Dodgers: Dave Roberts Very Disappointed in Spring Training Performance

The Dodgers have just a few games left to tighten things up before the season. With Opening Day in Colorado next week, now is the time that they are looking for guys to get locked in. And Thursday’s game in Surprise, Arizona didn’t instill a whole lot of confidence in anyone, including Dave Roberts. 

Playing against the Rangers, the Dodgers offense collected just 4 total hits. Will Smith tripled off of the wall in center and came in to score off of a sacrifice fly by Chris Taylor as one of the only two runs for Los Angeles in the loss. 

After the game, Doc seemed visibly disappointed in the production from his team. The Dodgers skipper spoke about the day being overall bad and emphasized that they needed to get things going with the season coming up.

“Today wasn’t good. Not a good day. Individually, there have been some guys that have had good camps. But overall it just needs to get better. … The season isn’t going to wait for us. We’ve got to get going.”

For the most part, guys are starting to put things together. But there are a few names that have struggled greatly, the most obvious being Cody Bellinger. Bellinger did not play in their Spring game on Thursday afternoon, but he has become the Spring Training strikeout king. 

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Meanwhile, the pitching also did not find a groove on Thursday. Ryan Pepiot got knocked around again, surrendering three runs in his two innings of work. Victor Gonzalez, Daniel Hudson, and Blake Treinen all gave up solo homeruns in this one pitching out of relief. 

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Admits the Team Ran Out of Steam in 2021


  1. Why should Roberts and the Dodgers worry,their expected and are going to win the World Series!

    1. I can’t envision any World Series appearance with this current starting rotation. Heaney and Gonsolin as # 4 and 5 won’t cut it. From what I’ve seen so far this Spring it appears that for Dodgers to win, they will have to score 6 or 7 runs every night.

    2. it must be hard to play for roberts. he doesnt exactly inspire alot of confidence in the players. theyre forced to play for him and theres likely a certain percentage of them that dont like it too much even though they cant or wont say anything about it as long as their getting paid potentially millions and eventually over a billion for one guy at the current rate of expansion. daves gonna suck the life out of the players spirits at this point.

  2. Roberts stuck with Kody with a K Bellinger ALL YEAR in 21 and needs to send him to the minors until he can hit

    1. Every year under Doc’s management the team goes into a major slump. And he has no answer for it. Lasorda would have been trying to get them out of it, extra batting practice, no batting practice, closed door meetings. Doc says they are taking good at bats and they’ll come around!

  3. As if Roberts is the one pulling all the strings for the Dodger’s. Aim your grievances in the right direction which should be directly towards Andrew Friedman. Just a couple years ago this team was flowing with young talent, produced from within. Every position was competitive and the Dodger’s were in very good shape in terms of its spending.


    Well Friedman has plug two clogged up two positions for at least the next 6 seasons with players who’ll be in their mid to late 30’s by then. The Dodgers have blown past the luxury tax threshold for the second consecutive year with little hope that they’ll be able to stay under it any time soon. Friedman has let some guy walk that he should of retained and kept some guys that he should of let walk. He traded away the Dodger’s top two prospects for a second place finish in the division and an early exit from the playoffs.

    All one has to really do is look at the contracts he signs off on to this guy was not the brains that built this team into the winner it became. Freddie Freeman will be getting 4/5 million dollar checks a year from the Dodgers for 13 years after his current 6 year contract with the Dodger’s, which the Dodger’s are giving him $27 million a year to play a position that was manned by Max Muncy, who’s WAR was higher than Freemans in 2021 and who is 3 years younger than Freeman as well. Same thing last season with his totally unnecessary signing of Baurer. And why the hell did he sign Bellinger to a $17 million dollar contract for the upcoming season instead of going to Arbitration, which clearly would of resulted a better deal for the Dodger’s.. Andrew Friedman is the problem.

  4. I dunno, the team has a bevy of high-paid ‘name’ players, but very often I see our guys getting outhit and out pitched by lesser teams. I thought we were a smarter organization than this, or at least I was led to believe so by the easily impressed media. Here’s to another season of strikeouts, little dribblers to 1st and 2nd and pop-ups. We won’t get a hit until maybe the 5th or 6th. Other teams are gunning for our guys. Gonna be a long season.

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