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Dodgers Fan Plans To File Class Action Lawsuit Against Houston Astros

Dodgers fans, the storylines are flowing on the Houston Astros cheating scandal; and we are truly just getting started I believe.

Meet Jose “Bluebeard” Lara of Los Angeles. Jose is a Dodgers’ super fan who plans to start a class action lawsuit against the Houston Astros for their role in cheating the Dodgers out of the 2017 World Series. With a nickname like ‘Bluebeard’, he’s not a guy I would want to tangle with in the courtroom.

Furthermore, Lara joins KTLA to talk about why he believes he has a case.

First, he declares his plans to set up shop; and take down the mega-powers that are baseball and the last two teams to defeat the Dodgers in the World Series.

“I wanna start a class-action against MLB, Houston, and possibly Boston for our tickets and cheating us out of the World Series.”

Right now, a lot of action is being taken against these same foes. Keep in mind that Los Angeles City Council is requesting that the title be stripped from the Astros.

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Next, Bluebeard Lara says he’s not only upset, but he remembers hearing the ‘bangs’ of the trashcan during the games.

“It’s pretty upsetting. This is America’s game, and to learn that is really upsetting. And I remember hearing a couple of bangs [of the trashcan] during the games.”

Honestly, the shock was the emotion I felt up until today. Now, I am a bit angry at all of this. Not just for what the Astros did to the Los Angeles Dodgers; but also for tarnishing what should be a child’s game with some semblance of innocence left in it.

For me, this whole thing serves as a harsh reminder that Santa Claus isn’t real, I’m not longer nine years old, and all the simplicity we once enjoyed is gone for the moment. Notably – for that reason – I hope Bluebeard Lara is successful in his legal proceedings.


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  1. I’m no lawyer so I can’t comment on a lawsuit. However, I have something else to say that no one has noticed.
    Baseball has been around for over 100 years and has a great history. That history and continuance of the game is what makes it so great. We had the 1919 Black Sox scandal, the Pete Rose issue, the steroid period and all those “players” were disciplined. How come the Astros players were neither disciplined or suspended. If you look at how Manfred is running the game as commissioner I think we have the answer. Look closely (or not) and he has been slowly but surely trying to change the game. From robot umpires, to moving the mound back and other things he is trying to change baseball to give himself a legacy. Baseball is fine the way it is and has been for over 100 years and it’s a real shame that the owners installed him as commissioner.

  2. the Players had to be given a free pass, or the MLB would not have gotten the correct info on Who, how and we know why….But Hey OJ got off from going to jail for murder…but then there was the civil court matter….that Midget lying cheatin second baseman needs to be sued also….etc etc…..

    Titles need to be vacated……come on comish show you have a set….

  3. If Manfred had any guts or integrity at all he would vacate the Astro’s WS win and simply make 2017 null and void of any winner. And I agree that spineless 2nd baseman of theirs should be sued or suspended. This was such a slap on the wrist that baseball has become and embarrassment to be honest.

  4. The one entity that absolutely has a case is Pantone 294. They and all their clients have the best and strongest case because it involves financial transactions for a service, only to find out that the service provided by MLB was crooked. Thousands of people “injured”.

    If any of you went on the trips to other ballparks with Pantone 294, please reach out to them and encourage them to file. Although, they may want to wait until all the Boston cheating revelations are made public. Then, they’d have a complete name of managers, employees, and players to file against along with MLB and the two cheating franchises…

  5. As I read it, teams are fearful of some sort of punishments for ‘sounding off’ about this Astros scandal. But more needs to be done and yes, that WS title should be voided and declare no winner in 2017. How about MLB doing some sort of justice for Dodgers by awarding them all of those draft picks that the Astros are forfeiting for 2020 and 2021

  6. I’d like to see a nationwide internet petition set up to give to the commissioner to have the titles stripped from the Astros and the Red Sox. Make them give up their trophy and rings and live with the shame. In my opinion that is the best way to punish the players involved.

  7. There should be a refund of tickets for the whole series. If I go to see wrestling, I know it’s fixed and so, I would go to be entertained with no expectation of the bouts being real. When I pay hundreds of dollars to see a post season baseball game, I expect to see an honest game. MLB failed to do so.
    I sure don’t expect to get my money back, but I learned from that mistake. From home, in front of my TV is where I’ll watch my future games. Waaaay cheaper, nicer seats and no traffic.

  8. But nobody takes into consideration the Nationals also played the Astros , but the Nat’s were able to beat the cheaters. So how did the Nat’s pull it off against all odds? I’m a firm believer that the Nationals Free Agent acquisitions of Sherzer and Corbin added to Strasburg was much better than Kershaw, Ryu and Hill. Even if the Astros knew what was coming, the Nat’s staff was. Nothing less than excellent!

    1. In addition to what you said I want to also add that the nationals made it a full team effort to combat the cheating with every pitcher and catcher on board. For some reason only Wood and Barnes did that. Guess the Nats wanted it more

    2. Yea, they got through Houston with Strasburg (peak), Scherzer, Corbin. 2.5 feared guys. Dodgers have 1 or 1.5

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