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Dodgers: Division Series Matchup Set As the Padres Move On

The Dodgers already locked down their spot in the Division Series on Thursday night after sweeping the Brewers. That left them waiting on the Cardinals and Padres to figure things out in a pivotal game 3 down in San Diego. 

In the end, the Padres once again came through, just as they have all season. San Diego shutout the Cardinals to move on to the Division Series set to take place in Arlington, Texas. It sets the stage for a Padres versus Dodgers matchup in what will almost certainly be the best series of the playoffs. 

Every time these two NL West teams meet up in 2020, sparks seem to fly. The Dodgers took 6 of 10 games from the Padres, but San Diego also did plenty of trash-talking along the way. Most recently, Trent Grisham pimped a homerun off of Clayton Kershaw that the Dodgers dugout didn’t appreciate. Los Angeles responded by taking the next 2 games of the series. 

The Dodgers ultimately took the NL West for the 8th consecutive year, but San Diego made it much closer than anticipated. At one point, the Padres were just a game and a half back. Los Angeles ended up taking the division by 6 games when the 60-game season wrapped up.

Regardless of the results, this series is shaping up to be one of the best that we’ve seen in a long time. 

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Dodgers Fans Sound Off: Would You Rather Face the Padres or Cardinals in the NLDS?


  1. We’re obviously the better team in this matchup, but we’re not unbeatable. Lately, it seems like Muncy has been making quite a few mistakes over at first base. That is a big concern. We can’t afford to give any extra outs to this team. I’d like to see a little better defensive arrangement. Maybe DH Muncy, and put a better fielder over at 1b.

  2. Seriously DH. I really like Muncy, a hard nosed competitor that can swing the bat. Not so much this year. Roberts has had him batting fourth, why, I don’t know. If Muncy can’t field maybe he shouldn’t be playing. At least Bellinger is starting to hit. We have some new kids that would love the opportunity to play. Muncy, maybe next year.

  3. I realize that Muncy has struggled this year but he has been excellent for the last 2years, also has playoff experience. Keep him in the lineup at 1b as you may need the DH for Turner. However, I would bat him lower in the lineup. Rios is the backup for Turner & Muncy. Muncy definitely needs to work on his defense. I like putting Graterol in as closer in the last game, has some serious heat. Jansen has a slowly decelerating Fast ball and cutter. If he can’t even throw 90mph, he should not be in the game.

  4. Padres are a tough match up and they have Hosmer back, a former world champion with the Royals. It will be a difficult series but I think LA can win and move on, better pitching. Look out for Tatis Jr.

  5. The Brewers were probably the weakest offensive team in the postseason. They had a very good pitching staff, but a lot of injuries among starters. They were a good tune up for a clearly superior Dodger team. The Dodgers are not clearly superior to the Padres. The Padres are legitimate contenders one year earlier than I expected due to some great mid season moves to go along with years of first rate farm system management. The Dodgers will have to bring their A game to this series. Too many Dodgers are carrying a 000 batting average into this series, and need to start hitting. This is a recurring postseason theme for the Dodgers that needs to turn around. If it’s all pitching and Mookie Betts providing all the offense, they will be vulnerable.

    Of course I expect the Dodgers to defeat the Padres. When they took 2 out of 3 from them last time, the Padres were the hottest team in baseball, and it really knocked the wind out of them. The Dodgers need to get pumped up again offensively for this series. And Mookie needs to keep being Mookie.

  6. I have not seen any comment yet, but Kershaw will hopefully start the series on four days rest.

  7. To be honest, I am concerned with the offense that I saw struggle again with strikeouts, and only aweaker team like the Brewers were did the Dodgers pull it off. They won both games because the pitching allowed a total of 2 runs in the 18 innings played. Simply put, if Dodgers duplicate their offense they showed against the Brewers going up against the Padres,mI’m afraid it will be the Padres that would advance to the NLCS.

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