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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Speaks On Gavin Lux’s Call-up Status

Recently, Dodgers Nation had the opportunity to talk with the next big thing, prospect Gavin Lux. Indeed, Lux is hammering AAA pitching at a rapid pace; and his ascent to the big leagues is quickly approaching.

On Saturday, Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts said before the game that Lux is going to be with the big league club in 2019. Furthermore, trusted scribes Bill Plunkett and Ken Gurnick released tweets describing the context.

Obviously, we are all very excited to see Lux. However, it seems like the general feeling when reading between the lines is that Lux will be a September call-up when rosters expand. Equally important, the ‘apprenticing’ language seem like it won’t be in any type of regular starting or impact role.

Currently, Lux is hitting .450 in 33 games at AAA Oklahoma City with 10 home runs and a 1.359 OPS. It’s fair to say that he has little left to prove in the minor leagues, so the Dodgers are just allowing him to get a little more seasoning before awarding him with that official beautiful big league uniform.

To jump out of the ‘news’ for a moment and into my ‘take’ voice: look up some video of Lux hitting home runs in AAA. Watch what the outfielders do when he connects with the ball. They don’t even move – evidence of the type of power that this middle infielder displays.

It’s always fun to get excited about a prospect – a new member of the clubhouse and seed that you can watch grow. Then, there is a mega-prospect that has a chance to be a superstar and carve out accolades as a generational talent.

From all things out there on Lux – including his resume during this rapid rise through the minors – he is going to be a player we all remember for a long time. And that chapter is getting closer with every passing moment.

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  1. Stupid keeping him at aaa,when he could be playing second base for the dodgers right now,kike not consistent.

  2. Agree with Luis. Lux at 2B, Muncy at 1B.
    Why was Lux missing from OKC Dodger Sunday game?

  3. Taylor and Hernandez will be activated soon. White is pretty much first gone at this point. I would guess Negron is next. But what about Rios? And what about Freese coming back? If I’m not mistaken, if Lux is to be considered for the postseason roster, he needs to be in the 25 man roster prior to September (unless there is an injury). We have an interesting scenario developing here.

    1. Per MLB’s collective bargaining agreement, a player does not have to be on a team’s 25-man active roster to be eligible for post-season play. The player only has to be on the team’s 40-man roster. This means Lux is eligible for post-season play regardless of whether he is called up prior to September 1. There is no reason at all to cut White or Negron. They are valuable insurance pieces who will be on the expanded September roster. The Dodgers played the trade deadline extremely well. No big names, but quite a bit of value in adding Sadler, Kolarek, White and Negron, along with May and Gonsolin. The deepest roster in baseball is well-stocked in case of injuries. No FP person out there is better than Andrew Friedman. Under his guidance, the Dodgers have gotten better every year. This includes both the major league team and farm system. Dodger fans should hope he stays put for quite a long time. Ditto Dave Roberts. They are the best FO-field manager combo the franchise has ever had.

      1. Which does mean that when Lux comes up here, he of course will be put on the 40 man roster should they see a fit for him during the PS. BTW I have seen a few of Lux ‘s HR’s in AAA and I have to believe that he has the longest perhaps of even anyone here even on the current 25 man roster.

    2. I agree, Wayne. I would let Lux play as much as possible in Triple A until the end of August. Then, bring him up. Let him explore the stadium, learn pre and post game procedures, and insert him into games where he is needed. The key is what his role will be. Taylor, Hernandez deserve their spots back. However, using Lux at second, with Mad Max at second, Corey at short, and Red at third is awesome. You can never have enough hitting or pitching. Kudos to Max Muncy for playing where ever the teams needs him and without any loss of power. Go Blue!!!

      1. Good day BLUE LOU! Both myself and PD Jr. agree here. Lux at 2B whenever that time comes and Muncy at 1st works defensively anyway. I didn’t say this earlier in the year but for now anyway Bellinger serves the team well in RF. But we know Joc ‘s days at 1st base are over so he has to be in the OF somewhere then as a result.

        1. AZUL, Belles has an athleticism that is off the charts. He is as smooth at first as Wes Parker, and has a cannon for an arm when he is in the outfield.
          Frankly, I would love an outfield of Belles, Verdugo in center, and Joc in left. Pollock is overpaid in relation to his long injury history. Go Blue!!! And, Go PD JR!!!!

        2. Anyone have any idea why Tyler White is on the rooster and playing first? He is terrible at the plate and frankly the whole righty/lefty thing doesn’t work when he can’t hit anything from any arm. His defense is sort of average. I don’t like putting Bellinger at first because of possible injury to his shoulders in going after ground balls, as has been mentioned here before. Muncy at first is pretty good, but so is Beaty. Joc at first base reminded me of Pedro Gurerro at 3B about 1985 when he said his first thought was , “Please don’t hit the ball to me” and his second was “Please don’t hit it to Sax.”

  4. Perhaps Joc’s days are numbered and locked so once Lux is permanently up (next year).

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