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Dodgers: Max Muncy Goes Off on MLB’s Reaction to Justin Turner

It’s safe to say that the Dodgers players are very unhappy with how MLB has handled the Justin Turner situation. Even after the league and JT issued statements on Friday, guys are still incredibly unhappy with how things went down.

Speaking with am570 Dodger Talk host Dave Vassegh on Friday, Max Muncy went off on the situation. The Dodgers first baseman couldn’t believe how everything went down, and the fact that MLB was so quick to blame a guy that means so much to the sport. 

I thought it was an absolute joke what happened. That guy was our leader, he’s been the leader of this team for several years now and on top of that, he’s been a leader in LA. Everything he’s done off of the field in the community, all the work all the people he’s been able to help… it really pissed me off. That guy was more careful than anyone on our team.

Muncy didn’t stop there. He also went off on MLB staff and reporters who broke protocol and went outside of the ‘bubble’ while there in Arlington. The Dodgers infielder wasn’t happy about the fact that JT could have got the virus from any one of these people in what was supposed to be an area protected by the league. 

Unfortunately, somehow he got it in a bubble that was supposed to be controlled by MLB yet at the same time there was MLB staff there were reporters out on the golf course walking outside of the secure zone doing all of this stuff they weren’t supposed to do. And Justin pays the price for it and now they want to put it all on Justin. I was pissed off about that and we were all pissed off about it. 

Perhaps even more revealing than that were Muncy‘s comments on the World Series celebration itself. The Dodgers wanted Turner to come out onto the field knowing the risks, and Max wasn’t thrilled with the league blaming him despite letting him on the field. 

And when we won, the entire team…we’re all yelling at him to come out on the field. And even then he was still saying ‘Guys it’s not a good idea I shouldn’t do it’ and we kind of forced him out there. And then MLB allowed him and they still want to put it on him…MLB took no responsibility they were still making it seem like it was all Justin’s fault. 

No matter what way you look at it, this is a really messy situation. The Dodgers know that they were irresponsible in letting JT out on the field, and they’ve accepted that responsibility. Unfortunately, MLB has not reacted that same way, choosing to push the blame entirely on Turner instead. We’re hoping this is the end of it, but there will almost certainly be more said. 

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  1. Still waiting on the MLB investigation on who brought the virus in to the bubble. Could it possibly have been a MLB official or reporter. Hmmm

  2. “Unfortunately, MLB has not reacted that same way, choosing to push the blame entirely on Muncy instead.”

    I believe that’s a typo and you meant Turner, not Muncy.

  3. None of the writers seem to edit or proofread their articles. You can find simple mistakes in nearly every piece, regardless of the writer. Seems like they type it once and hit send.

  4. Hats off to Max for standing by Justin. He deserved to be in the celebration. It sounds like MLB staff actions created the problem. MLB needs new leadership. A baseball commissioner first must have a love and passion for the game and then organizational skills. Fans don’t want a big business. They want the American pastime that provides entertainment and a break from the rigors of daily life. Little leaguers should have a sport that provides dreams and heroes. I was one of those little leaguers who lived for baseball.

  5. Super happy that Max and Blake spoke up for JT. It was shocking no one did so sooner, especially Dodgers management, when the record clearly needed to be corrected. Thank you!

  6. I’m happy to hear muncy go off on mlb…. Atleast max has the balls to step up for his teammate …. That idiot they call commissioner needs to go….. Congrats on winning the world series. And stepping up and saying what you mean .. Go blue

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