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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Names His Starting Rotation

The Dodgers look like they are very close to getting their Opening Day roster locked in. While Dave Roberts does still need to figure out his bench and bullpen, everything else appears to be locked in with less than two weeks until first pitch in Colorado. 

One of the key components for Roberts to figure out was the starting rotation. They had plenty of names in contention for the job, but the back-end of the rotation could have been filled out several different ways. But we now know what that rotation will look like. 

Speaking to the media on Sunday afternoon, Roberts announced what the rotation would look like for the Dodgers. Obviously, it will be headlined by Clayton Kershaw, Walker Buehler, and Julio Urias. But Doc also added that Andrew Heaney and Tony Gonsolin would be the two guys to fill out the final spots. 

The Gonsolin move makes sense, especially given how much he appears to have gotten his control issues dialed in. When he’s on, Gonsolin can be a very good starter and proved that in his 2020 campaign. But issues with walks really tore through his 2021 season, and that resulted in a demotion to the bullpen. 

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The most questionable part by far though is Andrew Heaney. The Dodgers signed him to an $8.5 million deal this offseason with hopes that he could find his form in Los Angeles, Early on though, he looks to have even lost some of his good stuff. Heaney has been rocked for 10 runs across his two Spring Training appearances so far. 

Relying on him to bounce back is a tough look, but David Price and Tyler Anderson are not built up enough. But from what it sounds like, the plan is for Anderson to take down multiple innings, possibly in a piggy-back role to start out the year. That helps current starters build up through the first month. 


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  1. Putting Heaney in the rotation is a heinous error. He will be shelled. He’s taking up roster spot for someone productive. Swallow the $8.5M and release him now. Tyler Anderson may not be ready but in his sole opportunity this spring, he looked pretty good. LA will eventually have to release or trade David Price, too. He’s a 36-year-old who has seen his best days.

  2. Gonsolin’s lack of effectiveness was due to a sore shoulder. He is healed and looks good now. Who knows which Heaney will show up.

  3. No worries about Heaney, Drrrr Doc will let him get shelled 3 or 4 more times and Friedman will come up with a injury as we will only be 4 games back afterward. It’s all good….Early season games don’t matter, it’s in sep that Drrr cares about..

    1. It’s ALL roberts fault the DODGERS DID NOT Win the Division last year. The last time the DODGERS faced the giants, roberts brought Jansen in, & he proceeded to give up 4 runs, & lose the game. Then, the very next day, roberts brought Jansen back in, with a lead, & he gave up ANOTHER 4 runs, & took the loss. The ONLY REASON roberts brought Jansen back that second game, was because the crowd booed Jansen the night before. He had to show EVERYONE who was the boss, and it cost the DODGERS DEARLY, since they only lost the Division by 1 game. roberts makes huge blunders, EVERY, SINGLE YEAR. Had the DODGERS won the Division last year, their pitching would have been in order, all throughout the playoff’s

        1. There are several games last year that Dr Doc blew for the Dodgers. No worries Dave, Dr Doc said we’re winning the world Series this year. So just like he said as he wouldn’t be visiting the White house when we would win in 2019, and just like he said we were winning the division last year, have no worries. Dr Doc has spoken!!!!!

  4. Looks like time for rhp Andre Jackson and Mitch White who are rookies but with very good stuff.

    1. They couldn’t be any worse. This years off season pitching moves were TOTAL dumpster dives again. Tyler Anderson is the ONLY one that may work out. Looks like the trade deadline again if anything….

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