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Dodgers: Dave Roberts’ Thoughts on Ryu’s Outing; Offense in Loss

The Dodgers had their ace on the mound Saturday night. Hyun-Jin Ryu made his second start since coming off the injured list and looked to improve his win total to 13. However, the Braves had other plans in mind. Atlanta came out swinging and put 2 runs on the board off Ryu in the 3rd inning.

More impressively, they tacked on 2 more runs on back-to-back home runs in the 6th inning, and that’s how Ryu’s night finished. Ryu had a bad game, just like any pitcher in the league.

Following the game, manager Dave Roberts shared his thoughts on Ryu’s rocky outing with SportsNet LA anchor Alanna Rizzo.

I thought his stuff was good, I thought those guys took some good at-bats against him. He can’t throw zeros every time he gets out there, but he was still good enough for us to win, and unfortunately we came up a little bit short.

The Donaldson pitch was probably a ball, or top of the zone, and strong guy stayed through it, and put a really good swing on it, so that’s not a bad pitch. The one to Duvall, I think it was a changeup, that was up, that kind of leaked back over, and it just speaks to tonight, the change just didn’t have the depth that it typically does.

Ryu’s ERA climbed all the way up to 1.64 on the season, as the loss brings his record to 12-3.


On the other side of the ball, the Dodgers recently historic offense scored only 3 runs off 9 hits. Typically, some of the offensive attack came on the home run ball — two were hit on Saturday night, one apiece by Matt Beaty and one from Max Muncy. Moreover, Justin Turner went 3-3 and added 2 walks.

While the undoing for the Dodger bats on Saturday was the 17 runners left on base, Roberts still had compliments despite the loss.

I thought our at-bats against [Mike] Foltynewicz were quality — drove the pitch count up, and got him out after 5 innings. I thought we had a great approach and game plan today, and we got it close with the Muncy homer, but they tacked on a couple, and couldn’t get over the top. It was a well played baseball game, and we got beat tonight.

You’re going to lose baseball games, and for us to get beat, I guess it’s a little bit easier to swallow than to beat yourselves, and tonight you just got to give credit to the Braves.

The Dodgers will look to bounce back tomorrow at 10 AM PT in Atlanta, and take the rubber match.

Levon Satamian

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  1. Lost in the box score…………The Donaldson home run………he actually struck out SWINGING two pitches before the home run but the umpire (who was horrible all game long) somehow did not see it. Why didn’t Alanna or Roberts mention that? By giving Donaldson an extra strike to play with, and as great a power hitter as he is, changing the count like that the umpire put Ryu in a very bad spot where had to throw a strike. JMO.

  2. Why the heck is Pederson hitting lead off? Ideally a lead off hitter should have an on base % around .375. Pederson is in the .320 range. Also, ideally a lead off guy should not strike out a lot and be able to steal a base. Not a description of Pederson. Admittedly there isn’t an ideal lead off guy on the roster or the 40 man (or even in the high minors) but there have to be better options than Joc.

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