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Dodgers: Dustin May Hits 101 MPH in the Second Week of Spring Training

Generally speaking, the first two weeks of Spring Training are meant to get guys back into their groove. After a long offseason, pitchers, in particular, need a bit of a runway to get back to 100 percent by Opening Day. That has not been true for every Dodgers player though. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Dave Roberts made a few eyeballs pop when he mentioned Dustin May. The Dodgers manager had said that he heard that May had hit 101 mph on the gun in one of his bullpen sessions. 

Hitting 101 mph is not unusual for Dustin May, but doing it just 2 weeks into Spring Training is wild. May averaged close to 98 mph on his fastball in 2020 and was no stranger to hitting triple digits. But even the Dodgers could not have anticipated him coming into camp this ready. 

If May is looking for an edge to get into the Dodgers rotation, hitting triple digits in the first two weeks is a great way to do it. 

Dodgers Health Updates

Dave Roberts also gave some insight on a few arms that have lingered so far this Spring Training. Joe Kelly was down with soreness, but is back up and throwing at over 90 feet. Roberts said that he is progressing and is on track where the Dodgers would like him to be. 

For prospect Mitch White, he has yet to pick up a baseball and start throwing this spring. The Dodgers have said that he is experiencing some soreness, though they have not specified the severity or location. Roberts could not provide an anticipated timeline on his throwing progression quite yet. 

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  1. Nothing against Price, but Urias, May, and Gonsolin are all hitting their stride now. I think it’s time to trade Price, or least use him lightly so the young guns come into their own as quickly as possible. Urias has fully recovered from shoulder surgery years ago. He showed his stuff in the 2020 postseason. May is throwing guided missiles that are only gaining in velocity. And Gonsolin has as many different pitches as 4 or 5 typical pitchers added together. These are the guys that should back up Kershaw, Buehler, and Bauer

    1. Agreed re May, but curious to see what Price can do. There will be plenty of opportunities for a 6th starter, Kershaw’s back, Beuhler’s blisters, Price hasn’t pitched for 18 months, double headers, extra days rest, ….. no worries,

  2. if they ever trade May it will make the Martinez trade look like the best trade ever. He is the real deal and looking at his mechanics I sense he won’t be prone to arm issues though ya never know but he has Nolan Ryan/Randy Johnson like potential. And no way he belongs in the pen.

    It’s just a sense and also given the wealth of talent the team has there should be no reason to move him as there are zero needs to even remotely justify such a move.

  3. Hi velo is fine, but you still have to get strikes. With that type fastball, the most devastating pitch he could also learn would be an 80mph change-up.

    1. Agreed. And the same is true for Graterol as our future closer. Change-ups for May and Graterol will generate a lot of swings that don’t even get close to making contact, and make their fastballs look like 120MPH instead of 100MPH.

  4. I recall TV commentators remarking what an amazing talent Dustin May is but he can be so much better when he learns to learn to pitch, not just rear back and throw … how he needs to work on command, work on pitches other than his heater and avoid overthrowing, which can get him into trouble. They said these are things May can and will learn with maturity. I’d like to see what Price can do this year and see how much better May can be when he comes back up in late season (or earlier, if we suffer injuries). He’ll be fresh to pitch incredibly into October and hopefully be free of inconsistencies, after working on refinements at OKC under tutelage. He’s plenty young still. We don’t need to rush him. He has a fabulous career in front of him.

    1. This is May’s third year with the big team. He’s no longer a prospect. He’s a proven performer, as are Urias and Gonsolin. The Dodgers will use a 6 man rotation which will minimize wear and tear. May and Gonsolin should alternate between starter and bullpen because neither has played a full 162 game season yet. But they should be on the big team from start to finish. They’ve earned it. Urias has clearly earned a starter spot.

  5. Right you are Speakin’ and others…the path to the starting rotation for May is to have 3 pitches of different speeds that he can locate well. It’s risky to come out in your second pen of the year and throw 101 mph. It’s the kind of thing some pitchers do in the spring when they are competing for a spot on the 25 man roster. He’ll have a role and the Dodgers will slot him wisely I believe. I see May as a major league pitcher who progresses nicely this year…ahead in development to Gonso and behind Urius. Hence, we need Price in the rotation. As we all know these young pitchers are affected alot by what’s happening with the rest of the pitching staff, including the bullpen. If there is anything the Dodgers do consistently well it’s find, develop, tweak and manage pitching.

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