie will be there together right at the top for at least the next half-decade. That’s an incredible duo for this franchise to keep around. 

Now a few months into the season, we know what the duo is capable of. And they’re a big reason that the Dodgers are already into triple-digits in run differential. But it’s more than just the batting order that brings these two Dodgers starts together. 

As MLB’s Juan Toribio writes this week, it all started in Spring Training with these two. It was Mookie letting Freddie know that if he ever needed to talk about anything, he would be there or him. Freeman was just coming off of a grueling free-agent decision. 

“It’s almost not needing to talk, but knowing that somebody is there for you to talk to. It’s tough. We’re human. It’s been a huge transition and knowing that Mookie and all the guys have been there for me, it’s just been as smooth as it possibly can get in a situation like this.” -Freddie

“He’s just a friend of mine now. We come to the field around the same time, our routines are very similar. We bat one and two, and we’re just enjoying the friendship.” -Mookie

Get used to seeing it for a very long time Dodgers fans. This year has already been incredibly fun to watch these two guys batting at the top, and it’s only going to get better as the season goes on and they make a run into the playoffs. 

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