Dodgers: Dave Roberts’ Hilarious Reaction to Cody Bellinger’s Confusing Walk-Off Homerun

When Cody Bellinger took Daniel Bard deep to end the game on Saturday, who knew it would end up being one of the funniest sequences we’ve ever seen in baseball. There were so many levels to the Dodgers’ walk-off that we almost had to break it down. 

The first great part is that Cody couldn’t even tell where the ball went off of his bat initially. In the replay, he can be seen looking straight up in the air, then to the outfield, and once again straight up. Bellinger later admitted in a postgame interview with Dodgers media that he really didn’t see the ball at first

The next entertaining piece of the sequence came when Cody was trying to determine whether or not the ball went out. He can be seen passing several times rounding first base and shrugging while looking around for some sort of confirmation. Dodgers players and coaches also weren’t exactly sure what ha happened. 

And finally, our absolute favorite part of those glorious 30 seconds. The walk-off celebration at home plate represents everything that has been strange about the 2020 season so far. Cody said that celebrating with his Dodgers teammates felt like a Wii Sports moment, and that it was very strange. 

Apparently, Dave Roberts’ first reaction was the health and safety of his players. It just so happens that it was communicated in a hilarious way to the Dodgers players. 

Dave Roberts yelling at his players to socially distance is the most dad thing I have ever seen on a ball field, and I’m here for it. The Dodgers moved to a 21-8 record, four games above the streaking Padres. 

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  1. The Dodgers have the ability to hold teams close and win a game matching up against the other teams bullpen.
    Nice to see Bellinger beginning to get his swing back the Dodgers will need him as there isn’t any reward for a team winning the regular season.
    Dodger have to play in a 3 game series which means its very possible a team not as talented can get Hot or a bad ball bounce can eliminate them.
    The best way would have been the division leaders to get a bye but the MLB was too greedy and wanted more games to generate revenue.

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