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Dodgers: Roberts Confirms Where Lux Will Be Playing in 2020

In a media huddle prior to Sunday’s game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts confirmed Gavin Lux‘s role in 2020. The organization’s top prospect will continue taking reps at second base, where Roberts envisions him going forward.

Lux came up in 2019 and spent all of his time playing second base, logging all 178 of his defensive innings there. This comes after Lux spent almost 80 percent of his defensive time at shortstop coming up through the minor leagues.

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On a lot of other teams in baseball, Gavin Lux would likely be the starting shortstop. The Dodgers happen to be fortunate in that they already have a cornerstone piece at short in Corey Seager. They also have the luxury of Max Muncy, Chris Taylor, and Enrique Hernandez as being viable options all over the infield.

While Lux will get most of his starts at second base, Roberts would not go as far as naming him the starter.

We still got a long way to go to make that decision, but Gavin is certainly in that conversation.

On whether Lux makes the 26-man roster to start the year, Doc does say that he’s “earned it but has to continue to earn it,” much like utility man Matt Beaty in his eyes.

The 21-year-old Lux slashed .240/.305/.400 and hit two home runs in his first taste of big-league action last season.

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  1. F*ck that. Send him back. I’m sure even when he’s slumping he’ll still be in the lineup because dodgers wanna make him ROY and he’s the only rookie that hasn’t gone back and forth. No thank you. I’ll be tuning out when he starts.

    1. Where is that negativity coming from “dodgers101”? You bitch like a “padres101.” Your probably a cross dressing padres fan. Take a hike ahole. Lux is going to be an everyday stater and excel.

        1. Hey Don, 2nd base appears to be Lux’s to lose, wss. There are many here in ST to get some looks but in the end we do know that no team can keep all the prospects. some will move to other teams or perhaps never see a big league field.

    2. When the Dodgers failed to get Rendon, which was a huge swing and miss, Lux defaulted into second base. Lindor, Bryant, and Arenado remain future possible aquisitions which would shift Turner to first, Muncy to second, and Lux, most like to the team we trade with to get them. Hernandez was given a shot at second base last year, and didn’t produce enough offensively. Lux is the default second baseman for now, but if the Dodgers trade for one of the above at midseason, Lux may no longer be a Dodger at year end. His 240 batting average last year didn’t impress me. Second base will probably be the weakest offensive production position for the Dodgers, unless Lux actually lives up to all the hype, or the FO makes a move.

  2. Kike batted 237 last year. I was hoping he would secure the 2B job, but actually managed to hit for a lower average than Lux’s substandard 240. As the younger guy, with all the hype (despite no results), and low salary control, 2B will default to Lux initially. If he doesn’t progress, he will probably be packing his bags in the near future as part of a trade.

  3. Call me a cynic, or worse, but I let most of what Roberts says go in one ear and out the other. I would hope Lux plays as many games at second as possible, barring injury, illness, or a declining batting average. Lets remember that last year he hit only 240 in the few games he played. I wish Lux well!!! I just our manager does equally well in making key game decisions. Go Blue!!!!!

  4. I too am a “when Lux proves it, I’ll believe it” kind of guy. He strikes out way too much which accounts mostly for his .240 batting average. He can hit the long ball but I don’t think that is what the Dodgers need him to do. They need him to play well enough at 2nd so the Max Muncy experiment there can be done with. Playing well means hitting for average as well as some power. He needs to be .270 or better hitter to stay with the big team or he will become trade-bait. But he’ll get his chance and for his sake, lets hope he is wise about how he proceeds. Spray the ball around and get on base. That’s the ticket!

  5. Dodgers don’t need anymore strike it hitters. That why we can’t winy the WS. We need contact hitters! With seager, Bellinger, Joc and Muncy and our bench Kike CT striking out all the time. We can win a lot of games with them not in the playoffs. Management need to work with these guys to strike out half the time!

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