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Dodgers: Dave Roberts, Austin Barnes Speak on LA’s Terrible Record in 1-Run Games

The Dodgers went into Thursday’s series finale against the Philadelphia Phillies looking for a sweep as well as their fifth straight win. They’ve put up plenty of runs during that win streak, but could only muster one run in the 2-1 loss. Although they did manage to load the bases in the top of the 9th with a chance to either tie or take the lead, it was all for nothing as Billy McKinney flew out to left field. 

The loss marks their 21st this season in 1-run contests which is more than anyway else in the league besides the Miami Marlins.  Dave Roberts mentioned that he was surprised how poorly the record reflects their play in those scenarios this year. 

“I wouldn’t guess that we would be like that in one run games. A loss is still a loss. I expect going forward we’ll win more one run games.”

He also went on to say that they’re still a loss and the same as any other game, just something in each of those games didn’t go in their favor. 

“No. I mean they’re still losses. I’m sure that if you look at each game – whether it was a defensive play, or an at bat here or there, pinch hit there – could’ve flipped it, but that’s baseball. They still count as losses. I don’t think that that’s kind of fun of mind at all if we move forward.” 

It’s not like the Dodgers had few opportunities to score as they left 8 men on base. What’s more is the Dodgers lead Major League Baseball in men left on base with 851. Even the lowly Arizona Diamondbacks who have been the worst team in the league this year leave fewer men on base than Los Angeles. 

The Boys in Blue have had plenty of games where the offense has exploded, but have also suffered times where it’s gone cold. Austin Barnes noted that he isn’t too worried as he still knows what this team is capable of.

“We believe in every one in this clubhouse and we believe in this team … Obviously that’s not ideal losing those one run games.”

Despite all of the injuries and miscues that have led to such poor play this season, the Dodgers can still turn things around. They have the talent to do so, but time is running out.

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  1. It’s been very surprising and frustrating how uptight the Dodgers get in close games. This team is the defending WS Champs. The Dodgers have won 8 consecutive Division Titles, been to 3 of the last 4 WS. They have one of the best records in MLB so far this season.
    Even factoring in the injuries and the associated shuffling of the lineup, it makes no sense that the Dodgers have played with such a sense of dread, so often this year, when they trail, even by just 1 run late in games. It seems like such a mountain to climb for the ballclub.
    This is especially true in extra inning games.
    What team is more battle-tested over the past 8+ years that the Dodgers? No team.
    Yet, their approach, their overall “vibe” is just terrible in certain situations.
    Maybe, a lot of it is due to the Dodgers’ carrying the weight of trying to repeat–something no team has done in the N.L. in about 45 years. Who knows?
    The Dodgers are 23 games above .500 and yet they are 13-21 in 1 run games and 1-12 in extra inning games, a statistical aberration that is hard to fathom.

  2. Lack of Urgency and arrogance have caused multiple losses this year. They will cost us the division and force a one game playoff against the Pads in LA. Hope they get up for that one. Anyway, lack of urgency is on the field manager.

  3. The one run losses implicate the strategist, it seems to me. Our manager is getting consistently out strategized. How can you see it any other way? If you play all your cards early, then have nothing left to play when the game is one the line late in the game, it is not the players fault. Extra inning games are 1-12, at the last count I saw. That is not the players fault, IMHO. True, it is a long season, or at least, it was in April. Not so long any more.

    1. This is in part due to having only 12 position players on the roster and Dodgers were left with McKinney to PH with bases full on 9th inning and results speak for themselves. Having to change lineups daily just because of their struggles with LHP is another reason. But Roberts obviously is inept at managing close games and it’s been shown all year long.

    2. I agree. Frequent mis-management of relief pitching is a big part of the problem. Roberts focuses too much on L-R matchups

    1. Look, the Giants will win this division and they showed why against the Rockies last night by that 7 to 0 score. My guess is that Dodger’s 8 straight Division title run will soon be over. WSS.

  4. Yup, the reason for the one-run losses and numerous blown saves is 100% on Roberts. Without Zaidi telling him who/what/when, he’s just another guy. Look at the Giants with four old holdovers, a few young homegrown guys, and a bunch of no-name free agents.

    Time to right a 22-year wrong; bring back Mike Scioscia…

    1. Giant’s home grown guys are better than ours and more prepared for MLB. Dodgers have had the lowest of draft picks for several years now due to finishing in 1st the last 8 years. There wasn’t a single player brought up this year to cover those injuries that made any difference at all. And many of those minor leaguers may never really make it up in MLB.

  5. It’s time to find a manager who doesn’t blame his players for the loses. Who writes the daily changing lineup cards? Who puts in Jansen when a game is on the line? Who plays favorites over abilities? Don’t tell me that Friedman is calling all the shots. Roberts is burnt out. Time to find someone new….Like maybe an ex Dodger catcher named Mike?

  6. After beginning the conversation, I feel like I have to say something good about the guy, so I will try. He is finally getting the lineup card close to right, moving Pollock into the middle at 3-4-5, and Bellinger down to 6-7-8. No matter what happens the rest of the year, you just can’t have Bellinger up there in the middle of the lineup. Pollock and the 2 Turners are the most reliable and productive, so keep them somewhere in top to middle. Having said that, I sure would like it better if the lineup was more ‘set’, and with fewer changes. The changes every day are part of the problem, IMHO. And the shift has cost them more runs then it has saved. Too many critical double play situations were ruined when no one was there to cover 2nd base, and too many critical pop-ups were dropped because no one knew who would take charge and make the play. Again, avoiding the shift would improve both of those problems, and make for better results. And Doc makes those calls every day. Who do you blame when they don’t work out?

  7. again, poor Dodger fans all in agreement doc is the problem is so old, and tiresome. His players aren’t getting the job done. His constant juggling of the lineup is due to matches of who’s available, with the inordinate amount of injuries they have had this year. You would think they are in last place; still the #2 team in the strong NL West. and the Reds may just pass the pods for 2nd WC team. Dodgers may not win the division, but they will host the 1 game playoff and throw either Buehler or Scherzer. Good luck to the opponent!!

    1. In that case I’m not worried about the pitching from either Buehler or Scherzer. But if it’s the Padres, we will see Snell, a LHP most likely and the Padres will run and steal bases at every opportunity and recall that Dodgers had a horrible time with hitting against most Padre starters. There is a reason for Dodger’s record of 3 wins and 7 losses so far. But the PS may be a different story, hopefully…..

  8. Last night, once again, Doc took out a very effective Graterol in the 7th, when he was hitting corners with 100 mph heaters, and replaced him with an untested lefty just to get lefty on lefty, which let the Mets tie the game, unnecessarily. Graterol had just given up the one hit, and he was as sharp as he has been recently, but the decision to take him out nearly cost them the game. Had not Smith homered in the 10th, Doc would have once again cost the game with his decisions, because he was out of effective pitching, when the game was one the line and still at risk of losing. Too much strategy, and not enough logic. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke!

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