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Dodgers: Fans Blame Series on Roberts’ Decisions

The question all season long was if Roberts could help pull this team to a World Series title after only claiming one in his past 7 postseason runs. And once again he fell short of the goal, much sooner than many expected from the team who won 111 regular season games. 

Fans were quick to draw blame toward the 7-year Dodgers skipper:

Meanwhile, other fans don’t think Roberts is the only one to blame for the fruitless postseason run:

The facts of the matter are this :

Roberts has won 63 percent of his regular-season games since taking the reins in 2016 but only has one ring to show for it from the 2020 season. Each of those years the Dodgers had made it to the postseason with two trips to the World Series. Many still believe they were cheated out of the title back in 2017 by the Astros.

The 2022 season was full of new records and “best in franchise history” but ultimately, the team had nothing to show for it, and the great big giant was defeated by their little brother team down south. Salt in the wound after destroying the Padres by 22 games to win the NL West back in September.

Will Dave Roberts finally make some changes next season and ensure he doesn’t eat his words again next year or was this the best squad the Dodgers could have had and they just couldn’t put the pieces together when it mattered the most? 

Do you think Dave Roberts was to blame for the team’s postseason run? What do you think the front office will do/ change for next season? Share your thoughts and comments below. 

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    1. It IS on the manager. A good manager motivates his team, The Dodgers had no drive, no emotion. A good manager instills the desire to win when it seems lacking. The Padres wanted it bad. The Dodgers did not look like they did.

      1. I agree with this comment. The team had no intangibles. Zero commraderie, except for Hanser Alberto. Maybe he should be the new Manager!

      2. Completely agree with you. If not what is the explanation? How does a “LOADED” team like the Dodgers just stop hitting? If not what is the explanation? How much better can you make this team? If not what is the explanation? Our payroll is already one of the highest in baseball. Explain how do you make this team better player-wise. Like mqarep said “A good manager motivates his team.” He keeps their heads in the game “especially” when the team wins the west so early in the season. If management doesn’t sack Roberts this will happen again next season. GUARANTEED!!

    2. I want an explanation from Dave. as to why in the fifth inning he would take out Anderson when he was doing a great job holding them at bay and not tired at all. what could possibly be the reason did he want to rest him for future games. is he that cocky a manager he believed himself when he told the world they would win a WS. well look at us now. him taking Anderson out was probably the game changer for that game.. its just Sic.. I think he should explain himself and apologize to everyone for it.

  1. When a pitcher is pitching good, Roberts takes him out. When a pitcher is pitching bad, Roberts leaves him in!

  2. Dodgers need to do the following:
    Sign Edwin Diaz
    Re-Sign Trea Turner or if not they need Correa as awful as it sounds. He would bring an energy to the team they need right now. They need to add another bat. JD Martinez would have been a nice trade deadline deal. Need two more starters especially with Walker out all next year and they need to move on from Dave Roberts and start fresh. You can’t have any carry over from this year to next. Ownership, not Friedman, needs to serve up a head to fans and media.

    1. Agree on Roberts but HELL no to Correa, EVER. I’d have my grandma at SS before that arrogant unremorseful bastard. I don’t care if he guaranteed a ring. I have some standards.

  3. Roberts gonna blame someone other than himself, probably going to talk about cheating scandal again but this time he’ll blame Padres. In the end Roberts is not the manager for any baseball teams and the only thing he has to show for is poor decision making.

  4. His decisions on when to put a pitcher in have been questionable many times (didn’t keep track, perhaps next year). I would tell my Dad, oh no here comes Kimbrel or Bickford, Dodgers will lose this game. On another note, he chose to exercise patience with Muncy and build his confidence, never dropping him lower that 7th (only a couple times, I think) but he didn’t show that patience with Bellinger. He just kept kicking him down the order, thus hurting any chance of building up Bellinger’s confidence. I wouldn’t blame Belli if he chooses to leave after next season.

    1. Leave? Nobody wants him. He´s batted 200 or so for TWO years and once again looked like shit in the post season, still standing straight up, still swinging at neck-high fastballs. Get rid of him – he´s just a hole in the lineup!

    1. Funny thing is by not having his players play small ball he’s responsible for all the runners left on base

      1. A little Dusty Baker story:

        I’m a retired college baseball coach. I was at the UCSB baseball field with Dusty when this event occurred. Years ago, while Dusty was the Dodgers left fielder, Dusty and several other major league players, were working out with the US Santa Barbara Gauchos. One of the Gaucho players asked Dusty why he never hit behind the runner with a runner on 2nd and no outs. Dusty’s reply (looking toward the left field fence), “What do you see out there? On the trees?” Of course the payer says leaves. Dusty, “Those are dollar bills. I’m paid to knock the dollar bills off those trees, not hit behind runners. That’s my job.”

      2. The boys choked. Robert’s made poor decisions. Facts. He pulled Anderson too quickly. Put in the wrong pitchers. Then puts in bellinger at the last minute? Ridiculous panic induced decisions….

  5. When Roberts took Anderson out, I said to my girlfriend, “watch–the Padres are now gonna score six runs in the bottom of the inning”. I was one inning early.

  6. Anyone with half a brain can see that the Dodgers failing to reach their post season potential in several of the last 9 seasons based on the enormous roster talent (the 2022 team is arguably one of the most talented group of players in baseball history) is because of Robert’s bone-headed managerial decisions. Roberts consistently violates one of the fundamental laws of baseball, especially when applied to pitching… leave a guy in who is hot and replace him when he is not. Virtually every game, he makes mistakes in this area. Most of the time, they don’t cost the Dodgers because our talent is so good and deep. But in the postseason, you can’t expect every pitcher asked to come in and perform will perform at their best which is required in close games. Pitchers, when they are in “the zone” need to be left in to pitch. At the first sign of trouble, then replace them. Not on this predetermined one inning bullshit that Roberts has constructed. Is there any wonder that we lost in the first round when you consider how close all four of these games were? It is just simple math… the more pitchers you bring in, the higher the probability that one of them will be off his game and will cost the team dearly. I would have bet that this year’s Dodger team would have won more than 120 games this season (and the World Series btw) had they had a great manager in charge. Roberts is simply not the guy. Fire his ass today.

    1. 2017 leaving Kershaw in until he allowed 6 earned runs pulling rich hill too early in 2017 and 2018. 106 wins in 2019 and 2021 and 111 wins in 2022. the joe kelly/howie kendrick grand slam of 2019. And now his latest brilliant move of taking out Tyler Anderson , who only gave up 2 his,that should be enough for dodger management to open their eyes. . He coached for The Padres and if he was any good he`d be their mgr, today

    2. In 2017 Kershaw Janaen and Roberts lost the series. Jansen and kershaw are not big game pitchers but trades and age will take care of them . But roberts is just in over his head. In 2017 he kept kershaw in a game until he gave up 6 earned runs( only Don Newcombe was a worse pitcher in post season in dodger history than kershaw) , he had a quick hook for rich hill though and quick hook in 2018 for hill. The howie kendrick grand slam off joe kelly in 2019 kelly loaded the bases and roberts stayed with him , after the grand slam roberts kept him in the game. And now the Tyler Anderson fiasco. He did win the WS in the short 2020 season but if he put in his closer Jansen he probably wouldn`t have won. Remember being a spectato at the play at the plate the night before and losing the last game of 2017 2018 and 2021 all great moves by Roberts , He needs to get fire and maybe then he will learn

  7. Dave Roberts has consistently shown the ability and willingness to either pull a pitcher too early or leave one in too late. This will continue to cost the team dearly.

    It doesn’t get much worse for a team with the strongest line up in baseball, winning 111 regular season games (a team record), finishing 22 games ahead of the Wild Card team, end up losing the NLDS, 4-1 after losing 3 in a row to the same Wild Card team.

  8. Not Dave’s fault or any other coach on the team.Face it we petered out before the regular season ended and it carried over even with the bye.We didn’t man up and we saw it coming eventhough we Dodger fans surely wanted better.Sour grapes aside we didn’t do it and they played like us and that’s it.The true sign was the deals made before trade deadline.We didn’t move much and that is on ownership.Preverbial wait till next year and with current roster implementations it’s going to be very interesting and hopefully not stupid.

  9. A team finishes 22 games out but eliminates the 1st place team.
    MLB short series playoffs make a mockery of the 162 game season.

    1. absolutely right!! 3 out 5 is a joke after battling for ONE HUNDRED SIXTY TWO games. While I´m at it, letting godamm seniority determine who umpires the games is absurd as well. The ump behind the plate on Saturday night was ATROCIOUS. And so a whole season goes down the drain.

  10. Def Roberts fault no fire in him. If its not him then the Culture has to change which means he has to go. Bring someone in who has heart

  11. Should Dave Roberts go? Yes, he should.

    Two weeks before the end of the regular season the Dodgers wrapped up home field advantage for the entire post season. At that point in time the Dodgers were playing great defense, hitting well and wining games. For some reason, maybe to get extra days off for starters or to figure out the last spot on the post season roster, Dave starting playing around with the starting line-up by basically tossing in multiple permutations of the Sunday line-up.

    Once the toying with the line-up commenced the Dodgers stopped being an overwhelming winning club, stopped hitting and started playing very sloppy defense. It’s as if Dave sent the message for the club to go on holiday until the second week in October. When the second week of October rolled around the dead-as-a-doornail offense carried over into the post season. It was a coaching decision to change the team’s game play approach and it is a decision for which Dave is responsible. His players did not need extra days off during the last two weeks. Dave knew they would have a week off during the Wildcard series. If he was trying to determine, after 150+ games, who that last play should be then that in itself is a huge problem. (Hint: AAAA-player poster boy Joey Gallo cannot hit a high school curveball to save his life let alone hit breaking balls dealt by play-off caliber Major League pitchers).

    Sticking with the regular season 5-inning starter/go to the pen in the 6th strategy does not play and has never played in the post season. Dave has been there before, has been burned before, has not learned from his prior mistakes, doesn’t admit that they were mistakes and is unlikely to change going forward. If he remains at the helm the Dodgers will be there again and he will make the same decision: toss out the hot hand and go to the pen.

    Dave is a great regular season manager but the Dodgers are not a regular season organization. They are a World Series organization.

    For the good of the order of the organization Dave needs to go.

    1. Tou are correct to a point. Robert’s is a Puppet to Friedman. The only time that Robert’s didn’t follow the moneyball plan was 2020, and we won the WS.
      Next season will be a season of drastic change, with no full shifting, the farthest a middle infielder can be is 1 step from their side of the bade. The bigger part of that is all players must be on the infield dirt. This will reduce the needs for the 3 true outcome hitters, walks, HRs, and K’s.

      So we will no longer need, CT3, Gallo, Bellinger, and I’m sorry to say JT, where father time has taken away his ability to hit a fastball. Price and Kimbrell are gone as well

      We must resign T Turner, Lux at 2b, Muncy at 3b for a season yo let Vargas get acclimated for 3b. Betts and Freeman and Smith are good as they get. Leaving us with LF and CF. If Thompson is legit in LF, need a CF. is Outman that guy? Bringing back Keki as a free agent for a short term is ok. Even Joc as a platoon with Thompson works.

      Sign Diaz at 5×20, do I like setting the market, no. After 5 years of an iffy closer it is time to pounce. Kershaw likely staying for another year, same contract for innings and games started 17mm. He slots at 3 behind Urias and Gonsolin, Kershaw, ?????, Anderson. We need a RH Starter for the 4 slot. And another RH starter for injuries.

      I am surprised everyone missed why Kershaw’s Caddy did not catch his start. He has always been more effective with Barnes. Also no mention of pinch Hitting for the DH, costing us the DH for the rest of the game. Did he not study the DH rules 101. Amongst all the other pitching errors mentioned.

      Here is the major reason why these advanced analytics DONT work in the Playoffs. The only 2 teams to use analytics the most have won a WS, 2017 Astros, self explanatory, 2020 Dodgers, short season, but played away from their norms in postseason.

      That brings us to why. If the playoffs you get the very best pitching staffs every game. You aren’t going to hit a ton of HRs, the starters don’t walk many, fewer base runners. The teams that adapt to playing at least some small ball can score and extra run here and there.

      How many times did the Dodgers have multiple runners on with less than 2 outs and not move a runner over, steal a base, sacrifice. The one bunt by Turner caused havoc, only Betts unusual poor read at 3rd cost us another run.

      Next year we need more contact, we still have Turner and Betts to steal, which will be 6 inches easier. Each could swipe 50 easily. If it weren’t for analytics.

      But it all Starts with the Manager. The Padres got the message when Melvin had his lockerroom meltdown. Robert’s is too worried about being nice instead of kicking some butt now and then, and that is exactly what this Dodgers team needed. Sorry for my long rant.

  12. When are the Dodgers ownership going to get it. This guy is a terrible manager. Always has been. We should of won multiple champions on this run he has been here. Anyone could manage this team with this talent. This guy goes out of his way to make terrible decisions. It’s so frustrating watching this guy try manage year after year. Fire this clown and go beg Bruce Bochy to come manage. I’m done watching thos fool..guarantee championships and gets knock out in the divisional round.

  13. This was on the players on the field. Doc used the lineup and players that had the most success all season. They didn’t perform. Kahnle locked down game 1, Almonte was nails all year, Vesia was our best against lefties for the past year. They all didn’t get it done. Our great lineup that averaged over 5 runs only produced 3 per night. The players didn’t get it done. Doc pushed the same buttons that worked all year and they didn’t this time.

    1. Yep, didn’t work this time. Didn’t work in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021. See a pattern here?

  14. Roberts was following the script the propeller heads in the front office gave him before the game.

    1. Anderson goes through the lineup twice.
    2. Put in whatever reliever depending on who’s up.
    3. Offer a B.S. explanation if it doesn’t workout.

  15. The postseason is a crap shoot. Look at the Atlanta Braves 1991-2005. A dynasty. Won their division 14 out of 15 years. Six Hall of Famers. Bobby Cox, Hall of Fame manager. Yet only 1 World Championship.

  16. It was not only the managers doing. Although he did make poor pitching decisions in deed. But the heavy hitters just all were in a funk the whole 4 games. The biggest home run hitters just were not doing much. In my opinion it was a group problem not just one man.

  17. Last night’s pitching change (vesia for almonte) was not good. Dave Roberts needs to make better decisions when they matter the most. How is it having the best record in baseball and not getting past a division series. That’s really bad. Why do you have slumping hitters in the lineup? That’s bad. For years It seems like this team just wants to be good in the regular season and just settles in the post season. VERY BAD!!!

    1. What makes you think Roberts makes all the decisions? Mr. Computer analyst Friedman runs the show and goes way too far using statistics to make every move. He tells Roberts what to do. Anderson was penciled in for 5 innings no matter how he was pitching.
      Roberts is not a good manager but he is a nice guy.

  18. I’ve no idea if this is true (read it is), but if Friedman is telling Roberts that he has to pull pitchers after so many innings before the game has even started, regardless of how they are performing…well.. then I hope he doesn’t make Roberts the fall guy. And clearly that model for managing a game is absurd, regardless of what stats say. On the flip side, if Roberts personally made those calls by himself…well..I like the guy a lot..but dang…people get fired for less.

    Could see they were not ready for the post season a few weeks ago…and sure enough they came into this series flat and looking un-motivated.

    That was so hard to watch.

  19. The team we lost to in 4 games is not the one we thumped in the regular season. When are people going to quit spouting irrelevant statistics. The Padres mortgaged their future for a win this year. They won the trade deadline and at least the NLDS as a result. Next season they will have Tatis as well. They also brought in a seasoned skipper. Meanwhile we have a team that makes for great public relations and marketing that tanked at the wrong time. That’s a leadership problem most likely. We clearly have a RISP problem and a leadership problem that stems from using hope as a strategy; examples include hoping Gonsolin,Treinen,Taylor and May would be ready to contribute in the face of common sense! Give us a leadership team that is up to the task when the lights are the brightest and one that can fix the RISP problem we have been suffering from for decades.

  20. Listen up. Roberts does not do anything unless Andrew Friedman and the front office say so. Stop being naive. This is all on Andrew Friedman and the front office playing analytics baseball. No ?? + all metrics = ZERO??. FIRE FRIEDMAM and his cronies. They are the only common denominator among all the underachieving teams of this franchise. Wake up.

  21. Dave Roberts could be a very good coach, but he does not have the skills to see the “big picture’ in an important series. Also Andrew F. needs to retire! He is too involved with llneup decisions and game time strategy.

  22. I mean I can totaly see why Roberts has to go, he let Matt S. Decide the pitching roster last year too for a win or go home game 6. Butt.. Mookie didn’t really do shit this series and neither did CT or JT, like we have to put some of the blame on the offense really!

  23. Anyone who thinks DD Roberts makes the decisions, doesn’t know the Dodgers. No manager in the history of the game would make the decisions he does…therefore…we know they are coming from the FO and Roberts is just the pawn. If I’m wrong, then he should be fired today.

    1. Dave Roberts made good decisions and bad decisions. He followed a very consistent formula with pitch counts and one inning each from the pen. Gonsolin pitched lousy in his post, and coach pulled him with minimal damage.
      I can’t remember a single inning all season where the pen gave up 5 innings; they are good pitchers that imploded at a critical point,
      He dropped Kimbrel and Bickford from the postseason roster, which were correct, but not easy moves.

      Bellinger’s performance is a net zero: good defense, bad hitting. Replace him with Taylor and you are guaranteed 2Ks, no gain. Gallo is the same as Bellinger’s K or HR without the gold glove. Vargas was the unknown entity, with a ton of upside; big risk. Lux could have played left, but that gamble wasn’t good last year.

      Ultimately, I don’t think someone fiery is the answer- these guys are motivated pros. Roberts has been able to get the Dodgers to the World Series multiple times and multiple division titles. Fair to call this team a dynasty. Not so sure another coach brings a rested team, with 111 wins to the playoffs any better prepared.

      Lots of runners left on base, and not timely hitting was the biggest cause for dropping this series. A best of 5 series I’d a small sample size, and the margin between good teams is still small. San Diego is s good team that performed better in critical spots, so they were better. I’m calling this an extraordinary regular season and a disappointing post.

  24. Waaa, waaa, waaa. Your players didn’t hit. Pitching was unusually spotty. And Dodger fans never give Padres or any other team credit for playing well. Ever wonder why the rest of NL West don’t like Dodger arrogance and swagger? Look in the mirror. And suck it up. You lost cair and square.

    1. Agreed. They just were outplayed. It’s that simple. The Padres pitched better, hit better, and played with much more passion.

      I keep reading it’s Roberts fault. Come on, he’s not making all those decisions on his own.

      I keep reading the new playoff format it a joke. People, first place teams don’t always win the World Series. As a matter of fact, 4 of 7 teams with more than 110 wins DID NOT win the WS. It’s not the format.

      I keep reading that they have to trade this player or fire that executive. Guys, they won a boatload of games… they just ran into a hot team.

      Congrats to the Padres. Great passion and effort shown.

  25. It defies all logic how Roberts managed game 4! He takes out his starting pitcher while that pitcher is giving him the game the Dodgers need to stave off elimination. He replaces that pitcher with pitchers who end up eliminating the Dodgers from the post-season. It was embarrassing to see. A real head scratcher. They deserved to lose. I gave Robert’s a grade C as a manager previously. But I was wrong. He’s not that good! Grade F. He gave away the game to the Padres for the taking. I’m disappointed for Freeman. He deserved better.

  26. Dave Roberts is the reason the Dodgers don’t have more rings. All hitters struggle in the playoffs against elite pitching. Look at the past 5 World Series winners. They won because the losing managers mishandled the pitching. Dave Roberts is responsible for 2 of those losses in the World Series and go back to all of the dodgers post season losses under him, and you can see where the bullpen was mishandled as the dodgers get eliminated. Terrible manager. Even Mattingly had a winning record and two division titles with the dodgers talent and he had less then what Roberts has.

  27. Yes the Padres played great baseball and all the games were close. All props to them. Still doesn’t take away that Roberts mismanaged the pitching staff. Maybe the Padres still would have won, but anyone that watched that game yesterday regardless of who they root for, were wondering what the heck Roberts was doing. For us dodger fans, it’s been every postseason under Roberts.

  28. No one to blame but Roberts ? Turner should have played third and the shift was a mistake ? He should have played Bellinger ?????I could think of more but it wouldn’t help any ?

  29. After taking the early 2-0 lead and making Musgrove throw 30 pitches, and having him in a similar spot that we had Darvish in game 2, Roberts should have huddled the team and told them to take every 1st pitch that next inning, and get another 20 pitches out of him, even if ya don’t score, yet they then go out and have 2 quick pitch innings in a row, often swinging 1st pitch. This is why we don’t add on runs or get the starter out even quicker.
    Lux should have bunted in game 2. Muncy maybe a bunt in game 3, with Turner’s speed at 3rd. Lots of reasons to demand Roberts time is up. My main reason is guaranteeing a title back in the Spring, and getting only 1 championship in 7 years, where we were the best team each year, except maybe in 16. Last year’s team and this year’s team without a doubt!
    He’s a great dude, but not the right man for the job.

  30. It most definitely is Robert’s fault, along with the rest of the FO that they petered out. A real leader motivates his troops and lights a fire. Lasorda accomplished more with less talent. This would not have happened under his watch.

  31. Someone with Dodger managerial COJONES needs to step up and fire Roberts. You gotta be seeing the same pattern we have been dealing with in post seasons.

  32. I’m feeling a little Sam Cookish right now, A change is gonna come, rather, a change needs to come. Robert’s does not adjust to his opponents, he cannot handle a post season pitching staff, and he over manages. We need a manager that has a feel for the game, not one that keeps his nose in the stat sheets all game. That being said, Andrew Friedman may need to go to, because I believe he manages the way he’s told to.

  33. Too much blame to go around. Let the manager manage! Don’t get frozen to pregame formulaic decisions. They took Kershaw out after 5 and lost that game and Anderson after 5. Was Kahnle really healed enough to be pitching in a key spot? I think not.

  34. If Kershaw wins Game 2, at least we come back home for Game 5, at worst!
    $10 million for him on a 1 year bid or let him go play in Texas! Then pay De Grom $50 mill per for two years!
    We’re turning into the Angels — no more hitters needed!
    Pitching wins titles!

  35. First of all everyone for reals forget the true fact and Dodgers fan that follow this club almost every stadium yet same bs !! Fans ur the reason paying high price tickets parking concessions price ridiculous yet owners and Friedman seriously going w match up and numbers computer stat bs .. win regular season yet postseason is a different monster u need to coach go w ur gut feeling and actually manage… over and over Dave Robert’s and Friedman exposed .. teams that win with heart amd coaching at moment .. really u left a key player off roster who brought energy to club house (Alberto)kept pitchers who really weren’t part of ur season all in injured reserve yet put them on roster what r u thinking stimulus pitching side games … Dodgers front office and coach a puppet of Friedman just a joke … then you use game 3 pitching mash unit what ??? And really us dodger fans we had Freeman only player over 300 ba and 5 starters under 250 as low 200 ba … just bizarre coaching all games and u still had Anderson pull after 5 wow then bring pitcher who has barely part of 111 I mean barely u use Martin Phillip and vesa where ur thru arms … and gratol tríene injured barely getting bk yet missed almost all 2nd half no bickford no price not even kimbell
    May???? And really Vargas on roster ?????

  36. Roberts IS NOT to blame for the early exit. Not completely, anyway. I didn’t see Roberts in the box, going 0-19 with RISP. Was Tyler Anderson pulled 1-inning too early? Maybe. But that isn’t Roberts decision on his own. The front office likes to be part of the game plan process. Maybe they shouldn’t be. Let the Chief be the Chief, and let the front office be the good little Indians.

  37. Being a Dodger fan in the Roberts era has been the most frustrating experience. It is as though all his common sense leaves his brain during the post season and he becomes some kind of alien-robot!
    I also feel like we lost our fire because we clenched too early and got complacent…except Freddie! HE showed up!

  38. He made the wrong judgment putting in that picture, no experience, to replace the starting pitcher, he had better options in the pin.

  39. Coach need to go. It’s truly a shame for the players and fans to witness such a TERRIBLE decision putting their ‘excellent’ season on the line with this un-tested pitcher that seemed to be more concerned about keeping his socks up than throwing strikes! Walking the very first batter (with a 3 run lead) and couldn’t even come close the the strike zone for the batter to even jester to swing the bat! This is not forgivable and he needs to go!

  40. it seems like a small thing but I do believe that Alberto should have been on thepost season roster – he was the “it” factor by his support and contagious relaxed manner. The fact that he was bypassed for a rookie may have done some damage to morale.

  41. It’s much deeper than we know.

    After the game an interviewer asked Mookie Betts what was the difference between the 111 win Dodgers offense and the post season offense and Mookie said, during the season we always had a “hitter’s plan”, and during the Post they had no plan. BTW it was quite obvious, wasn’t it? So no communication except for minor dribble from the players themselves but not from their hitting coaches.
    Roberts also revealed before the game he’s not the kind of manager that makes fiery speeches or demands players change their process, ei: he stays away from coaching at all cost. I believe that’s why this entire season this team has suffered from not knowing baseball fundamentals. This team can barely bunt. Remember when Roberts pleaded with the team to practice bunting? That’s his coaching style, begging his team to know basic fundamentals? The pitchers couldn’t even hold a runner on 1st base so they just ignore the runner and file it to analytics.

    I’d love those individuals that crunch every little statistic to research how many times Mookie got to 1st base and pressured and a defense so Trea and Freddy could hit him in? I believe he should not have been the leadoff no matter how much Mookie wanted it. Trea Turner is faster and a better base stealer. Roberts said they had a meeting, but in the end I believe Mookie bullied that designation.

    We also found out before game 3 that Bellinger was not starting. Bravo Roberts. Bravo especially after finding out that the Dodgers bent over backwards for 3 years, gave Belli every consideration to change his batting process, but Cody refused. He’s batted .195 last 3 years? WTF is Bellinger doing? Apparently uncoachable?

    Seems to me the lunitics are running the asylum which falls directly on Roberts and his coaching staff. Besides Roberts/Friedman are terrible judges of morale, and they’ve proven their “pins and needles” coaching style can’t continue.

    I have more but it’s enough for now. What a disaster.

  42. I think it’s the stats geeks in the front office. That being said Roberts makes some pretty strange moves in game.

  43. If you leave that many men on base, especially in scoring position, you won’t win. A manager can’t hit for them! It’s up to the players.

  44. I think Dave Roberts made some very questionable pitching choices in a do or die game. I’ve watched this team come so close so many times and always seems to come down to who is pitching. Anderson was doing good and he gets pulled. almond was just getting his momentum and he was pulled. Where was Graterol and even Keyshaw? I mean, we were sinking!

  45. All players on a team ( Dodgers ) are good and if they aren’t they should be in the minors. A manager has to be able to use what he has. Any decision a manager makes can be second guessed if not successful! Roberts held that team together thru all the injuries and all the egos. Someone said get Baker or Socia (sp?) and I love them both but they wouldn’t do the job Roberts has done. You don’t see players bad mouthing Roberts! We lost because we didn’t hit in the clutch!

  46. I’ve said it before and will say it again, Dave Roberts is provided the luxury of having the manpower and resources to do well during a marathon season, but he is NOT A WARTIME MANAGER!
    There is a very big difference between the two seasons.
    During the marathon reg. season a manager has access to and the flexibility to use/shuttle a 40 man roster. The front office has stocked the pond for him and the fishing is easy and relatively without pressure to get into the postseason..
    The playoffs are a completely different animal. Pitching, defense and timely hitting are key, but Robert’s continues to “Apple up” in pressure packed win/loss choices and the results of his decisions have been and will continue to be – Disastrous!
    Get Chase Utley and let’s go to war!

  47. Pulling Anderson while Anderson was just mowing down the Padres was so typical of Dave Roberts. I don’t care about his 63% winning percentage. I care about championships. What good is it to have the best record in baseball if you can’t make it out of the Divisional in October?! Friedman made sure, once again, Roberts had the best roster in baseball. ANY manager could win the West with this roster. Roberts has been a beneficiary of the rosters he’s been given, but you have to win in October. And, aside from the Houston Cheaters, the only WS win might have been due to the Tampa coach pulling a ‘Roberts’ and pulling his pitcher early!! Roberts cannot win in October. Roberts cannot make proper decisions with the pitching staff. Just ask Scherzer…..

    Time to right a 23-year wrong; bring back Mike Scioscia…

  48. It’s easy to blame Roberts…but be careful unless you can account why the hitters didn’t execute or have a legit reason why Kahle and Versia kept going deep in counts. Give the Padres credit…..they executed when the money was on the line and we didn’t. As for me I would not have horsed around ane would have went with Phillips for that deadly 7th.

  49. To quote the great Kobe Bryant, “job ain’t over. What’s to be happy about? Finish the job, then celebrate.”

  50. Well first and foremost the Dodgers were like oh for 20 something with hitters in scoring position in game two and three and part of game four. In game three the bases were loaded with zero outs and did not score a run. That is not the managers fault! Now I agree with his pitching decisions are flawed. This analytic details are you need to pull your starting pitcher before they get through the lineup a third time is BS. Tyler Anderson was dealing! And he said after the game that he felt like he could throw 150 pitches. Somethings Gotta give.

  51. Yes i belive he took Anderson out too early he was dominating the padres in a due or die game wow i can’t believe it

  52. Lets blame the players for allowing Kershaw to give up 6 earned runs in 2 innings in 2017, by the thats as many as sandy gave up in 57 inn8ngs. blame the players for the quick hook of rich hill in 17 &18WS. Blame the players for the joe kelly / howie kendrick grand slam the players keot kelly in the game even after he loaded the bases and kept him in after the grand slam. The players used Barnes as a oinch hitter and the players pulled Tyler anderson. Yeah its all their fault

  53. Dave needs to be responsible for not motivating his team. They looked like they couldn’t be any more disinterested. I also think he’s a puppet going off a script laid out for him by the FO, but he should’ve shown some baseball IQ and guts, and done the right thing. wtf.

  54. I agree he’s a puppet, but he’s still responsible to motivate his team. Also, I think he still has somewhat of a small leash to make certain decisions off the cuff.

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