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Dodgers: Matt Beaty Got Some Hitting Advice From Old Friend David Freese

The Dodgers have always leaned very heavily on the veteran presences in their clubhouse. Guys like David Freese and Chase Utley come to mind when you think of guys that had a big influence on the younger players. 

And as it turns out, Freese is still filling that role to some extent. Matt Beaty talked with Dodgers media this weekend and discussed some things he has done differently to be more successful over the last few games. Beaty revealed that he had talked a lot about his approach with Freese last year, and again right before the season started.

Freeser talked to me a lot about that last year. Just watching the game and watching how the pitcher attacks guys in front of you and what he’s landing for strikes, how’s he moving his fastball in and out of the zone. Up, down, whatever it is. Going up there with a game plan helps a lot… I talked to him right before the season started. Just congratulating him for a newborn. He’s a great teammate, he’s missed this year for sure, but I think he’s doing alright.

When the Dodgers traded for David Freese in August 2018, the leadership and experience he brought was part of the reason they wanted him. The younger players on the team immediately took to Freese, and he could be seen working with a number of them in the cage. Freese retired in October of 2019 after Los Angeles was booted from the playoffs by the Nationals. 

Matt Beaty has come alive as of late for the Dodgers, with six hits in his last twelve at-bats. Beaty has een given a few more opportunities with Edwin Rios on the injured list. Rios is expected to return to the roster soon.

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  1. Need EVERYONE to find their stroke for the playoffs the regular season is a Dress Rehearsal and doesn’t mean anything…
    What does a Team you get if they win the Division NOTHING! They get the same as the last team in the playoffs a 3 game series.

  2. There’s only two guys I would consider adding to the team at this point, Russell Martin and David Freeze. Veteran leadership and ability to hit the ball are critical for a catcher. David Freeze would be a valuable pinch hitter, and since we have this bs designated hitter this year he would be perfect in that role.

      1. I hope the DH is here to stay. Pitchers are too valuable to risk at bat and on base paths and the game needs as much offense as it can get.

    1. I agree with you about Russel Martin. Although Barnes has been better offensively lately.

    2. Freese retired. Get over it. He was great and I loved having him on the team, but he just had another child and I doubt he would come back, especially during the pandemic.

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