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Dodgers: Julio Urias Calls Joe Kelly’s Mariachi Coat at White House ‘Special’

It stole the headlines yesterday (at least the fun ones). On a day where the Dodgers visited the White House and were honored for the club’s 2020 title, a relief pitcher stole the show at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Joe Kelly Joseph Kelly was dressed to the nines in his recently acquired mariachi jacket. A jacket he wore in the same room as the President.

While most found the wardrobe choice fun and funny, Dodgers’ starting pitcher Julio Urias found the moment to be a little more special.

It was pretty special for me, being Mexican. Obviously, that’s what we have in Mexico that’s the most recognizable – the mariachi. I think that what he did by wearing [the mariachi coat] was incredible. As a Mexican, it feels really great to see him choose to wear that.

The Culiacán, Mexico native was the winning pitcher against the Nationals in Washington last night, his first career win at Nationals Park.

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2021 marks the 40th anniversary of Fernandomania in baseball and Dodger lore. The legendary Fernando Valenzuela was signed out of Mexico in 1979 and became a baseball phenomenon by 1981. For Julio, he made his mark in the Dodger history books as he recorded the final 9 outs in LA’s World Series clinching game 6 win over the Tampa Bay Rays.

Nine months later, he and his teammates were honored at the White House for that triumph. And he was honored by the jacket Joe Kelly chose to wear.

Fun little baseball tidbits that mean nothing and a whole lot all at the same time.

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  1. But of course the dodgers wouldn’t go to the White House if Trump were president. I really lose all respect when people can’t put beside political differences and just respect the office. Kind of lost respect for Dave Roberts when he said that.

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