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Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Talks About a Potential Corey Seager Extension

Winning the National League Championship Series MVP is a pretty big deal. Winning the World Series MVP might be an even bigger deal. But winning both is something that we don’t get to see very often, but we got to see it with the Dodgers’ Corey Seager in 2020.

After a solid 2020 campaign that culminated in a World Series championship, Dodgers fans started to look toward the future with Seager. After years of being involved in every trade rumor imaginable paired with the Francisco Lindor whispers around LA, Seager played in a way that made everyone remember what he can do when healthy. 

After the World Series was over, the only question for Dodgers fans was when. When will Los Angeles give Seager a long-term deal to keep him in LA? Well luckily, The Athletic asked that to Preside of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman this week. 

Corey has been a big part of what we’ve accomplished in the last five years. Our hope is he’s a big part of our future. But, obviously, he’s focused on having as good of a 2021 season as he can, as are we. We’ll figure that out when the time is right.

MLB and the Player’s Union still have a lot to figure out for the 2021 season, so that may be part of the delay. Another part of the delay could be Seager’s agent, Scott Boras, hoping to get Corey to the free-agent market. If that were the case, it would still seem likely that they give the Dodgers a chance to match any offer made to Seager. 

Whatever the case, this is the final year of arbitration before Seager can hit the market. If the Dodgers want to keep Corey around for many years to come, they’re going to need to make it happen soon. 

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  1. Do the Dodgers want Corey Seager for the long term? YES! Does Corey want to be a Dodger for the long term? If yes, get the deal done before the 2021 arbitrations, do not wait for him to become a free agent.

    1. Good morning, Socalbum. Exactly the comment I would post on here. If Corey wants to remain a Dodger, then once again it’s his call and Boras needs to understand and respect that.

  2. The Dodgers need to present an offer first. There’s plenty of contracts that can be used to base this offer on. This is not rocket science, but merely putting together the numbers based on his position and prior contracts to other SS.

    As I’ve mentioned here numerous times, pay the top players while they’re IN their prime, NOT after you’ve ARB’d them into their 30’s, then have to pay them. Simple economic science…

  3. It’s time for Guggenheim group to open the check book and reward those that won the World Series for them:

    1. Corey Seager – MVP World Series and NLCS, $400 million over 10 years. There’s nothing to think about, just do it.
    2. Clayton Kershaw – 2 Wins in World Series, he redeemed himself being the post season bust, without him Dodgers don’t win the World Series. Much deserved extension, $100 million over 3 years.
    3. Walker Buehler – Even though he only won one game in the World Series, it was due to pitching rotation coming off of NLCS. Forget arbitration, pay him $30 million next year.
    4. Justin Turner – His production was slightly down, but he’s been the most consistent hitter the past four years. He also had 2 homers in the series.

    Go back to Game 7 of NLCS, Braves had runners on 2nd & 3rd with nobody out, Markakis at the plate, he hits a looper to Justin Turner who threw home, Dansby Swanson was running towards home plate, got caught in the middle, Turner catches the throw from Smith, he tagged out Swanson by less than an inch, then threw to third to tag out Austin Riley. Braves went from nobody out with men on 2nd and 3rd, to two outs with nobody on. That play, was the play of the year because if Turner didn’t tag out Swanson, Braves would have scored, up 4 -2 with nobody out and man on third. Dodgers would have lost the NLCS.

    Give JT a one year, $40 million gift. Dodgers owe it to JT, after that, neither party owes anything to the other.

    5. Max Muncy – He had some clutch homeruns in the post season, his market value is at least $15 – $18 million, give him $15 million he will happily oblige.
    6. Austin Barnes – He caught all 4 winning games of World Series, his tagout on Margot was the play of the World Series. In many ways Barnes was the stabilizer of Dodgers defense. With him behind the plate, Kershaw and Buehler could throw any pitch they want. He had a key homerun in Game 3 also. Give him a salary bump of $10 million per year, well deserved.
    7. Cody Bellinger – this is a tough one, Cody had the winning homerun in Game 7 of NLCS, but gradually faded in the World Series, I think it’s largely due to the damaged shoulder. Still, he did come through in clutch. Bump his salary from $16 million to $20 million.
    8. Kike Hernandez – Kike wants to come back to the Dodgers, and he’s not being unreasonable, he only wants a one year deal, this is the scenario where Dodgers can’t get cheap on him. Pay him $10 million for 2021, he deserves it. Don’t ever forget Kike’s value really lies on multi-position, he is the invaluable glue to all the holes when it comes to filling positions and double switch.
    9. Joc Pederson – Joc has been huge in post season, every year. He never complains when he plays less, he just does whatever Dave Roberts instructs him to do. If he was an everyday player on another team, he would easily average 35 – 40 homeruns every year. Instead he sacrifices his game and playing time to fit into Dodgers system. He deserves $15 million per year, but Dodgers should pay him $20 million per year for being a good citizen.
    10. Will Smith, Dustin May, Tony Gonsolin – all three were real troopers throughout the post season, just add $1 million to each of their salary.

  4. Mr Hughes you forgot the man that made it happen.Urias pitching 3 innings win on game 7 cause Dodgers didn’t anybody in bullpen who would have contain the braves. Or the 2 and one third innings to close out the series and yes Buhler who most think he’s number one couldn’t answered the bell cause he only had 3 days rest and he’s not effective whiteout 4 days rest, and we know Kershaw can’t relieve. Well Julio did it with only 2 days rest after pitching 5 innings.Kershaw said it Urias pitched incredible.It’s not that Julio has arrived he’s been here but mgmt has been babying him and roberts only let’s Barnes catch Kershaw and Buhler truth is Urias deserves to have Barnes catching him too and he already proved how great he will be.The truly AS who can come back to close out the series like the great ones with only 2 days rest.

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