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Dodgers: Craig Kimbrel Will No Longer Cost Teams A Draft Pick

The offseason came and went with many whispers but very few(if any) contract offers for free agent reliever Craig Kimbrel. With a draft pick loss tied to him and the contract demand climbing, it created the worst case scenario for the long-time closer. Just part of the reason the Dodgers did not consider buying on him in the first place.

And now, already a few months into the season, Craig Kimbrel will no longer require a draft pick loss to sign him. The deadline has passed, and if the Dodgers feel so inclined, they very well could add him into the mix.

And why not at this point? The Dodgers’ bullpen has been a constant struggle with very few signs of improving on its own. Joe Kelly has not quite earned his worth, Tony Cingrani was just lost for the season, Julio Urias is seemingly still in limbo, and that’s just the start of the bullpen issues.

Kimbrel is a perennial All-Star with backend talent. He has accumulated 333 saves since 2011 and pitched to a sparkling 1.91 earned run average in the process. He’s also been incredible at Dodger Stadium throughout his career, posting a 1.29 ERA across 7 innings and striking out 17!

With all of that in mind, it’s not that crazy to imagine the Dodgers going all-in on Kimbrel. Los Angeles is off to one of their best starts in history, and Kimbrel can only make them better.


  1. You don’t get many chances to win a World Series. This could be our year with some tinkering with the bullpen. Mr Friedman sign Kimbel to a one year contract with options. You may lose Jansen if he decides to opt out.The bullpen is an important factor come playoff time. Make the move,you won’t be sorry.

  2. Kimbrel or no Kimbrel, the Dodgers will most likely not be playing deep into the PS should they get there with this current BP. If Freidman still wants to dumpster dive instead to get BP help, then he should accept the fact that for most of October, the Dodgers will at at home watching the rest of the 2019 PS and WS.

  3. The BP has been a problem for almost 3 yrs now. Brandon Morrow was a great bridge and after a stellar season he got traded because Friedman didn’t want to pay him. Since then we get guys who Dodger braintrust think will develop into stars. (Baez, Cingrani, Yimi, etc.) 31 yrs and counting since last WS win. Front office needs to wake up and spend some of that money and prospects they are hoarding for some real talent. If not it’ll be 32 and counting this time next year!

    1. “prospects they are hoarding”

      Not sure what this means since our “prospects” are all contributing for us. Which ones did you want to get rid of?

      Will Smith
      Julio Urias
      Cody Bellinger
      Corey Seager
      Walker Buehler
      Alex Verdugo

      Which ones have we been “hoarding” to your unliking?

  4. All this talk about Kimbrel and Doolittle. Work with Zaidi in SF (who is desperate for talent in a rebuild) and get Will Smith.

  5. This season is a lot like the last few. Great record and top rated hitting and fielding. What we get is a poor pen in the playoffs and WS. Get Kimbrel and it’s a virtual lock. To have a Kimbrel right there is just insane that they do not pick him up.

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