Dodgers: Dave Roberts Thinks Zach McKinstry Will Contribute This Season

The Dodgers spring camps are always packed full of names fans don’t know. Whether it’s deep minor league talent or a low-risk free agent signing, there always seems to be a few unknowns. Max Muncy was that guy two years ago and Chris Taylor was in the same boat in 2017.

Zach McKinstry may not be a household name for Dodgers fans but he certainly should be. Drafted in the 33rd round in 2016, McKinstry has already shown that he can shine offensively. The left-handed-hitting infielder/outfielder hit exceptionally well at Triple-A last year, putting up a .382/.421/.752 slash line with 7 homeruns in 26 games.

More importantly, Dave Roberts likes what he sees from him so far in Spring. Speaking to reporters on Monday, Roberts noted that McKinstry could see time at the big league level for the Dodgers in 2020.

Zach is an interesting player and has performed himself into being a real guy as far as being on the roster…I really pull for guys like that…He can play anywhere on the diamond…he condcts really good at-bats…He’s a guy that I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him sometime this year.

High praise from the manager of one of the deepest rosters in all of baseball. From the outside, it does look like there is not a place for McKinstry in the current roster. The Dodgers are stacked with talent and have really only added to their positional player depth from last year.

Regardless, Roberts and the Dodgers staff have liked what he has seen the last few years from him and that could translate to a big-league promotion.

Certain players, you have to see play for an extended period of time to really aprpeciate what they can do…He just doesn’t make mistakes as far as mental mistakes…We put him on the roster to get to learn more about Zach.

McKinstry will turn 25 this April and is yet to make his Major League debut. The Dodgers will have plenty of options to choose from, but only have a few weeks to make some key roster decisions.



    1. You beat me to the punch on this one, AZUL!!!! Of course, with the number of outfielders we have, we may not see this gentleman play for quite a while. I am hoping he is a RHB. Say hello to PD jr. for me. Go Blue!!!!!

      1. BLUE LOU! McKinstry is a LHB. But he has looked great at SS from what has been seen. And ya never know, but after the 2021 season Seager becomes a FA and his agent is none other than Scott Boras. So it just may well be that MCkinstry replaces Seager in a couple of years because it’s not a certainty that Seager will be re-signed by Dodgers and he may still get dealt before he becomes a FA so wss.

    2. Paul he only had 13 at bats against LH pitching at AAA and batted .313 had 73 at bats against RH pitching hit .397 so very limited sample. He hit .267 LH & .297 RH in AA last year.
      He may be like Lux and Smith where he has good at bats no matter the side.
      Seeing the negative sarcastic comments here (not from you Paul) you would think this club is a perennial cellar dweller instead of a 7 time NL West champion. Some people are just negative. You read the comments on these Dodger articles and is it they are mostly negative some people just need to complain and are not happy with their lives. Great news is they have to live with themselves.

  1. I hear the Dodgers are considering opening a new baseball/sports retail outlet. The only holdup is the name. They can’t decide between “Lefties R Us” and “Left-handers Surplus”. They are fairly certain they can corner the market.

    1. LOL. With the acquisition of Betts and if Pollock starts in LF, the Dodger lineup in 2020 at the beginning looks balanced in a way it has not been for quite a few years. The lineup would have 4 LHB and 4 RHB. But we know that will not last.

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