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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Ready to Lean On Walker Buehler in Game 3

This NLCS has not started out well for the Dodgers and it’s starting to feel a lot like the 2020 NLCS. Los Angeles has dropped two games already to the Braves and although they could’ve easily gone in favor of the Dodgers, they’ll head back to Dodger Stadium with a deficit to cut into. They’ll do so behind Walker Buehler.

Buehler who last pitched in Game 4 of the NLDS, will make his first appearance in the NLCS. A bullpen game to start the series didn’t work out well enough, and Dave Roberts pulled Max Scherzer out earlier in game 2, albeit Scherzer was worn out by then. However, this time around, Doc is going to heavily rely on a well-rested Buehler to carry the load.

“With Walker being on extra rest, I think I have to have him, push him to go deeper is certainly a very good option.”

Buehler is coming off of his first start on shortened rest. He responded well to the task tossing 4 1/3 innings allowing 1 run and striking out 4. This time he makes his start with extra rest which means the Atlanta Braves will have their work cut out for them.

“He’s feeling great. He’s got the extra rest … and he feels great. He’ll be ready to go.”

Buehler should be able to limit the Braves offense during the game, but the offense will need to do its job and give him some run support. The problem is, the Dodgers have struggled to produce runs behind Buehler all year. Usually, Buhler would only need a couple of runs to seal the deal, but this Braves team has already shown they’ll chip away the lead little by little until they come out on top.

It’s up to Walker to stop that from happening, which shouldn’t be too hard if he has one of those days.


  1. Come on Dodgers. We absolutely need to win all games at home, then win game 6 in Atlanta.

    1. Can do! Off to a good start in game 3…one game, one AB, one pitch at a time…relentless pressure and productive outs!

    2. It’s time to start reminding these writers that Friedman gave Drrrrrrrrrr EVERY player, pitchers possible to win with this team. The SPA days , then relentless use of bellinger.Mckinney, and the brrod of 150 hitters while keeping lux and beaty in triple A was absolutely absurd from Drrrrrrrrr. There’s already a story about how Joc wasn’t offered anything. This Is 75% on Drrrrrrrrr and his Bias sitting of a few people and Spa days. The Giants series win was awesome and the team gave all, but they were mentally exhausted by the strain of the grueling season. Losing Bauer and Muncy was a lot, but don’t start blaming the front office for losing Joc and kike’ , blame Drrrrrrrrrr, he wouldn’t play them full time……. Keep, friedman, let Drrrrrrrrrrr manage in Baltimore…

  2. A stark reminder about the difference between this year’s and lasts team. Last year Dodgers had Joc Peterson, Mike Hernandez, Alex Verdugo, CT3, etc. to pinch hit. This year we have Souza. Any questions?

  3. Why does MLB schedule a 2 p.m. game at Dodger Stadium? Infield in the shade, blinding sun in the outfield. Yes, it affects both teams but why?

  4. When they break the broom out, I hope Doc The Dic gets removed along with the rest of the garbage.
    What do you think of that dikforlife?

  5. I been noticing that Buhler starts getting real mad when umpire doesn’t give him the strike like yesterday vs Pederson it was a strike . Walker needs to relax Urias has been getting robbed of strikes all year. Hopefull that game 4 umpire is more fair cause game 3 was favoring Braves.

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