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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Not Ready to Call the Padres Matchup a Rivalry

There’s no denying that games between the Dodgers and Padres have a different feel to them in 2020. Compared to every other regular-season game, the Los Angeles versus San Diego matchups have very much had a playoff atmosphere around them.

And the good news for fans is that the feeling is very good for baseball. The Padres are young and exciting to watch, and the Dodgers are in the middle of a run of dominance in the National League West. While all of that is fun to watch, Dave Roberts isn’t ready to call it a rivalry just yet. 

I think a rivalry comes about with history, so people are trying to make it as such which is fine. But yeah, like you initially said our goal is to win a series. 

For Doc, there has to be a little bit more history there to be a rivalry. The Dodgers and Padres are obviously in the National League West together, but San Diego has only recently started to compete. If they can keep up this run of success, then there very well might be a new rivalry brewing out west. 

When you look at this year, there are a couple of moments that make it seem like there’s a rivalry in the making. The collision at home plate with Will Smith and Fernando Tatis Jr back in August felt like the start of everything, and it’s built up since then. San Diego has done plenty of trash-talking since then, including Trent Grisham’s dramatic homerun off of Clayton Kershaw in September. 

Maybe there’s not enough history yet, but this NLDS matchup could very well kick it off for years to come. Buckle up, everyone. 

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  1. Just be quiet. When the media brings up stupid topics or questions walk out or don’t answer. Be like LaRussa

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