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Dodgers: ESPN Writer Offers Up Complicated Trade Scenario to Land Nolan Arenado

The 2020-21 MLB offseason is going much slower than usual, which often means that the rumors get weirder as time goes on. That certainly has been the case with the Dodgers as they continue to be linked to virtually every player rumored to be available on the market. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a typical offseason without the Dodgers being linked to some superstar. This year, that superstar is Nolan Arenado. MLB writers and experts alike have predicted that Arenado will be traded at some point, and many continue to list LA as a possible destination. 

This week, ESPN writer Jeff Passan offered up one scenario in which the Dodgers could land Nolan Arenado. Be ready for it though, as it’s a bit of a tough one to follow. Basically, the scenario would involve one team acting as a temporary stop for Arenado. Team A would trade a bad contract to the Rockies in exchange for taking Arenado’s entire contract away from the Rockies. That team would then look to flip Arenado to another team for prospects, possibly paying down his contract to balance out. 

The downside to all of this is that Arenado has a full no-trade clause that could complicate this for other teams. It could, however, work out in favor of the Dodgers. If Los Angeles isn’t set on taking on his contract, they could use another team to help pay it down in exchange for prospects. A team with a bad contract on their hands might be motivated to gain some prospect capital and balance out on money long-term.

The question then shifts to the Rockies and what they’re hoping to get out of the deal. Taking on a bad(but must less than Arenado’s) contract in exchange for freeing up $199 million could be in their best interests, but they could also be betting on his opting out after 2021. If that’s truly how Colorado views this situation, then the Dodgers would have to go after him in free agency. 

It’s all very complicated, and to be quite honest, my money is on Arenado staying put in 2021. Could the Dodgers use him at third base? Sure, any team in baseball could use his glove and bat at the hot corner. But with the money that comes with him, a trade for Nolan Arenado would have to go through a lot of financial loopholes to get him here. Then again, we’ve seen Andrew Friedman do crazier things…

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  1. Well Dodgers have Rios who can play third and hit over 40 hrs if they have patience with him or use Muncy at third and he’ll also hit 40 hrs so no need for a third baseman.If Rios plays everyday he’ll win a few hr titles and provide a lot of rbis.All Dodgers need is 2 good relievers Get it through your heads We’re favorites to win for next 8 years or more.We have a dinasty.

    1. And you think by staying put, we´ll win every year? No. Rios is not ready to play every day. He´s on pace to hit a home run every 10 at bats, which is a Babe Ruth pace. Will he? No. His average is projected at .230 for 2021. His strikeout rate is around 30%. Horrible. He´s another Joc Pederson. Muncy has only 35 home runs in a full season, so what makes you think he´ll suddenly hit 40 every year? He´ll be 31 next year too, so expect his decline to happen after next year. The Braves almost beat us, and they got better. The Padres, with their army of prospects and 50M in space, have been linked to every free agent and trade target available. They´ll be trouble. Don´t forget the Rays either. That´s 3 teams that will challenge us. Arenado is the clear way to make us better, and give us better defense.

      1. Johnmichael. I concur big time here.Rios is not the long term answer at 3rd. He’s another LHB and if ya saw the WS and even though Dodgers won it, there’s a definite weakness against good LHP. If Turner is not re-signed he needs to be replaced with another RHB and Freidman has already talked about getting another one to balance out this lefty heavy lineup.

      2. What I don’t hear much of is the chemistry the current Dodgers players have. I understand the need to improve, but don’t risk upsetting the current chemistry.

      3. Arenado is the clear way to foul the team payroll for years. You realize his contract calls for 35M a year for the next 4 years before it drops to 30M and finally 27M. Who would you rather pay for next 6 years: Arenado, Betts, Seager, Buehler, Bellinger, or Urias? You can’t pay them all 35M.

  2. Buhler 26 Urias 24 May 22 Gonsolin 26 and waitin is another one in minors.2 MVP’s in Mookie and Cody and this year we’ll have a third one in Seager soon Smith will be best catcher in baseball and expect Gavin Lux to make huge progress this year.Go Blue

  3. I don’t understand why everyone is talking about big signings and taking on big contracts via trades when the Dodgers lost over 100 million in 2020. They laid off a good portion of their employees and thus far, have only made inexpensive signings. It remains to be seen if fans will be allowed to start going to games after the All Star Break so until that is clear, it’s highly doubtful that they will commit significant dollars to anyone with the exception to extensions of current Dodgers until their revenue stream is clarified. Also remember, we’re only about 10 million under the cap for 2021.

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