Dodgers: Enrique Hernandez Reminds Himself Daily of World Series Win

It was different for the Dodgers this October… finally. It’s been just over a week, but it still sometimes doesn’t feel real — the LA Dodgers winning a World Series. Usually for Dodger faithful, some freak occurrence pops up and derails the path to the promised last. 

And if you ask Kiké Hernandez, he’s still letting it all soak in. In a diary to the LA Times, Hernandez shared a tidbit that feels almost too human.

“I still haven’t taken off my hat. I’ve put on my world champions hat, the one with the trophy on the back, backward to have the trophy on the front so every time I look in the mirror I see that little trophy, and I smile because we’ve been through so much as a team. The journey has been long, it hasn’t been easy, and we, finally, were able to finish it. In a year like this, that was so difficult and so many things happened, at the end of the day we ended up world champions, and nobody can take that away from us.”

These Dodgers have been through a lot in this slow ride to the pinnacle of baseball. From the Cardinals stomping them, to Zack Greinke not covering third base, to a full-on cheating scandal (sort of twice), and everything in between it all, this one feels that much sweeter.

“The first thing I did was jump up and look at Corey [Seager],” Hernandez told the Times. “He was coming to me and we hugged each other. And we started jumping around in circles. We kept telling each other, ‘we did it. We won. Finally.'”

Yes you did, Kiké. Yes you did.

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Clint Pasillas

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