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Dodgers: Despite Massive COVID Outbreak With Marlins, Stan Kasten Confident MLB Season Continues

When word got out early Monday morning that the Marlins had 11 players test positive for COVID-19, Dodgers fans were livid. The entire season hinges on teams’ ability to keep numbers down in 2020.

While the season is certainly in jeopardy, maybe even having in the balance, Stan Kasten feels confident. The Dodgers team President spoke with MLB Network Radio about what he has heard from other teams thus far. 

I don’t believe there’s going to be any panic just yet. I think we understood there might be occasions like this which is why we had our player pool as big as it is. I don’t know what’s going to happen to the Marlins because I don’t really know the extent of it just yet and who or who may not be infected and for how long they may be at risk…My understanding from talking to other teams is that it’s supposed to be business as usual, at least for every other team…hopefully this is the worst outbreak we have for the rest of the season because it will teach us some things. 

As of right now, MLB has shut down the Marlins game scheduled for tonight against the Phillies. Both teams will be tested heavily with results not expected until late tonight or tomorrow morning. If the Phillies end up with an outbreak of their own, there is at least a good to fair chance that the league will shut down, and Dodgers fans will be incredibly sad. 

As a whole, the situation represents a massive failure on the part of Major League Baseball. Testing is still a work in process and the protocols for results leave gaps of time where players are in contact without knowing their results. The Marlins had at least three guys test positive before Sunday’s game, and yet they continued to play without those guys. The Dodgers have not had a player tests positive during the monitoring phase to start the season.

One look inside of a big-league dugout should tell you all that you need to know about the safety of players. Yes, there are health and safety guidelines to ensure that players can avoid contact. No, they do not seem to be following those exactly as they say. Players are often hugging or sitting right next to each other in dugouts, including in the Dodgers clubhouse. 

MLB is set to have a call with all 30 teams this afternoon. No decision is expected by the league until after all of the results come back from the Marlins and Phillies tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned. 

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