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Dodgers: Crowd Reminds Manny Machado of the Money He Owes a Fan

Dodgers fans are always going to give Manny Machado a hard time. It’s not so much that he left Los Angeles to play for another team, or even that he signed with a team in the division. But it’s mostly how Manny has handled himself in San Diego that has not sat well with fans. 

And we get it, Manny is with the Padres now. He signed a $300 million contract that will keep him in San Diego through 2028, so getting under the skin of Dodgers fans is expected. But fans in LA weren’t going to let Manny forget the bet he made with a fan. 

Manny made a bet with a fan back in 2019 that the Padres would win the World Series before the Dodgers. In fact, he bet his entire free-agent deal on that happening. That obviously did not happen, and fans wanted to remind him to pay up.

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On Thursday evening during Manny’s first at-bat, Dodgers fans broke out chanting “Pay your bet”. No word from Manny on if he heard or even had a response, but the expectation is that he wouldn’t really care. He recently said that he didn’t remember ever making the bet when asked during a press conference. 

In all seriousness, the bet doesn’t actually carry any weight. But it’s still fun to see Dodgers fans reminding Manny to eat his words. Machado got the last laugh on Thursday though as the Padres walked away with the win at Chavez Ravine. 

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    1. That’s a total insult to ass clowns all over the planet !
      machado is a total DB, and that doesn’t stand for “Delta Bravo” !

  1. Seeing Mookie Betts get hit again last night my arm hurt. I noticed Kershaw’s breaking stuff was off. I’m sure he noticed. 3 homers, he knew. He still pitched a great game and the bull pen needs to regroup and find a way that is consistent. Errors are the most costly way you lose. I really like everyone on the team Everyone on the I.L. get better. See you tonight unless it is a day game

  2. I’m sure that fan would settle for a paltry million from Manny rather than his entire contract. Manny might “man up” for only a million.

  3. Machado is still getting those boos…”Doesn’t remember” haha…likely story. “Doesn’t hold any weight”? I bet it would have if it were the other way around! Jokes on Manny cuz Dodgers are gonna win at least 5 more rings before the Padres even win 1 more. I hate to even say I’d bet my life on it because I’m a Padres fan ONLY because Hosmer moved from the Royals to the Padres and I’m a Royals fan. In fact, I’m an Arkansan who roots as follows: (1) Dodgers (2) Giants (3) Royals (4) Padres (until Hosmer leaves)

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