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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Looks at LA’s Run After Getting Swept and No Hit

The Dodgers bottomed out a little more than one week ago. After getting swept by the Padres in San Diego, they returned home and got no hit by the Cubs at Dodger Stadium. The club sat 4.5 games out of first place in the NL West and the walls seemed like they were crumbling down. At least to the fan base.

8 days later and it’s a whole new ballgame for the boys in blue.

After rattling off a 7th straight win, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was asked about that low point for LA. Was that the turning point for the season?

I think people are always looking for turning points and you can look at that. I don’t think anyone is thinking about that as far out as we are from that particular night. I don’t know if it was a wake-up call, a turning point, whatever it was. But I do think that you can see from that point we’ve collectively been really good offensively. It’s good winning baseball.

Since June 25th, the Dodger offense has been mostly clicking, and the starting pitching has been lights out. On top of that, the bullpen has allowed only 2 earned runs over 23.1 innings.

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With all that said, this current stretch of winning isn’t the first such streak. The Dodgers have been consistently streaky all season long. Or consistently inconsistent, if that floats your boat. With hot stretches where they’ve gone 13-2, 12-1, and 10-2 respectively, they’ve also mixed several mini losing streaks including a painful stretch where they lost 15 of 20.

All in all the usual up and downs of a full 162 game season. 

The sweep in San Diego was amplified by the spirit of that series — little brother wanted to beat up on big brother. And they did. And it was embarrassing. But while that was marked as a huge achievement for the Padres in their up and down season, it was only a flesh wound for the Dodgers

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