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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Excited to Face Old Friend Alex Wood in the Postseason

The Dodgers will be going up against a familiar face in game three of the National League Division Series on Monday. The San Francisco Giants are deploying former Dodgers lefty Alex Wood in a game that could have huge implications for the outcome of the series. 

Manager Dave Roberts is very familiar with Wood and raved about the now San Francisco starter as well as what he formerly meant to the Dodgers in the past seasons. 

Roberts mentioned game six of last year’s World Series matchup in which Wood had a strong outing for the club. A difference maker of an outing.

“I don’t think we get through game six without Alex Wood and his valuable innings,” Roberts said. “Obviously, I showed a lot of confidence in him at that point in time of the game to get him out there and take down some huge outs.” 

Roberts doubled down on his praise of Wood, crediting his competitiveness and confidence. 

“I have a very good respect and admiration for him (Wood), consider him a friend and he’s a great competitor,” Roberts said. “I think he feels he’s always the best option, which as major league ballplayers, is a good thing.” 

The Dodgers skipper said he expects Wood’s full repertoire to be on display on Monday. 

“It’s a fastball, it’s a slider, slurvy type pitch  and it’s a changeup,” Roberts said. “He pitched to all quadrants. He likes to get strike one and he’ll be prepared for us because he knows our guys pretty well too.” 

Roberts was asked about whether or not Wood and the Dodgers’ familiarity with each other will have an impact on game three. 

“I think it’s on the day,” Roberts said when asked if either Wood or the club will have any kind of advantage in game three. “And think that’s what’s gonna be fun to see how this goes. You know, is he gonna go fastball to get ahead or is he gonna throw the curveball to steal a strike.” 

Roberts said the game should be fun and will ultimately come down to execution.” 

“We know it, he knows it and that’s kind of the fun part,” Roberts said. “And ultimately, it just really comes down to execution.”

The playoff series shifts to Los Angeles starting tonight with first pitch set for 6:37 PM PT at Dodger Stadium.

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  1. Lol, “excited” ya because the Dodgers are going to light him like a Christmas tree! “Familiarity” more often than not is advantage hitter!

    Good luck Giants. You’ve seen Max once this year? And he has figured out his mechanics?

    Game 3 will be the battle equivalent of Nuclear Weapons vs BB guns and pea-shooters.

  2. Nowhere to post this message today, but I have to say that Joe Kelly should NOT pitch again for our team. He failed, as usual, in game 2, and was bailed out by the great defense of Turner and Betts.

    1. Jim, ok I’ll take up the defense for Kelly. He gave up one run to a 107w team when he had a 5 run lead? I hardly would call that a failure. I think you are discounting the offensive capabilities of a really good team IMVHO. Kelly came into a super-high leverage situation vs the Cards in an elimination game and got two great hitters out. I think you’re being a bit harsh here.

      1. Yeah i’m defending kelly too. He’s been a monster for us this year. especially when it started out so horrible for him. I’d rather see Kelly than Kenley at the end. IMO Kelly should throw after Jansen. Pitch Jansen in the 9th as closer, but if he get’s into ” ANY” trouble bring in Kelly, and throw kelly in extra’s also…

        1. Kirk, I’m gunna back Jansen here too. Kenley has been flat out on fire since his mid-season meltdown vs the Giants. It’s almost like he’s a different pitcher! His cutter is back and he’s mixing in that slider? Downright nasty!

          1. Yes Df4life, but he can just have 1 off night and walk people then he has to groove pitches and wahlah, blown game. He has been extremely good down the stretch but Drrrrrrr’s weakness is never having anyone left for extra innings. my point is to pitch Kenley earlier maybe end of 8th, or into 9th depending on the strength of the order. But I’d keep Knebel for 7th,Trienen 8th, Kenley 9th, and save kelly for later in the game rather than earlier. Drrr always throws Kelly in 6th or 7th.

  3. Kirk, as far of order of bullpen usage is concerned, I really think it boils down to match ups. And I think these are the decisions which are always 20-20 in hindsight.

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