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Dodgers News: Justin Turner Will Be Unavailable Again on Friday in New York

The Dodgers just got done playing a series without the help of Mookie Betts and Justin Turner. And despite not having those 2 All-Stars in the lineup, Los Angeles took 2 of 3 from a very good Phillies team.

They’re going to have to do it again with JT and Mookie on Friday night in Queens. Betts is not on the injured list with that hip issue, and Justin is still nursing a strained groin that he sustained on Sunday in Los Angeles. 

Dave Roberts had previously said that they expected Turner back for the Mets series. He said multiple times that he would not be available in the Dodgers series against the Phillies, but that they were planning on having him in there this weekend. 

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Obviously, something changed along the way. Perhaps JT did not progress from that groin strain as quickly as they would have liked, so they’re giving him another day down. But if he;’s not in the Dodgers lineup, there is a good chance he does not play at all on Friday. 

Turner had a good spot to hit in Thursday afternoon’s game against the Phillies in the 9th inning, but Doc said he was unavailable after the game. The Dodgers will likely continue to go with Chris Taylor at the hot corner while he is out, but they need to make an IL decision on JT sooner rather than later. 

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    1. The Dodgers and Roberts should have had him on the IL already! I just hate how they let players ride the pile hoping for a 2 or 3 day recovery, thus shooting themselves in the foot by playing short handed all the time. Roberts IMHO as well as the rest of this team don’t deserve to be division winners this year.

      1. I agree with you 1 trillion percent. That is exactly what happened to Mookie. Like I said, this would be the third consecutive year in a row where JT will end up on the IL.

  1. Roberts is the most clueless and inept manager in baseball, so versed at side stepping the team’s real issues. Also not to mention his poor in game management skills But injuries aren’t his fault. This team is just not healthy enough to compete right now, at least not to overtake the Giants to win the division. A one and done WC game is pretty much all they can hope for at this time.

  2. Groin injuries are not the worst injuries in the world. But they are nagging injuries. You really can’t do anything but wait for them to improve over time. And they can easily be reaggravated. Both Mookie and JT will likely deal with lingering issues for the rest of the year. Mookie may need surgery if they can ever find out what the real problem is. Trea Turner naturally slots into the leadoff spot now, with Mookie’s injury, and will likely stay there for the rest of his time with the Dodgers.

  3. Giant’s home grown guys are better than ours and more prepared for MLB. Dodgers have had the lowest of draft picks for several years now due to finishing in 1st the last 8 years. There wasn’t a single player brought up this year to cover those injuries that made any difference at all. And many of those minor leaguers may never really make it up in MLB.

  4. Managers are there to make a difference in close games! Everyone knows who the best players are, the ball boy could put the best players on the field. A good manager should win a least 50% of extra inning and one run games. If we don’t change the manager, nothing will change. GET MIKE!!

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