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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Talks Gavin Lux’s Learning Curve in the Outfield

The Dodgers are now 5-0 in the return of the Lux era. Since being recalled from Triple-A late last week, Gavin Lux has 5 hits and has been a spark at the bottom of the lineup for LA — something Dave Roberts had hoped for when he returned.

Importantly, Gavin has sparked all while playing out of position, settling in to an outfield spot for the first time in his career. The transition hasn’t been all that pretty, but it has been serviceable. His speed helping him cover for some rough jumps and interesting routes.

It is absolutely apparent that Lux is still learning on the job in left field, working through some communication issues along the way. And it’s something Doc isn’t overly worried about.

“We’ll clean that up but the thing I like is that he’s not playing tentatively out there. Where sometimes guys that don’t have the experience out in the outfield or change the position are more tentative, but I like his aggressive out there, we just gotta clean up that communication.”

Quickly, Lux is making his case for postseason playing time over the slumping Cody Bellinger. With AJ Pollock ramping up for a rehab assignment over the weekend, we could possibly see a very different LA outfield in October.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. I think it’s hilarious when the phrase “the slumping Cody Bellinger” is thrown about. A slump could be as long as a week or two. Not a year or two! His hot steak (a double) came to an end last night

      1. I completely disagree with you Dan. He ABSOLUTELY WILL be traded this offseason because he sucks and does not deserve to be with the Dodgers. At least I hope so.

  2. Bellinger had his Glory Year. The pitchers figured out the massive defects in his stance, approach, etc. Now unless he gets some humility and changes all of the above he will be mediocre with one Glory Year. Bellinger has talent. Is he willing or able to change?
    We all learn throughout our lives that the only constant is change. You have to continue to evolve change your outlook.
    If Bellinger is smart he will take this winter to completely change his stance, approach, and swing. He has proven he cannot hit quality pitches inside (Strikes out or pops it up) and is a swing and miss or weak ground ball guy to the outside pitch.

  3. Bellinger isn’t swinging hard and is also late. His flyballs to the outfield are routine outs that don’t even make it to the warning track. He never even reached .300 BA in the minors, but I still think his issue is adhesions due to scaring in the healing of his shoulder surgery. He needs to break those adhesions loose or his career is OVER. Just a laymen’s opinion….

  4. I have to give Lux a lot of credit. He is doing whatever he can to (a) help the team and (b) get himself back in the lineup.

  5. Ref Lux, can you imagine being an infielder thrust into left field for the World Champs at the tail end of a tight pennant race when guys are hitting bullets your way and every game is nearly a must win??!! Hats off to Lux, but I question the wisdom of throwing him out there. He will be exposed, I just hope the cost is not too high!

  6. What’s really Ironic is how long Spock Roberts left Lux and Beaty down at OKC while he kept Mckinnley-Bellinger-Souza Mckinstry all up on the big club crippling the offence and stunting the teams hopes of scoring. He kept those 4 inept players in the line up for entirely WAYYYY TOOOO Long. The media talks about how “All of the sudden” the offence has come alive and having much better AB’s? Since Roberts brought up lux and beaty, sent Mckinnley and souza packing, miraculously “all of the sudden” the team is getting production from the part of the line up where there was NOTHING-Zilch for the better of 2.5 months. Hats off to Lux, but at the same time, anyone with a baseball IQ of 20 could figure out that 3 players hitting a combined 160 clogging up 2-3 spots in “ANY” teams batting order would make a team slump…….. DRRRRRRRRRRRRR………….

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