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Dodgers: David Price Gets Hit In Debut But Shows Signs of Massive Improvement

The Dodgers’ newest southpaw starter got into game action on Monday, and the results are in. David Price allowed two earned runs in 1.1 innings of work, but his fastball did show a lot of life. He also struck out three batters in the limited showing.

In a post-game interview, Price said that above all he was happy to back out there doing what he loves.

First time I’ve been in a game in almost 7 months, my legs were shaking out there. If you love what you do you’ll have nerves and I definitely had them out there today, it was fun getting back out there.

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Price had already said in an interview earlier that he was very happy to be in Los Angeles. From the sound of it, he’s certainly telling the truth. Every game in which he had a poor performance was followed immediately by a herd of reporters questioning him.

So all things considered, it was not a bad outing for David Price. The Dodgers and Dave Roberts envision Price as the number three guy in the rotation for the 2020 season.


  1. The Dodgers wouldn’t say it of course, but if they got 10 wins out of Price in 2020, they’d do backflips! Their main goal for him is to keep him healthy and eat up some innings. They aren’t expecting the Tampa Bay David Price.

    1. Probably true Tim. But I think the Dodgers are also looking for a gamer to go along with Buehler in the postseason. For all his greatness Kershaw has never lived up to that. I think they will give Price a light load this season in the hope that he he will be healthy for the postseason. Somebody needs to step up in the postseason alongside Buehler for the Dodgers to have a shot. It could be Price. Time will tell.

      1. Kershaw was that guy in game 1 of 2017 WS, but not once they knew what pitches were coming. Kersh had a 44% swing and miss rate on his breaking balls on the season, the Astros were swining away in Game 1, and Game 5 they swung and missed at 0 breaking balls. Not few, Not one. None. Out of 51 breaking balls thrown.

        I wouldnt count Kersh out just yet, and hes not the guy he used to be, but if not for the banging *which you can clearly hear* kershaw is your game 5 winning pitcher, and the dodgers are WS champions.

        1. Very true, and I hope all opposing teams who play the Astros punish them in any way possibele because the lame Commissioner only made this whole situation worse by letting those Astro players off scott free. But Tony Clarke is just as much to blame for wanting immunity and basically approving of them cheating.

        2. Kershaw has never been a consistent big game pitcher. His control was off and his pitches were flat in game 5. Too easy to lay off pitches when they are not close. Most teams would have hit him that game. He is an innings eater in the regular season.

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