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Dodgers Do Not Believe That Mookie Betts’ Hip Issue is Going Away

Friday night was disappointing for Dodgers fans in a lot of ways. Not only did they miss out on the opportunity to gain a game on the Giants in the West, but they didn’t make it out healthy. Mookie Betts once again came out of the game when his hip pointer issue flared up again. 

The injury happened when Betts went first to third early on in the game. The Dodgers would eventually replace him on defense in the game, and Dave Roberts clarified it as a precautionary move and one that suited them defensively. 

Despite the loss, the main focus for Dodgers fans is on the health of Betts at this point. But Roberts does not envision the issue just going away, and that could be a problem for the rest of the year. 

I think when he went first to third that hip pointer, the thing he’s been dealing with, really checked him up. Hopefully, there’s a chance he can be in there tomorrow but we’ll see when he comes in. …I think it’s something that, as we look out, we’re going to have to manage it a lot, quite often. Ideally, we wouldn’t but our reality is it’s something that’s not going to go away.

Having your star outfielder dealing with a chronic hip issue is definitely not what the Dodgers want at this point in the season. Chasing the Giants by 4 games with only 2 months left in the season is enough of a battle as it is. They’re going to need him to be ready to go in the final stretch of the season. 

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The good news is that the Dodgers can slot Trea Turner into the lineup should Mookie not be able to go for them. But obviously, having Betts in there at the top of the order makes them a much better team on both sides of the ball.

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    1. To Pauldodgerfan1965:
      That’s the key question, will Betts need hip surgery?
      I was watching a game on MLB Network a couple of days ago and I caught the tail end of a crawl scrolling across the bottom of the screen which said that a player was having hip surgery and would miss the remainder of the season.
      I almost had a heart attack, thinking that it must be Betts.
      Turned out, it was Rendon.
      But, it just reinforced the fact they we are all thinking about the severity of Betts’ hip injury and if surgery will be required.

    2. Hip pointers do not require surgery, they are just very painful until they resolve, but it doesn’t seem to me to be the correct diagnosis. Hip pointers occur due to a direct blow on the hip, such as a fall or collision, and this injury didn’t come from a singular traumatic event. They have called it hip irritation or inflammation, which is non specific, and tells you nothing. The concern is it is due to a capsule tear, or cumulative arthritis. I believe it was a capsule tear that Seager had a couple years ago, they do require surgery, and in Seager’s case, he has recovered well. If the joint is degenerative, it could become chronic, and over time worsening, this would be a big concern for a guy signed for like 10 more years, and has speed as a primary asset.

  1. Mookie stay away from bowling, baseball is your livelihood. I’m not exactly sure on your pain, but I had hip and back pain when I used to bowl in leagues twice a week.

    1. Therapies I had were a chiropractor and an acupuncturist. It helped for a while, but when I quit bowling the pain went away.

  2. Is DR just making up excuses to keep Bellinger in the lineup? I’m sure that Mookie does have an injury. But I would trust the severity of it more coming from him than DR.

    1. If Betts can’t play DR will have not much choice but to have Bellinger in the OF to go along with Pollock and CT3. Otherwise we will see McKinney, Beaty or even Reks play.

  3. Bellinger is an alternative…. snicker, snicker.
    Does Betts have a warranty?
    $ 365 Million for Ten Years. Ouch.

    1. It’s not because the GM isn’t trying. Looks like 6 to 8 teams could win it all. Dodgers definitely in the mix.

  4. Has Betts ever said why his hip hurts or the who what where when and why, maybe from shoveling all the money to the bank. , I wonder who is the highest paid player in MLP on or in baseball. That all for know but money has something to do with it

  5. Magical season for the Giants, and just an awful season for the Dodgers. Freaking injuries, seems like another one every day. They’ve given away at least a dozen games, just the extra innings games are ridiculous. It’s like bad Bauer karma has infected the entire season. You never know, they could get hot at the right time, unbelievable talent on this club, but every day it just looks more and more like this is just not their year.

    1. The Giants have played great ball without a single slump (not that I am aware of); that alone, to me, is miraculous. Although I won’t spend too much time on the Giants, it seems that they are able to effectively capitalize on their opposing team’s errors….hit a lot of homeruns….and effectively close out games. As for our Dodgers, the 9th inning game giveaways and xtra inning shortcomings are what I find to be the most frustrating. However, I still refuse to believe that the Dodgers do not have a chance to get it together this year…

  6. These endless stories about various Dodger player injuries are beginning to remind me of the old joke –

    “Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

  7. Yeah, as some already mentioned, this is shaping up as a magical season for the Giants.
    A few days ago, I had the misfortune of watching the 9th inning rally when the Giants came back from a 4-0 deficit against AZ to win. Last night, the Giants were 1 out away from losing to the Brewers and the Brewers’ RF’er, Garcia, butchered a fly ball that would have been the game ending out. Today, the Giants trailed 4-2 in the 7th and rallied to win.
    Even when the Giants lose, they win, by having “game ending” plays reviewed and overturned and eventually they win the game, like their recent win over the Dodgers on the game ending force out at 2nd base that wasn’t and the strike 3 swing by Ruf, that wasn’t called a swing.
    The Dodgers probably will have to win, at least, at a .610 to .620 clip, the rest of the way, to win the Division.

    1. With all the bad umpire calls, bad managerial calls .. I’m beginning to think the MLB is tired of the Dodgers winning the West year after year. So they are doing everything they can to influence events to accomplish that.

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