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Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw On What Separates Los Angeles From Other MLB Teams

When Clayton Kershaw first arrived in the big leagues, the Dodgers were in a very different spot than they are today. The organization had just enough money to be sightly successful, but with no plans for long-term competition. Frank McCourt was running the team into the ground and the ship was sinking. 

Then the Guggenheim group swooped in and completely change the dynamic and future of the Dodgers. Since that day, Los Angeles has fielded a team almost every single year capable of winning a World Series title. That’s what keeps Kershaw happy out in LA. 

He recently spoke with NBC Chicago’s Gordon Wittenmyer about the difference between the Dodgers and the Cubs. In his praise for his own team, Kershaw also pointed out why the Cubs haven’t been able to replicate their 2016 success. 

It hasn’t ever been a rebuild. It’s been a reload every year. We don’t trade Yu Darvish in the offseason, either. We don’t do that. That’s a testament to this organization. The Cubs are a good team this year. Their offense is really, really good. They’re going to be in the hunt. And it’d be interesting to see what they would do, regardless. But it would be even more interesting if they had Darvish to see what they could do.

And he’s certainly right about that. The Dodgers roster continues to take HUGE steps forward every year while also building for the future. They’re here to compete this year, and they’re set up to compete 10 years from now. It’s the best of both worlds. 

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So while the Cubs flounder to keep pace in the NL Central, the Dodgers just racked up their 50th win of the season. Sure, they’re in second place and chasing the Giants at the moment. But San Francisco also has the best record in MLB right now. 


  1. The Cubs just lack the bank account to stay up with the Dodgers, few teams do. I hope Kershaw finishes his career in LA but will congratulate the Rangers if he wants to end at home. He could make a great manager for them in the future.

  2. Clayton has been around this organization long enough and seen the ups and downs, change of ownerships, GM’s, and the culture of various teams to know how focused this organization is right now. He at anytime could have left after his contract ended but negotiated in good faith and stayed. He also knows with the present Bauer distraction is not going to affect this team w/ their strong and experienced veterans tutoring their young and talented journeymen. I see this team is solidly grounded— minus one bad apple — compared to past years. I see no “I” or “ ME” first on this years team. Hearing their interviews they always talk about TEAM first.

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