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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Reacts to the Cat That Stormed the Field at Coors

It’s not every day that you get to see a cat run across the field during a ballgame. But the few times that it does happen, fans spend all year talking about that cat. That appears to be the case already with Dodgers fans as the cat lit up the internet. 

In the 8th inning of the Dodgers game against the Rockies, a grey cat took off across the infield. He ultimately settled in the outfield before trying to make a break for the outfield wall. That’s when Coors Field security took down the streaker. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts was in the dugout when the cat took the field. When I asked him in jest if he planned on adding the speedy cat to the taxi squad, Doc had a good laugh and shred his angle of the event. 

I don’t know if that was a lynx, a cat, I don’t know what that was. It kind of went right by me. it was an aggressive size of a cat breed, it had some big ole ears. I’m glad those guys did a good job of retrieving it, rescuing it, and we got to play some baseball. But I don’t see that as our rally cat anytime in the future. 

The cat will no doubt be disappointed to learn that he has not made the roster this year. Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger briefly appeared to try and help before stepping back to let the professionals cart off the feline. 

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The Dodgers went on to beat the Rockies by a score of 11 to 6 in their first win of the season. The two teams are back at it again on Saturday evening in Colorado. Walker Buehler will take on Jon Gray in that matchup. 

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  1. Strange that no comments are allowed for the 2 stories aboit the all-star game being pulled from Atlanta. Well, not really. Wonder if either Magic or Roberts even read the bill, or are they simply just repeating what they’ve neard.

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