Dodgers: Dustin May Talks About His Favorite Player to Watch in the Big Leagues

The Dodgers Dustin May is probably one of the most exciting pitchers to watch in all of baseball. Getting to watch him on the baseball field has been one of best experiences for fans in Los Angeles thus far. 

But as it turns out, Dustin likes to watch another Dodgers player every day. May talked about his favorite guy to watch on the field in an interview with MLB Network this week. You don’t even have to watch a different team to watch May’s favorite guy. 

It’s hard not say Mookie Betts. The way that he goes on offense and on defense he carries himself with a lot of class. He’s by far one of the best baseball players I’ve ever seen…His hands are ridiculously fast. His IQ level on the field is off of the charts…It’s just crazy some of the plays that he makes, it’s really fun to watch.

The Dodgers just signed Mookie Betts to a 12-year extension, so Dustin will get the chance to watch him for quite some time. And as a pitcher, having Betts in the outfield can only make help him out. May talked about some of the ridiculous defensive plays that Mookie makes, and I’m sure he appreciates it. 

Up Next for the Dodgers

After a series with the Mariners, the Dodgers will head back home to face off against the improved Colorado Rockies. Colorado is 13-12 and sitting at third in the NL West right behind the Padres. 

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  1. Betts is showing the NL and the West Coast the hype was accurate. He is one of the best players in the MLB today.
    I can see why Boston was so disappointed. Betts is a 5 tool, Leader, with a great work ethic and communication skills.

  2. And giving Barnes the help he needs to improve. Can’t under estimate Betts as a team guy.

  3. I love Betts wonderful personality and a very smart and likable person but one thing i have to say DON’T KNELL FOR OUR FLAG AND ANTHEM AS FAR AS I’M CONCERNED THAT’S DEPLORABLE.

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