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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Doubts MLB Lockout Ending Anytime Soon

In a regular year, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts would be in Glendale, Arizona for spring training right now. Due to the MLB lockout, Roberts is back in LA golfing and spending time with his family. Make no mistake, he’s ready for the MLB season to start. 

Jack O’Hara of the O’SHOW asked Roberts if he thought the lockout was going to end “anytime soon”. Brace yourselves Dodgers fans, Roberts’ answer was far from encouraging.

“You know what, I’m an optimistic guy, but I was planning on leaving on Monday [for Glendale], but I got word from some people today that they’re not as optimistic as we are so I’m still planning on coming out on Monday, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen.”

Roberts also gave his unfiltered opinion on why MLB and the MLBPA have been unable to come to an agreement so far.

“We can remain hopeful, but I’ll tell you right now – both sides just don’t like or trust each other. It’s just a bad combo.”

On Tuesday, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced the cancellation of the first two series of the regular season after MLB and the MLBPA were unable to agree to a new CBA before the league imposed deadline.

Manfred’s press conference was the culmination of years of bad blood between MLB and the MLBPA.

In his introduction, O’Hara informed Roberts that he was interviewing the Dodgers managers from Glendale. Or as O’Hara labeled it, “exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.”

Roberts responded in kind.

“I’m pissed. I should be there, you’re right.”

According to reports, the MLB and MLBPA met on Thursday to discuss key topics and a rough timeline for future negotiations.

Based on Roberts’ comments and the last two weeks of negotiations, don’t bank on a new CBA being completed over the weekend.

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