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Dodgers: Dave Roberts Thrilled for Clayton Kershaw to Finally Change the Narrative

Dodgers’ ace, Clayton Kershaw, has finally added that elusive World Series Champion title to his resume. Manager Dave Roberts recently chatted with the legendary Mike Krzyzewski on his SiriusXM show Basketball and Beyond with Coach K.” The Dodger manager, among other things, talked about the elation he has for Kershaw to finally have that title after so many years of coming up short.

I am thrilled for Clayton to get the monkey off his back because when you’re gonna go into the Hall of Fame and the first thing they say is that you haven’t won, you’re not a championship player. You choke in the postseason. It’s just so unfounded and unfair. And so now that he is a world champion – now, I’m just so happy and proud of him.

The skipper continued the praise:

And he’s one of those guys that just does everything right. You know, you pull for him. He loves practice. He prepares. And the great thing about Clayton is I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve seen the evolution of him as a man, as in having young kids and him softening more, him understanding that things don’t have to be perfect to be perfect and to be great. And so to enjoy the day-to-day, and I just think that right now he’s enjoying baseball more than he ever has and that’s even without winning a championship, I will say that. And so that’s been really fun for me.

As of now, Clayton’s future isn’t exactly set in stone. The 32-year-old has one more year on his contract, but as has been opined by baseball people recently, Kersh is really in a position where he can do just about anything he wants in and around the game and beyond.

Still, for Dodger fans in LA, he will always be our ace.

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  1. I would have made him MVP. He got us off on the right foot by winning game 1. Then when the series was tied 2-2, he won game 5, for a 3-2 lead.

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